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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1953-03-apr7.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

6 President Donovan examined with members of the Board of Trustees the summary of estimated income and departmental appropriations. He pointed out specifically appropriations for various colleges and individuals. He ex- plained that a complete copy of the Annual Internal Budget for the year 1953- 54 had, been prepared for each member of the Board and they were at liberty to keep the copies if they so desired. He urged them to study the budget in detail. A general discussion of anticipated income and recommended appropriations ensued. Members of the Board being advised, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the budget was authorized accepted as a basis of maximum expendi- tures for the year 1953-54, and it was noted that the inclusion of the name of any person in the budget shall not be considered as a contract of employment, and the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee shall be authorized to make such changes in the budget as may from time to time be deemed necessary or desirable. A copy was ordered filed. E. Appropriation for Dawson Springs 4-H Club Camp. President Donovan stated that the State Department of Conservation, in co- operation with the Federal Government, had given to the University of Kentucky a tract of several hundred acres of land near Dawson Springs, Ky. He stated that he and others had personally inspected this property. It is ideally situated for a 4-H Club camp and could be used to a great advantage in our agricultural extension program. The State Property and Building Commission has appropri- ated an allocation of $ 25, 000. 00 to construct a club house. Interested citizens in western Kentucky have raised, through gift., about $40, 000 with which to assist in the construction of sleeping quarters. Additional funds may be raised through efforts of interested citizens. President Donovan recommended that the University appropriate $ 1 0, 000 to assist in the over-all project. Members of the Board discussed the desirability of the project and other phases involved. Upon motipn duly made, seconded and carried, the sum of $ 10, 000 was authorized appropriated from the unappropriated surplus of the University to assist in activating this property for a 4-H Club Camp. F. Bids on Small Dormitory Construction Considered. President Donovan reported that competitive bids had been received by the State Department of Finance, based on plans and specifications for the construc- tion of six small dormitories east of Rose Street and west of Woodland Avenue Ex- tended, near Cooperstown. He submitted a list of eight bids received. The low lump-sum bid was submitted by Hargett Construction Co. , Inc. , 113 Walton Ave- nue, Lexington, Ky. Mr. Ernst Johnson, architect for the project, was asked to meet with the Board and make recommendation. Mr. Johnson stated that he and the Comptroller had conferred on Alternates No. 1 and No. 5, which are additives, and referred to inclusion of kitchen equip- ment and extra fire alarm system respectively. He recommended acceptance of Alternate No. 1 and rejection of Alternate No. 5. This recommendation was concurred in by President Donovan and Comptroller Peterson. Alternates Nos.