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x CONTENTS OF VOLUME THRFE. BURNSIDE AT FREDERICKSBURG. PAGE THE BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG ..............G ENERAL JAMES LONGSTREET ... 70 ILLtxrTATrtows: Confederate Picket with Blanket-Capote and Raw-hide Moccasins (Atie. C. Redwood) - Brigadier-General Macey Gregg, C. S. A., from Anderson-Cook photo.- Mapof the Battle of Fredereks- burg (Jaoob Well.) - Front of the Marye Mansion. from Gardner photo. (Wr. Taber) -The Sunken Road under Maryc's HI1. from photo. by Bets Riehards-House by the Stone Wall, In which General Cobb dledtromn photo. (W. Tater) - Cobb's and Kershaw's Troope behind the Stone Wall (Allen C. Redwood) - Brigatler-Getteral Thomas R. R. Cobb, C. S. A., from photo. -Confederate Works on Willa's Hill, now the Site of the Rational Cemetery, from Brady photo. (Harry Fenn) - Welford's Mill ot Hazel Run and the Telegraph Road. from photo. (J. D. lWoodward). THE CONFEDERATE LEFT AT FREDERICKSBURG..GENERAL LAFAYETTE MCLAWS.... 86 IL.UrSTRAToNs: Barksdale's Misaippisan Opposing the Laying of the Pontoon Bridges (A. C. Red- wood) - Fredericksburg fro. the Foot of Willi's Hill, frnw Brady photo. (E. J. Meeker) -Brigadier- General Robert Ransom, C. S. A., from photo. RANSOM'S DIVISION AT FREDERICKSBURG ....... GENERAL ROBERT RANSOM ..... .... 94 KERSHAW'S BRIGADE AT FREDERICKSBURG ...... GENERAL J. B. KERSHAW .... ...... 95 A HOT DAY ON MARYE'S HEIGHTS .............. LIEUTENANT WILLIAM MILLER OWEN 97 lLLUSTRATloNs: The Washington Artillery on Marye's Hill Firing upon the Union Columns formnlug for the Assault (A. C. Redwood) - James A. Seddon, Secretary of War to the Soluthern Confederaey, from photo. lent by James Blair-Winter Sport in a Confederate Camp (A. C. Redwood). NOTES OF A CONFEDERATE STAFF-OFFICER ..... MAJOR W. ROY MASON ............. 100 ILLvsTaAUoN: Confederate Theatrieals (A. C. Redwood). THE REMOVAL OF MCCLELLAN ................. COLONEL RICHARD B. IRWIN.... 102 ILLUSTRATION: Newalwaper. in Camp (Edwin Forbes). SUMNER'S - RIGHT GRAND DIVISION" ... .. GENERAL DARIUS N. COUCH 105 iLLuwrRATtOxs: Hot Work for Hazard's Battery ( W. Taber) - Chatham, opposite Fredericksbcurg, also known as the " Lacy House," and The Phillips House, Burnside's Headquarters, from Gardner photo. ( U. Taber) - General A. E. BurnaSde, from photo., with autograph - Fredericksburg fro.. the East Bank of the Rappahalno-k (two viewa) (.crcpA Paetmnl)-The Bombardment of Fredericksburg, and Crossing the River in Pontoouns to Dislodge the Confederate Sharp-shooters (R. F. Zogbaon) -The Ninth ('orp- r-osing by the Pontoon Bridge (R. F. Zogbauis)-Warehouse In Fredericksburg used-as a Hospi- tal, fron photo. tent by W. H. Whiton (W. Tober) -The Ground between Fredericksburg and Marye's Heights, fror photo. (J. D. Woodward) - Stuck in the Mud-a Flank Mlarch across Country (Fdwin Frbes) - The Grn.d Review at Falmouth during 'resident Llnenolu' Visit (Edrin Forbes). THE CROSSING OF THE RAPPAHANNOCK BY CPANH .0 WYOT 2 THE i9TH MASSACHUSETTS.. . . CAPTN H. G WEYMOUTH. 121 THE PONTONIERS AT FREDERICKSBURG .. ...... COLONEL WESLEY BRAINERD. ..... 121 FR EDERICK SBURG T ......... GENERAL JOHN W. AMES ...... .... 122 WHY BURNSIDE DID NOT RENEW THE ATTACK G AT FREDERICKSBURG .GENERAL RUSH C. HAWKINS . .. 126i AT FREDERICKSBURG ........ ... ....... FRANKLIN'S "LEFT GRAND DIVISION" .. ......... GENERAL WILLIAM FARRAR SMITH.. 128 ILLusTitATions: Frankltn'. Men Charging across the Railroad (Wr. Tober) -The Pontoon Bridges at Prattklina' Crosing, hrom Gardner photo. (Harry ltnt) - Frankli's Battle-ield, as seen hror Hamil- ton's Crossing (A. C. Redwood) -General W. B. Frankinu, from photo. by De Lamnater, with autograph - Rinis of " Mansfield," also known as the " Bernard House," from Gardner photo. (1. D. Woodeard) - A Jack-knife Record on the Stone Wall of the "Bernard House" (A. C. Redwood)-Brigadier-Generat George D. Bayard, from an engraving by H. B. HaUl-Brigadier-General C. F. Jackson, from photo., with autograph. WITH JACKSON AT HAMILTON'S CROSSING ...... J. H. MOORE ......... . ............. 139 ILLUSTIRATIO11S: Traffic Between the Lines during a Truce (Edwin Fbrbes) - Hays's Brigade of Stone- wall Jackson's Corps. at Hamilton' Crossing (A. C. Redwood).