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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 10, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

"t immm y IF i THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO Salycrs, Cy Greene, Fred Dial, of Georgetown; Misses Mary Ellen Cook, Elizabeth Sorrcll, Messrs. R. Purim, Paul A. Cundlff; Messrs. Edward W. Hughes and John Kellcy Ryan, of Winchester; John Rldgo-wa- y, of Morchcnd; Enos Swain and William Caywood, of Danville. y, Davis, J, C. Flnlcy, Dwlght Jess Laughlln, James Shropshire, J. D. Williamson, William Hclzcr, James Hester, Fred Flstcr, John Benson, Ralph Hardi-ma- n, ' C. E. Colvln, G. B. Flnlcy, o'clock. Hayes Owens, Stanley Milward, Paul McBraycr, Howard Fitch, Preston Glueham Dance ' Ordwny, Robert O'Dear, Leonard Founders' Day bnnquct nt the Phoe- - .SuKy Circle of the University CALENDAR o'clock. nix hotel nt 6:30 with the annual gingham Weakley and Laurence Shropshire. Friday, May 10 PI Knppa Alpha Mothers' Day dance Friday evening, closing the Mothers' Club Meets The Delta Tnu Deua fraternity dinner at the chapter house on Rose May Day ceremonies. Miss Martha need, Queen of the May, presided The regular monthly meeting of festivities. I over the the Delta Tau Delta, Mothers' Club, Music was furnished by "Willie was held Monday afternoon at 3 Willis and His College Orchestra," o'clock at the chapter house on Lex.of Richmond. Va., and chapcrones ington avenue. The business meet 'nm Viloo Mnrrmnrlta MfI.niinhllll. ing of the afternoon included plans Mrs. Edward F. Fnrquhar, Mrs. M. for a tea to be given on June 3 at the fraternity house in honor of the O. Cundlff and Mrs. J. W. Smith. graduates' parents who will be here As an Interesting part of the evfor the commencement exercises. ening, two plcdglngs were conductThe hostesses for tills event will be ed, that of the SuKy Circle and the members of the club who live honorary Junior organizaLances, in the city. The remainder of the tion. The active members of SuKy are afternoon was devoted to the annual 264 W. MAIN ST. Misses Mary Brown, Frances Baskett, i election of officers, Mildred Little. Lucille Short, Mar- I garet Wilson, Martha Mlnlhan, Ann Fraternity Officers Announced Rodes, Messrs. Henry Bowman, Fred The Delta Tau Delta fraternity Conn, Frank Davidson, John Cess, wishes to announce the fraternity William Glanz. Robert Gibson, Joe officers for the c6ming year: PresiTurner, James Hester, Austin Graves, dent, Walter Vest; vice president, Jamc3 Whitfield, William Young. m Laurence Shropshire; treasurer, This year's pledges to the Circle Trott; corresponding secretary, are Misses Eunice Jane Denton, Carlos Jagoe; recording secretary, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Hayes Weakley. Margaret Cundlff, Messrs. 'Leonard FOURTH FLOOR EMBRY CO. Robert Allsover, Malcolm Barnes, Stroller Dance Vernon Chandler, Ted Cassldy, Ben The Strollers entertained with an Harrison, Robert Porter, Slade Carr Informal dance Saturday night in and William Kelly. During: the month of May we are giving-- our Steam Vapor PermThe men who were chosen by .' the Men's gymnasium. "Willie WilLances are Messrs. Ralph Woodall, lis and His College Orchestra" anent Waves for $5.00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of each week. Richard Morris, Ben Harrison, Earl played the music for the occasion. Keys, honorary sophomore organiwirtcr KnnfT John Prewitt. William Our Hair Specialist examines your hair carefully Trott, E. T. Riley, Stewart Augustus, zation, held pledgfiing exercises for the ten most deserving freshmen uay. Jake Bronston, narry to insure satisfaction. this year, Messrs. William Klelser, Kenneth Andrews, George Hillen, Scabbard and Blade pinner Robert Porter, Henry Wieman.Jack Scabbard and Blade, honorary Robey, Jack Phipps, John Drury PHONES 72255740 military fraternity of the University, and John Venn. held a dinner last night at 6:30 The active chapter members are: o'clock in the gold room or tne Murphy, Clairmont hotel. Only members of Messrs. John Carey Splcer, Jake Woodward, fraternity and of the military de were Bronston, Howard Williams, Pat partment of the University Alberts and Henry Bowman. present. Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Mr. Kenneth Baker president of the Frank Fowler, Mrs. J. M. Crutcher, rhnntpr. nreslded as toastmaster. Prof, and Mrs. E. F. Farquhar were Among the guests present were Gen 'chaperones for the dance. Several eral George B. Duncan, Major tian hundred guests were present. Dixon Foster, Major John F. Wall, Col. Charles Morrow, Lieut. Joseph 'Alpha Delta Theta Dinner Beard, Captain Fred Staples, Major The active chapter of Alpha Delta O. R. Meredith. Dr. O. H. Plnney, READY-TO-WEA- R Major Basil Spaulding, Captain Theta sorority entertained last Frl- Richard Gessford, Captain S. W. iday night at 6 o'clock with a din- Second Schmidt, Lieutenant J. L. Keasler. j ner at their chapter house on East Mpmhers of the chaDter are Ken Maxwell street in honor of the neth Baker, J. W. Bratcher, Homer i graduates. The house was beautifully deco- Carrier, A. W. Chapman, H. K. p5J:mmmmt:nmm:tni::m:jtt:t::ttjj::t:n::u::nt::j::::::::j:t:t:t:::j:::t SOCIETY NOTES street nt 6:30 o'clock. Sunday, May 12 ..Phi Kanna Tou entertaining Phi n I Eta. nntlonal mothers' club, with 12 dinner at the chapter house nt , Misses Evelyn Laird, of Covington, and Sophie Gilbert, of Frankfort, were guests at the Delta Zcta house last week-enMessrs. O. F. Terrell and Howard Shafcr, of Cincinnati, were visitors at the Phi Sigma Kappa house last .. Nell Osborne Beauty Shoppe & CliOTHEtfS Mr. Ray Carrol, of Cleveland, national vice president of the Delta Tau Delta, was a visitor at the local chapter house last week-enMr. Ernest Powell, of Ravenna, was a visitor at the Sigma Beta XI house last week-enMr. Richard Conn has returned from South America for a vocation and is visiting at the Delta Chi house. Mr. Burt Cornell, of Louisville, spent last week-en- d at the Delta Tau Delta house. L. Haydon, C. M. Kin-dol- l, Messrs. G. J. W. Brown and J. L. Collins visited In Louisville over the weekend. Week-en- d visitors at the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house were: Misses Jennie Chlzhome, of Charleston, W. Va.; Susan Gatewood and Gladys Tabor, og Mt. Sterling, and La Verne Lester, of Princeton. Miss Agnes Stlman was a weekend visitor in Louisville. Messrs. Le Roy Keffer, of and Glenn Baucon, of Sharpsburg, were visitors at the Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternity house over the week-en- d. WOMEN and MISSES ., I IN EXQUISITE METAL CASES Dainty marvels of chic perfect for the purse. Quarter ounce flacons - t) (K" j ,m LES PARFUMS I one 8tarts now. m Before w"ef 4 114 S. LIMESTONE PERMANENT wj "4 forget her this year. Drop in and order a box of the kind of candy you know she likes and we will send It to her on Mother's Day and you will be gratified to know that you will please her as much In loving remembrance ns In the r gift itself. Better make a note of 'this MARCEL WAVE fh : Mother, you know, always did like choice confectionery. Don't week-en- Correct Apparel for ) Don't Forget Mother's Day FRATERNITY ROW B. B. SMITH & CO. $kipp Miss Frances Mauzy spent the Mrs. J. T. Stlmnn and daughter, guests at the week-en- d In Richmond with Miss Ocan. were week-en- d Kappa Delta sorority house. Mary Catherine Jasper. Miss Emily Hayes, of Owenton, Miss Eva Jenkins, of Ellzabcth- ls visiting at the Alpha XI Delta town, was a week-en- d visitor at the sorority souse. Alpha XI Delta sorority house. R . n j i'.- -; i v K platinum-tone- d DEPARTMENT Floor Sensational DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton Building DRESS SALE 204-- Guaranty Bank Phone 3616 7 Hundreds of Dresses, Values up to $25.00 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY for $ J." W. W. STILL 11 licious four-cour- dinner was SHAMPOO AND ser- FINGER ved. I 1 ' M JLtL ylilJ CHYPRE si INCLUDED This $15 value Includes entire head, shampoo and finger wave choice of marcel ' ringlets or round curl a wave you can care for yourself. We have successfully given more than 2,000 waves since coming to Lexington. Operators with years of experience. "SPECIAL ATTENTION TO GREY HAIR" .. Norwood Mining Society Dinner The Norwood Mining Society of the University entertained with a dinner Monday night at 6:30 o'clock in the red room of the Lafayette 192 W. Short, Lexington hotel. Mr. C. A. Moss, president of the Bring 'em today - get 'em tomorrow society, was the toastmaster, introducing the following speakers: Prof. C. S. Crouse, Dean W. E. Freeman, Dean F.Paul Anderson, Claire Dees, representative of the senior class, and C. A. Moss, representative of the unlor class. Guests of the club were the speakers and Professors P. C. Emrath, M. W. Beebe, and L. C. Robinson. Students who were also invited were Messrs. Ted Cassidy, Richard Bar- ' ley and Richard Thornberry. Kodaks Value WAVE The guests of honor were Misses Jessie Marie Clements, Margaret Gooch, Nell Farmer, Utha Dean, Elizabeth Wells, Gertrude Anderson, Frances Stallard and Irene Brum-met- t. -- Films Permanent Wave Shoppe 1 1 d I I l ILfl1 COTY,,i 1 JASMIN DE CORSE " g RefilUMev.ith regular SOLD AT THE BETTER SHOPS THROUGHOUT EXPERIENCED OPERATORS ONLY 308 Hernado Bldg. Ml THE WORLD i Phone 5287 sleeveless frocks 9 9 Summer fashion and the Summer sun unite in demanding the sleeveless frock. These are developed to the point of evident smartness and you can choose with confidence for your individual type. Women's and Misses' sizes. Just Received t.i A Large Assortment of EVENING and DANCE FROCKS 4, Students Honored The annual informal midnight feast was civen Monday at The j Herald office in honor of the stu-- I dents who were publishing Tues days paper. The affair was instituted by Prof, and Mrs. Enoch Grehan some years ago, but owing to their absence this year The Herald staff acted as host. guests were About seventy-fiv- e present for the most enjoyable affair. Herald Dinner for Students The members of the staff of the student edition of The Herald were guests at a dinner given in the Venetian Toom of the Canary Cot- tage Monday night by The Lexlng- ton Herald. Messrs. O'Rear Barnes and Paul Goodloe, representatives oi me paper, uciea as nosis. tulips decorated the table and a most enlovable menu was served. The guests Included the editors 'of The Kernel and the students who were Miss Martha Lindsey, Richmond; Messrs. R. K. .4 t Ml MAY SALE ' In Progress , Spring I Smoker "J" Awaiting AT Loved One .Mangels 210 W. MAIN Edgeworth Extra High Grade Smoking Tobacco 4 r;33 Jamesburg, N. J., December 2, 1927 smokin' Edgeworth Jest dear of you; An An' a candle's burnin' brightly, An' it says your lovo is true. 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