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163 > Image 163 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 2, no. 1, 1899

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

I Q I G IlII 6, El`! SI l` Z 48 East Main Street, _ Phone 468, LEXING'1`()N KY. ' { *. Aianouncernent pg . ` L To the Holiday Trade for 1899. I \V e are determined to make this the biggest season we have 2 ever known. \Vith this.end i11 view we are offering special inducements to the trade, as for insta11ce: IO per cent off 011 all new books. All the others charge you full price. i Sole Agents for G lumbia Graphnphmms ` From $5.00 to $|OO. An ideal Christmas present. Our $IOO machine is the best ever built. A full line of all kinds of holiday goods. Dies lI Embossing, EIIQYGVQCI dil and me stationery, _ z the best SllO\\11 i11 this part of the state. \Ve claim and have always shown that we keep up Fil with styles and new ideas, thus, if it comes from us li it is ALL RIGHT. Come and see, even if you d0n't f buy.- The only Stationery Store in Lexington that will take Periodical Tickets with CAS11 PU1