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Available KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES PAGE THREE DANCING STUDIO Co. Wolf WileBAST. iR.rnn.ATtD- - MISS SPURR OTR-EE- T Friday, Feb. 0 Alumni of Alpha Tnti Omega entertaining the members of the active chapter and pledges with a skating party at Nicholasville. Saturday, Feb. 7 Cadet Hop in the new gymnasium from 3 to G o'clock. Saturday, Feb. 7 Pledges of the Sigma Nu fraternity entertaining the members of the active chapter with a house dance. Ruffct Supper Dean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd enter- Military Ball February 20 The annual Military Ball gi von by the R. 0. T. C. regiment of the University of Kentucky is scheduled for Friday night, February 20, in the new basketball building. The hours will be from 9:00 to 1:00 o'clock. At this time the pledging of the leading men of the junior yenr of the advanced course to the national honorary military fraternity, Scabbard and Blade, will take place. Appropriate exercises are being arranged for this occasion as well as for the Grand March, vhich will bo patterned nfter thnt Used nt V. M. I. Elaborate favors and handsome programs in to music furnished by the Blue nnd White orchestra should make this the most outstanding social event of the school year. The affair is to be strictly formal, military uniforms or the conventional tained with an informal buffet supper at their homo on Waller avenue Friday night, for a few members of the university faculty and their wives. Assisting in the entertainment of the guests were Misses Virginia Boyd, Betty Boyd and Helen McGurk. The rooms were decorated with spring flowers nnd the supper table was beautiful with a large basket of pink roses nnd pink candles in silver holders. The guests included Dean nnd Mrs. Charles J. Turck, Col. and Mrs. Horace P. Hobbs, Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Rush, Prof, nnd Mrs. E. F. Fnrqu-haDr. and Mrs. J. B. Miner, Dr. nnd Mrs. J. L. Lipscomb, Coach and Mrs. Fred J. Murphy, Prof, nnd Mrs. Carl Lamport, Prof, and Mrs. Otto Koppius, Prof, nnd Mrs J. C. Jones, evening clothes being required. Tickets arc to be 1.50 and they Professor Carol Sax, and Mrs. P. K. will be put on ndvance sale Fcbrunry Holmes. G, under the direction of Colonel The following invitations have been Sponsor Helen King, Cndet Colonel C. D. French, Cndet Mnjor J. K. Robissued: erts, and Cadet Second Lieutenants Sigma Beta Upsilon John .Dabncy and Joe Walter. Tickof ets may also be secured at the door The University of Kentucky on the evening of February 20. Saturday, February fourteenth Eight Thirty to Twelve DR. RUSH IS HONORED Phoenix Hotel Dr. Rush, head of the department Dancing Formal of Hygiene, has received notice of his election to membership in the Thcta Sigma Phi Tea Chi chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, Royal Institute of Public Health, of journalistic London, England. The letter anprofessional women's fraternity, will hold a public pledge nouncing the conferring of the honor service at a tea to be given by the was received by Dr. Rush Thursday active members of the fraternity nt very shortly nfter he nttended his Patterson Hall on Wednesday after- first meeting of the Lexington Rotnry noon from 4 to 6. Women registered Club, which he was recently invited in the department of Journalism areto join. r, PUTTING Phones especially invited nnd urged to attend. The members of the active chapter are: Mary Stallings, Helen King, Frances Knne, Rnchelle Shncklettc, Betty Bnrbour, Nancy Stephenson, Mnrgaret Chennult, Amanda Gordon, Louise Burks, Frnnces Leo, Irene Kathcrino Elliott, and Mary Frances Campbell. ACROSS YOURSELF 7y It STUDENTS I should have a distinct (Reprinted by Permission from "The advantage over the other boys when Open Road Magazine," 248 Boyls-to- n I got out. street, Boston, Mass.) . . The college year departed, as usMan, what a glorious feeling. ual, in a blaze .of glory and the It was one of those wonderful even- of the college were closed gently exits and ings in Juno for which New England is famous. The year was 1912 and firmly behind us, with a sigh of rethe place a New England town. lief on the part of the faculty, I think, Three college seniors and I were and the arms of the world opened to driving a team to a dance at a town receive us. Only that wasn't really After the what happened. five miles from college. long New England winter with its In high school I had played footshort, confining days followed by a big, several days of slush and mud and ball. I thought of my jobbyasseventy slowly dwindling patches of dirty fat guard outweighing me summer had at pounds, but sluggish. It seemed to snow in the shadows last come to us. Overhead the stars me that the thing to do was to dig and a half full moon shone with Noon page six) (Continued Our route lay vember brightness. $ through the rolling country so dear to Yankee hearts. The air was fraGRAVES, COX & CO. grant with the delicate perfume of wild flowers and trees and grasses. The steady "plump, plump" of the horses' hoofs raised little puffs of dust which lazily floated off to one side. We were all enjoying wonderwere ful health my companions seniors. Everything was perfect including ourselves. What a wonderful night in which to start to conquer the world and what more natural than that, after a few songs, our conversation should turn to the question of what industries and corporations might be worthy of the services of perfectly educated young gentlemen of good families like ourselves. I certainly thoroughly enjoyed myself that evening because I knew that these boys would soon bo rudely awakened. In tho movies you have d probably seen the pompous, gentleman with the plug hat shalstep into what appeared to be a low puddle, only to drop out of sight in tho dirty, cold water. You know how funny it is. Well, I knew that something like this was going to happen to my friends and I knew, that it wasn't going to hurt them any. Tho reason why I knew this was cause I had been working in college selling athletic goods and clothing. Before I started in college I somehow had got tho idea that no one can be worth very much in business until he has had a certain number of hard I thought that if I could knocks. get some of these knocks while I was Blue Ribbon Saxophones Opposite i frock-coate- Phoenix Hotel r, U "Better 301-31I Is 5 Vn'us For Less" J West Short At Corner Mill SL g correct apparel for women and misses cor. short and mill sts. A Procession of Gay Holidays Lexington. Kentucky The Umvirsnfty Lrandh EACH HOLIDAY A PARTY DAY Rm ALMOST ON THE CAMPUS St. Valentine's will soon be here. And just beyond Washington's Birthday a fine time to entertain. Then good St. Patrick's, Easter and May Day, marching by in quick succession. is BEST SERVICE AND FOOD Brilliance and Individuality RESULTS FROM ALL GAMES If you want your Valentine's Day party to be so gay and bright it will remind your guests of Hollywood you must decorate. To people who entertain often WML "decorate" means Dennison P0UL0S, Prop. In our Dennison Department on the Third .floor you will find everything in the way of favors and Valentines Circulating Library in connection 3 CENTS PER DAY. TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING CO. Incorporated 258 West Main St. University Cafeteria OPEN TO FACULTY AND STUDENTS J. Serving Hours 7:15 Lunch .. 1 Dinner 1:45 Purcell D. 8:00 1:00 5:30 Breakfast ill- 6:00 College Tuxedo Suits SPECIAL 25 Famous for Values for 36 years KENTUCKV The Right Step Begin now! Eat good ice cream at least once Feb. AY GRAVES, COX & CO. "A Thief in Paradise" you will keenly enjoy your meals. A wholesome, refreshing ice cream tones you With up. You feel happier and stronger, energized by Doris Kenyon, Ronald Colmon and Aileen Pringle stimulating flavor, the tempting deliciousness A Gorgeous Drama of r of TCP. Wf i rurer becaused rieathized a Love Thief "A Delicious and Well-Balance- Food." d There's a Dixie Dealer Near You. Distinctive Portraits Kodak Finishing ASHLAND STUDIO and CAMERA SHOP Walton Avenue at Main Lexington, Ky. Allen-Maste- rs Electric Co. The New Light House Wiring and Fixtures Appliances Repairing A nice Portrait made by the Ashland Studio is sure to please, Mother, Sweetheart or Friend. Commercial Work 1533-for Appointment Phone ! I'M You will enjoy better digestion and more vigorous health OTHERS $45 The authenic college Tuxedo correct for every event on the University social calendar. Tailored in the English manner loose fitting coat with satin lapels and wide trousers. A value that is beyond compari- - & Co. Everyone Welcome SUNDAY-WEDNESD- - Lexington, Ky. K32S2SH5ESH5HSHSHSHSSi5iSHSHSH5ESS5HSHSHHHSHSZSZ5HSZSH5SSSSHSSSSSE5HSH every day. $ 8268-- R DANCES Wednesday and Saturday in college u week. and decorations for any affair or occasion. By William L. Fletcher Never shall Iforget that evening and how I laughed to myself at the One conversation of my companions. of them thought that he might like to run a bank not immediately, of course, but after a few months of investigation during which time he could ascertain if that was whaf he really wanted to do. Another said that a friend of his had made money in wool. A third thought that the chewing gum or book publishing business might be worth while. Tho conversation closed when one fellow who had established a reputation for business sagacity by selling a few silk shirts around college said ho was going to start at the bottom of some business and work up even if ho dollars had to begin for twenty-liv- o 4503-- Special Ratcs For classes Private Lesstfns by Appointment 206 S. Limestone Phone 6415