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26 > Image 26 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

; ' \ 22 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Definition of Residence for Payment of Fees i 1. For the purpose of assessing fees, no person will be considered ` - " eligible to register in the University as a resident of Kentucky unless he has resided in the state for twelve consecutive months ; next preceding the date of his original enrollment. ~ 2. The legal residence of minors will follow that of the parents or legal guardians, except in the case of minors who have always resided in Kentucky but whose legal guardians are residents _ of other states. 3. No student shall be deemed to have gained Kentucky residence privileges at the University by his mere presence at the institu- . tion. A student once classified as a non-resident of Kentucky \ ,_ will continue to be thus classified unless he can establish a ij; change of domicile by evidence other than his residence as a student. . 4. Aliens who have received their first citizenship papers may be ( classified under the foregoing provisions. Refund of Fees I The registration fee and any late registration fee assessed are never refunded, and no other fees are refunded after the ninth week of a semester. Students leaving during the first nine weeks of a semester will receive a refund, the amount of which will de- ` 1 pend upon the date of withdrawal. During the first week after the opening of the summer session, students withdrawing from the University may receive a refund p I not to exceed 70 per cent of all fees paid. During the second week a refund of 50 per cent may be secured and during the third week a refund of 30 per cent. In no case shall the amount refunded ji exceed 70 per cent and in no case will refunds be made after the V first three weeks. A refund will not be granted unless the student makes his .1 withdrawal official. All refunds must be claimed within the Hsca] year of the withdrawal. l . . 3 Living Expenses The cost of room and board in the residence halls for women is $400 a year. Rooms in the mens residence halls range in price from $45.00 to $69.00 a semester and board may be obtained in the _ l University cafeteria for approximately $10 per week. Estimates of minimum expenses for an academic year (two g semesters), not including special course fees and deposits, are given below. The actual expenses, of course, vary greatly according to _ __ the habits of economy or extravagance of the individual student. Fees for law students are slightly more than the amounts shown. iii