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428 > Image 428 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l i 424 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY I , . DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS J l Raymond W. Wild, A.B., Ph.M., Director of Public Relations Q , Kenneth L. Kuhn, A.B., Sports Editor { Paul Crowdus, A.B., News Editor l *Betty Longsworth Kindred, Secretary I . Marilyn Wheeler, Secretary 5 UNIVERSITY RADIO STATION *Elmer Griffith Sulzer, M.S., Director 1 ' *H. Lewis Sawin, M.A., Program Supervisor l *Lol0 Lemme Robinson, A.B., Program Supervisor, Acting Director, . 1948-49 \ J. Ransford Davis, Engineering Supervisor ' *Arnold H. Haun, B.S., Transmitter Engineer . . Ruth Brophy, Secretary . L _ UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A. { Bart Nixon Peak, A.B., LL.B., Secretary , _ Martha Huber, Assistant Secretary i UNIVERSITY Y. W. C. A. ii Margaret Ann Wilson, A.B., Secretary , 6 *Carolyn Spicer King, A.B., Secretary _ DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS Bernie Armstead Shively, M.A., Director of Intercollegiate Athletics iw Paul William Bryant, A.B., Head Football Coach Adolph Fred Rupp, M.A., Head Basketball Coach Ermal Glen Allen, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Joseph Gwynne Atkinson, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Harry Current Lancaster, M.A., Assistant Basketball Coach Carney Graham Laslie, B.S., Assistant Football Coach Frank ORear Moseley, B.S., Assistant Football Coach and Baseball ` Coach Ted Osborne, M.A., Assistant Football Coach A / Clarence Emory Underwood, A.B., Assistant Football Coach # Wilbert Eugene Burger, B.S., Trainer . Harvey Brown, Equipment Manager - Betty Jean Cordray, Bookkeeper Harry G. Dickerson, A.B., Manager, Ticket Sales Louise Loving Gilchrist, A.B., Secretary to the Athletic Director Fern Elizabeth Jacobs, Secretary in Publicity and Basketball Ellen Norma Minihan, A.B., Secretary to the Football Coach , Betty Jean Snedegar, Clerk-Typist Mary Louise Monarch Topor, Account Clerk ' See appended list of changes of status, p. 428. {