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46 > Image 46 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. t i ` i ? 42 Univmnsrrr OF KENTUCKY tt Students for Democratic Student G0VI`m9m _ Q; Action Association D Tau Sigma(Dance) Student Union Board 8 g_, University 4-H Club Silky I . i University of Kentucky University Ch0I`1S't1'S a Young Republican Club Ufliyefsity cf K'ukY . a i; Veterans Club Bend Yi Wosloy Foundation University of Kentucky L white Mathematics cum Symphony Orchestra p ts it Young Democratic cum University cf Kentucky lc _ _ _ _ Troupers E fl Admlmstmtlvc and Service Womens Administrative t. l ,. Organizations Council . ' Agricultural Council Womens Athletics Associa- fj 4 Committee of 240 tion sj Guignol Womens Glee Club R House Presidents Council Womens Panhellenic P J . Inter-Fraternity Council Association S Q2 Mens Glee Club Y. M. C. A. y Li Student Bar Association Y. W. C. A. f a; ( T} C THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION irl i The Alumni Association was established to render service both to the University and to its former students. It is the purpose of 1; Q this Association to aid in the growth and development of the Uni- I; ` versity, to promote the best interests of alumni, and to enable them F Q to keep in touch with the institution and with each other. As the basis for its activities it maintains records of alumni, showing l where they are located and what they are doing. Its program at _} includes the sending of information to alumni about University _ ' i] affairs, the sponsoring of class reunions in the spring and home- m coming in the fall. It seeks to establish alumni groups both in A E Kentucky and in larger cities throughout the country in order that _ S. ~ alumni may come in contact with each other. 3] ` The Alumni Office is located in the Student Union Building, Ht I { r and alumni, students, and friends of the University are welcome at n- ~i all times. The annual business session of the Association is held cc during commencement and the Executive Committee meets on the HI second Monday of each month except during June, July, and August. By legislative act alumni representation has been secured th on the Board of Trustces so that they may have a direct influencti ar in the administrative affairs of the University. The oificers for Di . 1948-49 are as follows: President, John B. Bullock, 26; Vice Presi- dent, B. A. Shively, 36; Executive Secretary, Helen G. King. ,25; d; ` and Treasurer, James S. Shropshire, *29.