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78 > Image 78 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l I i 74 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY is that of offering a sound and comprehensive advanced and grad- ., uate program whereby students may acquire better familiarity s with the broad movements in history, an intense knowledge of 1 , given fields, and specific knowledge of historical criticism and techniques. l . For a Department of History to render effective service to its Y students, it must be composed of scholarly men who have had 1 original experience in research, writing, and interpretation of 1 gi source materials. Since this department offers work leading to two E ` 3i advanced degrees, it tries to live up to these objectives. l History offers students an excellent foundation for many special courses in the university curriculums, its cultural possi- Y A ;l bilities are unlimited, and it provides excellent training for special- I l ists in the fields of journalism, library work, public service, litera- . ture law, and the radio. In his own right the historian has an un- S jg limited field for teaching, research, and writing. E HYGIENE AND PUBLIC HEALTH g i I, The functions of the department are threefold; namely, Qi medical service to the students, teaching, and research. In the I performance of each of these functions primary emphasis is placed upon the prevention of disease and the promotion of health. . O The medical service consists of complete physical examina- S tions of all entering students, the maintenance of a Student Health . E, `; Service on the campus, and calls by physicians of the staff to 1,% E boarding and rooming students who are ill in their rooms. i, The department offers courses in health open to students in CT I Q the various colleges of the University. A full year of work is of- H` _ fered to graduate nurses in preparation for public health nursing. 3 j Also, courses leading to the degree of Master of Science in Public H` j Health are offered especially for the preparation of medical officers i of Health. ' I T JOURNALISM { The Department of Journalism is one of the 35 members of The ` American Accredited Schools and Departments of Journalism. A Since 1931 the department has been accredited by this body which - Y is Composed of the leading schools of journalism in the UI1lld I States. il; l General reference materials, representative daily newspapers, A] *i and recognized trade journals of the publishing industry are avail- i able in the department. In the general library are hundreds Oi i volumes dealing with all phases of the communications industry A daily 10-hour teletype service of the United Press supplies , ii latest news dispatches for students and provides laboratory mate- I` rials for news editing and radio news writing. The department, ` which supervises student publication activities has standard equipment to print a modern community newspaper and tc PY' I']