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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 1, Spring 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

i e . A _ V _ _ _V. ; . ,~ _ .;r:A I Lf; {V i I . ; < V 2 V . VQ?. o . ` V . . $ . r V V I VV?-=.;:.Vi`s V fit e V V #1 Z ,. . .. '` V A ; if " YT? ;-` r: ' g t%V s*V V . V ~ 40 . .::=.Vr V~ s za. Y r i ` ~"*r1 V. " ` I I V` . . .:.: _ i V I . B vJ Er i`. E; QQ? ` , l V. V v-; i _`_ 2, v ~ ig j {VV ii V V`A_ V V PY I ` . - AA - *1 ie r _ 6 0 , _ V V V ; V V .V~VV ~V- . V.V- VV-, ~ V = V ari {;;__;___ $*5 ..as:r:r. ~ .r i UK Retains Accreditation Vp ._ .i-= V UK has received reaffirmation of its accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and I J,,: _ ~ rVV g. Schools Corrmiission on Colleges (SACS/COC). The commission voted approval of the reaccreditation for a 10year period, 2002-2012. This I , ` ` i follows a two-year UK academic self-study and a site visit by a 26-member SACS accreditation V A Via; I team. The UK self-study was guided by John J. Piecoro Jr., professor of pharmacy practice and rg- __ . j science in the UK College of Pharmacy. , ;- p l Piecoro said the university responded successfully to 30 recommendations from the visiting _ . Q ``: l team. The recommendations addressed the accreditation criteria in areas such as the regular re- , I I I [_ . V view of the universitys mission; distance learning programs; advising and budget planning; docu- _ _ ` - "i` V"` `V VV I mentation of faculty and teaching assistant qualifications; and a variety of policies and practices ** _ .1. .V i related to graduate education, student records, information technology, and resource and facili ~ 1 ties planning. i President Lee T Todd Jr. appointed a "fixit" committee on campus to address recommenda ;II;;r;;:;25;v;:;r 1 tions raised during the SACS review. "The universitys successful response to the recommenda d I _ 1 i tions ensures a high level of quality in the delivery of programs and services to students and the Campus cve Opmcllt P an I citizens of the Conrmonwealth," Todd said. .. created by Ay.rS/Salim W W I sw p Gross, the Baltimore, Md., , '* L lV`V i" I " *" * architect and planning I firm. The new campus lan, develo ed after more l UK Prcfs Win Awards T ljhan a year gf meetings Two UK professors were recently honored with COITIHTUHUY citizens with prestigious awards for work in their re- V V_ _ f and l<>3<1lTS, Prlfld UK spective fields. Kim Edwards, a visiting pro- iiii I M I Tim ` `" StUdHlS. f21CUlly and staff. fessor in the UK English department, has Vg A __ OUYUHGS the locations of , won a 2002 Whiting Writers Award worth wi f such new developments as ` $35,000. Political science associate professor . i l_;l I ;f;* 3 pf0p0d f<>S1d halls. Stuart Kaufman is the 2002 recipient of the . i_.V I *JYAYig; jr POWUUHI W Parking University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award V V E structures and new For Ideas Improving World Order, which V ~ VV ` ;g; bi1digS_fr Scyml pays the winners a total prize of $200,000 in ` ` - i E 11gS,idmgiw I five annual installments. Kim Edwards and bU$i5$ The Whiting Writers Award is for emerg- E , -.. . . V , g . . The plan PTOPOSGS ing writers of exceptional talent and yl . V * _ l:~= taking 3 W Virginia promise. Edwards, a native of Skaneateles, _, V Avenue boulevard I N.Y., was chosen for the award based on the ? '2. * T gi , t V thYQgh Campus and , publication of the first collection of her sto- tg ; V L, Q _ `YY l0S1g tht? $0Ulh GHG l ries, "T/ie Secrets 0f a Fire King. " Her stories ` Q ` I Ti" ' ,;. " Qf Rose $iYl 8Y HS l typically encompass a wide range of people, I a if 11ilYSl10 With South Q times and places, but are unified by themes of A + qt E C L1mSlQ i love, loss and secrets. I $00* A E President Lee T. Todd Kaufman is the first UK professor who has V r, JF- Said the plan PY0V1dS I won one of the prestigious Grawemeyer I Vi { Vr ` w -':* fg lh? HBFDGWOYK {OT the l Awards. To win the award, nominees must V ~4 l__. ' ig l11VYS1lY to m88g have had their ideas published. Kaufmarfs V " 0 E growth in an 0l`dY]Y prize-winning work is titled "M0dern Hatreds: * { ~ . ` . g and ffilT mamicf and The Symbolic Politics of Ethnic War " V e V ` gi tv T$P0d to Changes In the book Kaufman contends that ethnic gpuapg Kaufman ffllVlY- war occurs as a result of symbolic politics, in ' which ethnic leaders or activists use emo- , tional ethnic symbols to promote hostility In addition to his teaching duties, he is di- 1 toward other groups and pursue ethnic domi- rector of graduate studies in political science V nation. To resolve ethnic conflicts, Kaufman and is a faculty associate in the Patterson I says there is a need for grassroots peace- School of Diplomacy and International I building aimed at changing hostile attitudes. Commerce. i KENTUCKY ALUMNI 5 i