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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 1, Spring 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

TT ppppp - , V. . ly . 4 - Q L 5 c " , Y ` ll . 'v . ` L . R ` . i * ` - { ; ~ -. in `: ~ r e : - . = ~ . A ;.;;2~t ex; . 2 cs . 1,. A p . p? i*I T?a-at---~~r*4`*i ` ' A I V' l , _ - =t;. V . - c2? . v ii- - 1 .. ~,: . - . ,-E l Sudharshan A Feast of Words , N8mEd B 8 E The Kentucky Women Writers Conference will be held at sites on the UK campus and in the j downtown Lexington area March 27 through 29. A Feast of Words: Nourishing the Mind and l Dean Body " will feature a broad selection of authors who use food as a primary organizing device. Dvth Sud The conference has three categories: authors who use food as a central reference point for their l harsher 3 PYOf$SOY work (Food for Thought); authors who expand the sense of what it means to eat, to desire, to Pf bu$m$S admup hunger, to consume (Food-asMetaphor); and authors who contribute to a larger conversation l l lstmpop at the _ _ about social change and intellectual awareness (Foodas-Culture). For more information about Q UIUVCYSRY Of Illinois the writers conference, call 859-257-8451. _ -2,_ , l UrbanaChampaign, t , l has been named dean . l * of the UK Gatton \, A College of Business and Med l l and Economics. f0I KY Rural l'lE8ltl1 } _ b Sh*Sg hpp h Kentuckys counties will get assis- l ppp p pm ppppp ppt p tance in recognizing the economic ` gpwpmty pf mmplp value of local health care systems s ; { pmpp 1982 H6 plpp has thanks to a new partnership between ` ` _ I ppwpd pp pppoplptp dppp the UK Colleges of Agriculture and p l pf rl@*g lp thp Medicine. The deans of each college l UIUC S Dr=mt si ned a KY Rural Health Works pp- * Z l ofBusiness Admin- up ,- y l { istrlmon from 1997 to Memorandum of Agreement in \\\ E 200}) HC Served as 1 January that creates a collaborative . mcribcr Of the cditimal effort between UKs medical pro- i hmm Of thc Journal Of grams and statewide Cooperative . = E Mrirkctin from l996 IO Extension programs that will en- Q j 2062 md gurrcml is H hance local economic development. l Y . "What is outstanding about this . . member of the editorial agreement is that the College Of Scott Smith, dean of the College of_Agrlculture, and Emery l b();][([5 Ofthc jgurymlyf Medicine and the College OfAgricu1_ Wilson, dean of the College of Medicine, seal the deal 'a l me A((,(]emy Of mm Czmjom forces in an interdiscp KY Plural Health Works memorandum of agreement: with Mar/pptmg Spfpppp and plinary way and begin to look at B hpndshakpp l lj; problems jointly, and there are a l tr his ?i122&i;.il$?Li.T;;ihiiii;ll" ======*s ***=*=5 l ggifjmgfjjggglogv ievaw said Emery wiissn, dean of Tk TP PZ 1 cniincmng in wi/4 UII;;C0llg 0fhMd1f}- _d Several UK admission and recruitment publica- . ~ . 6 partners IP g03 IS to pf0V1 6 tions received national reco nition at the 18th An- inpspl I 0mml1HiiS with facts Hfld figL1fS nual Admissions Advertising Awards sponsored by , lnpcmlpgnzggis that will help locgllleaders rppognize Admissions Marketing Report, the national news- l tioemmie in business pppr pm 'pp pp pppppvp p" ppp pappr 3f adSsS *"kpg . A ndministmtim in 1982 no development decision making. UKs Schedule of Classes book received a ' l from the University Of e X Merit Award and the schools University Bulletin Pittsburgh. l V w ll received the highest honor, the Gold Award for , Sudharshun will \J/ . t colleges and universities with an enrollment over Succccd Richard W 20,000, UKs complete recruitment package FUYSL who mums as which includes the Schedule of Classes and Bulle- dum Of thc business tin alsorecerved a Merit Award. CONC gc on June 30. J acqure Hager, associate registrar, and Matt p 200.,* Patterson, publications manager in the Office of ' ` ` Admissions and Registrar, coordinated and imple- mented the publications content, format and de- signs. ggmmlgd frgm UK Web 5.,% Over 700 institutions competed in the entire UK lubl li5 news rert5. _ event, with 140 competing in the "over 20,000 en- and Kentucky Alumni magazine staff reporting. roumcntw Category 6 KENTUCKY ALUMNI