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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Nelson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

i nl- Q ' NELSON COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS %y ALICE PULLIAM:AUXlLIARY, BARDSTOUN'PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ( Women*sAuxiliary r of Presbyterian Church, U. S. A. ), c/o J. W. Sisko, 527 North Third Street, g Bardstown. Founded l9l5. President, lhs. J. N. Sisko. Secretary, las. Con. Moore, Bardstown, Terms expire April, 1945. y Ppgbgrship: 26. Open to Christian women interested in missions. ` _CmmniQtees: Pastor's Aid, Hrs. Carrie Fulton; Religious Education, lhs. ' Julia Guthrie; dome lission, lhs. C. Wilson; Social Service, Its. Jarws Carethers; Foreign Pissiens, lhs. C. U. Boasewell, all of Bardstown. , Puipgsoi To promote the spiritual, financial and social welfare of y the church. _ x - . . . . . . . . l - ; Normal Civic Activities: Cooperates with Red Cross_and contributes to I foreign and heme missions. A * Y Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Interested in _ Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings. I s Local Publications: None. * - I l " . - . . ! AlERICAN LEGION, OLD KENTUCKY HOIE POST #P2l ( National American Legion ), I Legion Armory, Bardstown. Founded l9l9. Commander, A. V. Lutrell, 504 *Nerth Fourth Street, Bardstown. Telephone 404. Secretary, L. P. Hubbard,_ 2l5 West Beall Street, Bardstown. Telephone lT0. Terms expired Juno, 1942. membership: ll8. Qualifieatiens,`servieewith U. s. Army during Uerld - Nar I, plus an honorable discharge.- ~ ~ Z Committees: Entertainment and Building, John Bean, Bardstown. A - Purpose: Promoting welfare, patriotism, morality and charity of members. Normal Civic Activities: Sponsorship of Kentucky homo Guard and Safety V School Boy Patrol with Board of Education. Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance, Collection of i Scrap Pbtals and Other Metals, Interviewing. Interestedin.Auxiliiry Police, Air Raid Harden Service, Civilian.rircraft Warning Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Salvage Demeliti;n Service, Emorglnoy Repair Service, Ketor Cqrps Service, Aitulanco Service, First Aid, Radio Operation and Mcpair, { Collecting Docks, Public Speaking, Signal Syrvieqs. Lscal Publications: I ne. A r { e,