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Altrusa International of Lexington records, 1923

Part of Altrusa International of Lexington records

1997MS271 Altrusa International of Lexington records, 1923-1995 1997MS271 Altrusa International of Lexington Finding aid prepared by Victoria A. Triplett University of Kentucky Special Collections Special Collections Margaret I. King Building, North Lexington, KY, 40506-0039 (859) 257-8611 SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU 2011 December 15 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit 2014-09-15T17:30-0400 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Altrusa International of Lexington records 1997MS271 University of Kentucky Special Collections 9.63 Cubic Feet 22 boxes and 1 folder 1923-1995 The Altrusa International of Lexington records (dated 1923-1995; 9.63 cubic feet; 22 boxes and 1 folder) contain administrative papers, correspondence, financial papers, conference reports, event programs, minutes, artifacts, printed serials, scrapbooks and a small selection of photographs, posters, and personal members' papers. Altrusa International. Arrangement note Collection is arranged by subject. Original order has been maintained. Historical note Altrusa International, Inc. is an international organization of professional women who work to create community-wide enrichment through volunteer service. Professionals are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and careers. Historically, membership was by invitation, and individual clubs monitored applicants to ensure that only one representative from any specific business field or profession was selected for invitation. While members must be classified according to a particular field or career, the organization itself is non-partisan and non-sectarian. At the local level clubs concentrate on programs to benefit their communities as well as participate in international projects supported by Altrusa International, such as the Grants-in-Aid fund and the Founders Fund. While the creation of local committees might show variation, the main organizational structure has not changed since the emergence of Altrusa in 1917. Local clubs, headed by a Board of Directors, are grouped into Districts, each of which is under the supervision of a Governor and her corresponding Board of Directors. Above the District level is the International level, which is headed by the President of Altrusa International and her Board. The Altrusa Club of Lexington was founded on November 15, 1923; the organization did not become International until 1935. Jessie O. Yancey, formerly of the Louisville Club (1917), was its first president. Membership regularly included members connected to the University of Kentucky, including former UK Special Collections head, Jacqueline Bull. As Altrusa International grew in membership, district lines changed, with the Lexington Club shifting from the third, to the fifth, and finally the sixth district, which, as of current, includes Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Several members of the Lexington Club have gone on to serve at the District and International level. The Club, still active, now refers to themselves as Altrusa International of Lexington. Preferred Citation note 1997MS271 : [identification of item], Altrusa International of Lexington records, 1923-1995, University of Kentucky Special Collections. Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Scope and Contents note The Altrusa International of Lexington records (dated 1923-1995; 9.63 cubic feet; 22 boxes and 1 folder) contain administrative papers, correspondence, financial papers, conference reports, event programs, minutes, artifacts, printed serials, scrapbooks and a small selection of photographs, posters, and personal members' papers. Predominantly paper-based with a large collection of newspaper clippings. While the collection includes records from the early to mid 1990s, the bulk of the collection is between 1923 and 1989, as corresponds with the Scrapbooks and Minutes. Conditions Governing Use note Property rights reside with the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky holds the copyright for materials created in the course of business by University of Kentucky employees. Copyright for all other materials has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. For information about permission to reproduce or publish, please contact Special Collections. Immediate Source of Acquisition note Gift, 1977 Altrusa International. Fowler, Ila Earle, 1876-1963 Seay, Lorraine Associations, institutions, etc.--Kentucky--Lexington. Business records--Kentucky--Lexington. Clubs--Kentucky--Lexington. Women--Kentucky--Lexington--Societies and clubs. Administration Series I. 1957-1974 Scope and Contents note Administration contains papers and correspondence regarding the administration of club activities as a whole. Series have been constructed to reflect the administrative board of the club, namely, the Board of Directors, also known as the Executive Board. Subdivided by International, District and Local, referring to the corresponding administrative levels of the of the Altrusa International organization, distinct differences being that District Boards are headed by a "Governor," who oversees activities of all those local clubs within district lines. General papers lacking better classification under alternative series have also been placed here under "General." For papers and correspondence as originating from a specific committee, see the Committee series. Given the organization's specific requirements as to membership into the club, papers relating to club membership and classification are quite numerous. See both the Membership Committee and the Membership series under the Local Administration branch. The Club Manuals also provide explicit information regarding the organization of Altrusa, the creation of a local club, and the induction and responsibilities of members. District Subseries i. 1957-1974 District Six, Correspondence from Committee on Nominations 8 5 1957 August 16-January 23, 1974 November Scope and Contents note 1957 correspondences are regarding the nomination of member Ollie Pherigo's to District chair. 1974 correspondence are regarding nominations meant for the next Altrusa biennium, 1956-1957. District Six, Directory of District Six clubs 8 24 1973-1974 District Six, Letters regarding newly elected officers; Altrusa club presidents; Joan Curtis from Nacy J. Russell 10 15 1967 March 20, 1971 October 13-1972 January 1, 1974 September 29 Scope and Contents note 1967 letter from Governor Virginia Sams concerning President's Workshop to be held April 22, 1967. 1971-1972 correspondence seems to be related to Christmas and New Year's holidays. Letter to Joan Curtis (September 29, 1974) from Nancy J. Russell, Vocational Services Chairman, concerning committee workshops at the 1974 District Six Convention in Evansville. District Three, Report of President's Workshop 8 16 1953 June 12-13 International Subseries ii. 1967 Golden Anniversary Convention correspondence 5 10 1967 July Local Subseries iii. 1920-1993 General Subseries A. 1920-1993 Scope and Contents note Papers lack distinct information to sort by original creator or recipient. Altrusa club of Winchester charter banquet program; Carnegie Literacy and Learning Center event program 13 11 1984 May 24, 1993 September 12 Scope and Contents note Altrusa club of Winchester charter banquet program, May 24, 1984; Joyce Delabar, Carnegie Literacy and Learning Center, event program, September 12, 1993. Be my Valentine dinner program 1 4 1950 February 9 Scope and Contents note Bi-fold program. Left reads: "Program presenting Miss Marie Duncan (and) Mr. Silas Rose of Lexington, Kentucky and San Francisco, California." Right side prints dinner menu. Mammie Bass Award and Grants-in-Aid correspondence 13 9 [1956], 1965 January 20-June 16, 1983 September 12 Postcard to Martha Van Meter from Dorthy C.; Greek Christmas card from Lily Stephens 1 22 1965 October 6, [1975] Scope and Contents note Postcard reads "Aloha from Kauai" and depicts Waialua Falls. Greek Christmas card design displays "Kala Christougena" in Greek with a colorful picture of a ship and what appears to be faint doodles (circles as little faces for the "sailors" on the ship). The inner message text is in English. Handwritten letters 12 3 circa 1942 Scope and Contents note Includes letters from Mabel Dublin and Ollie Pherigo. Ellen [Connor] letter to Office; Draft notes for speech or paper, 2 33 [circa 1961-1964] Scope and Contents note The letter discusses the Christmas holidays and is signed "Ellen," with the addressee being "Office." The date is not clear, nor is it certain that the letter was written by Altrusa member Ellen Connor. Notes are written on the back of the letter in what appears to be different handwriting; perhaps at a later date. The "draft notes" were typed on a sheet of paper with the header for the Mildren Burress Insurance Agency, however there lacks a name or proper title. It is suspected that the written passages were meant for a speech to be presented to Altrusa members. The contents discusses problems facing women's equality and social independence. Event inventations, program schedules, and condolence cards, 2 12 1920-1975 Scope and Contents note Miscellaneous events to which Altrusa members were invited, such as a holiday parties or (non-Altrusan) club meetings; generally placed here due to lack of identification. Also contains greeting cards in response to a birth, a member's death, and the marriage of a member's child (presumably). Corresponding Secretary Subseries B. 1937-1987 Scope and Contents note The Corresponding Secretary was responsible for handling official club correspondence. Christmas party announcement 8 22 1937 December 23 Correspondence 13 4 1981 April 6-1984 May 23 Correspondence-Jaqueline Bull 5 9 1964October 23-1965 October 14 Incoming correspondence 13 5 1982 July 30-1983 August 2 Membership invitation letters 13 7 1981 August 25-1987 May 22 Financial matters Subseries C. 1939-1993 Scope and Contents note Subseries contains the financial documents of the local chapter. Account reports 8 7 1945 October 8-August 3 Scope and Contents note Reports conducted by third-party certified accountants of Altrusa financial accounts. Expense reports 8 9 1950 November 24-1959 November 20 Financial reports and records; financial statements 13 12 1947 June 30, 1954 June 30-1958 June 30, 1991 May 31, 1993 May 31 Financial reports; budget reports 10 7 1953 July 6, 1966 July 1-1967 June 30, 1974 June 30-1975 March 31 Notary data; The Notary Public, 1945 ed. 8 2 1939-1953 Membership Subseries D. 1923-1987 Scope and Contents note Contains the membership information for the local chapter. Altrusa member installation banquet 8 23 1963 June 28 Classification guides 7 13 1949 June, 1954 Scope and Contents note Contains multiple copies of the 1949 edition, several with member names and/or notes within. Single copy of 1954 edition with additional notes attached. Constitution and By-laws 5 1 1923-1956 Scope and Contents note Includes 1923, 1925, 1939, 1951, 1953, and 1955 edition. One copy marked "President's copy / Revised." One marked "Ila Earle Fowler." One with dark mark for 1958. By-laws and Classification, proposed and approved amendments 10 8 1974 July, 1976 July Handbooks, articles, parliamentary guides 14 2 circa 1939-1987 Scope and Contents note Contains a copy of The Altrusa Handbook (undated), Articles of Association and By-Laws (1939), Proposed draft of International Bylaws (April 1, 1986), Articles of Incorporation of Altrusa Club (circa 1974), Point of Order: Simplified Parliamentary Procedures for Altrusans (1987), Parliamentary at a Glance (1949), Altrusa Local Club Handbook (1978). Member's Manual 5 2 1958-1967 Scope and Contents note Includes 1958 edition, 1961 printing, 1967 edition. Membership kit 2 9 [1974] Scope and Contents note The Membership kit given to new members, includes Member's Manual (1973 rev. ed.), Founder Fund Vocational Aid brochure, Grants-in-Aid brochure, Altrusa: Pioneer of Women's Service Clubs booklet, 1974 Classification Guide, 1974 By-laws and Policies, and attendance card. Membership papers-Joan Curtis 6 1 [1971] Scope and Contents note Includes Joan Curtis' personal member's binder, sheet music, and 1971 Governors Banquet program. New member's kit 13 8 [circa 1978] Scope and Contents note The membership kit given to new members, includes dues card, Sponsor's Guide, membership card, New Member Digest, Classification Guide, Bylaws and Policies, and recommendation form. Song book; sheet of songs 7 16 [circa 1940] Scope and Contents note Song book published by local Lexington printer, The Keystone Printery. Outline for orientation workshop 2 32 1974 May 19 Scope and Contents note An outline of information about Altrusa and the local club, both historical and modern (1974), presumably meant to help orientate new members. Past-President Subseries E. 1961-1963 Scope and Contents note Contains the personal correspondence and papers of Lorraine Seay, 1960-1961. Includes letters regarding Mrs. Seay's nomination for District Six chairman. Personal papers of Lorraine Seay 4 9 1961-1963 President Subseries F. 1927-1979 Scope and Contents note These are the materials collected by the individuals who held the office of President. General Subseries a. 1927-1975 Scope and Contents note Subseries includes material collected by the local club's presidents. ASK US, Inc. to Barbara Rosenbaum 10 9 1974 August Collection of club correspondence 8 17 1943 January 12-1954 April 19 Correspondence with Women's Club of Lexington regarding catering 5 13 circa 1973-1974 Daysie Procter to Fayette Home Telephone Company, Inc. 8 20 1927 June 3 Scope and Contents note Correspondence discusses a luncheon and includes luncheon program. Letter from club president concerning white crosses on Fayette County highways 13 16 1973 February 16-February 27 Scope and Contents note From current President, Katherine Goodman, to Russell Johnson, District Engineer for the Department of Highways, Commonwealth of Kentucky, about placing white crosses on the highways in Fayette County. Monthly news bulletin 2 31 1933 March-June Scope and Contents note It is unclear if this bulletin is unique from the Chatterbox monthly newsletters (see Chatterbox sub-series under Printed Materials). Further, the committee or office that produced it is unclear, however "Ila Earle Fowler, Pres." marks some issues' header. The collection does not seem to contain any similarly focused monthly news bulletin. Papers and correspondence of Ollie Pherigo 12 2 1942 November 1-1966 July 29 Parliamentary Usage, book 14 10 [1935] Scope and Contents note Personal copy of Ollie Pherigo. Copy of hard-bound book Parliamentary Usage (1935) by Emma A. Fox. Personal, signed message from author. Personal notebook of Elizabeth Larkin 9 12 1975 Scope and Contents note Handwritten notes by Elizabeth Larkin as kept in a spiral-bound notebook. Presidential papers 9 5 1952-1953, 1961-1962, 1973-1974 Scope and Contents note Presidents included: Orinne Johnson (1952-1953), Clara Allison (1961-1962), Barbara Rosenbleum (1973-1974). Workbooks Subseries b. 1974-1979 Arrangement note Items within this subseries were originally enclosed in binder form with labeled divisions. Each section division was given its own folder to imitate the original order. Audrey Stewart Subseries 1. 1975-1976 Committee and project progress reports 1 20 1975-1976 Correspondence and papers 1 19 1975-1976 Scope and Contents note Includes copies of board meeting minutes 1975-1976; Program for leadership seminar (April 1975); District Six calendar (1975?). Elizabeth Larkin Subseries 2. 1974-1978 Larkin, Elizabeth Altrusa International Service Bulletin with notes 1 15 1975-1977 Scope and Contents note Includes copies of Altrusa International Service Bulletin Vol. 12, No. 12-C (March 1975)- Vol. 14, No. 9-C (March 1977). ASTRA guidelines 2 5 1976 April Budget materials and project notes 2 4 1975 November 30-1977 June 30 Scope and Contents note Includes budget report from president, Audrey Stewart (1975-1976). Chatterbox 1 10 1974 December/January-1977 June Scope and Contents note President's copies of Chatterbox. See the Chatterbox subseries under Printed Materials for further issues. Missing issues for months July 1975-January 1976. Calendar 2 18 1976 March Calendar 2 19 1976 April 6-April 26 Calendar 2 20 1976 May Calendar 2 21 1976 June Calendar 2 22 1976 July Calendar 2 23 1976 August Calendar 2 24 1976 September Calendar 2 25 1976 October Calendar 2 26 1976 November Calendar 2 27 1976 December Calendar 2 28 1977 January Calendar 2 29 1977 February Calendar 2 30 1977 March Committee correspondence-Altrusa Information 2 14 1976 June 21-November 10 Scope and Contents note Includes copy of Member's Manual, October 1976 edition. Committee correspondence-Community Service 2 17 1976 May 6-May 20 Committee correspondence-International Relations 2 16 1976 December 30-1977 January 31 Committee correspondence-Vocational Services 2 15 1976 August 9-October 11 Scope and Contents note Includes copy of "Vocational Services -- District Six -- Annual Report -- 1975-1976." Committee reports for 1977 International conference 1 16 1976-1977 Scope and Contents note Committee reports covering activities during fiscal years 1975-1976 to be presented at the 1977 International conference. Correspondence 1 18 1976-1977 Scope and Contents note Majority of correspondence are letters from Elizabeth Larkin. Also includes several letters between Joyce Delabar (current program coordinator) and Larkin. Correspondence and papers 2 13 1977 February-May Scope and Contents note Includes correspondence from Elizabeth Larken to Lynne Funk; copy of International Altrusan Vol. 54, No. 6 (February 1977); Leadership self-evaluation form; 1976-1977 event calendar; June 2, 1977 meeting minutes; April 30, 1977 budget summary; Resolutions committee; Altrusa International Service Bulletin, Vol. 14, No. 12-C (May 1977); Articles of Incorporation for the Altrusa Club. District Six leadership seminar 1 14 1976-1977 Scope and Contents note Includes copies of District Six Service Bulletin vol. 21 no. 5 (March 1977), vol. 21 no. 3 (June 1976), vol. 21 no. 2 (March 1976). Leadership seminar held April 2 & 3, 1976. Immediate Past-President papers 2 7 1977 June 30-August 18 Scope and Contents note Former presidents participate as Immediate Past-President after new elections. Also includes copies of Local Club Handbook and International Altrusan Vol. 54, No. 7 (March 1977). International Altrusan, Vol. 54, No. 8-10 2 8 1977 April-June Scope and Contents note Copies addressed to President Elizabeth Larkin. Also see International Altrusan subseries under Printed Materials. Inventories of club materials 1 17 1976-1977 Membership materials and papers 2 10 1976-1977 Scope and Contents note President Elizabeth Larkin's workbook copies for 1976-1977 Year Book, Classification Guide, Amendments, By-Laws, Calendar, Duties, and select correspondence and project discussion. Men's Fashion Show, Third Annual 2 6 1977 January-April Needlework Fair report and papers 2 3 1976 September-December Scope and Contents note Third annual Needlework Fair, held September 17-19, 1976. Notes and papers on executive board meetings 2 11 1977 May 19-June 16 Notes on board meetings 1 11 1977 January 23 Papers and notes 1 12 [1976-1977] Scope and Contents note Includes hand-written notes, drafts, a list of names (donors?), Chatterbox (March/April 1977), Annual Report (1976-77). Project budgets 1 13 [1975]-1977 Proposed members 1 9 1977-1978 Senior Citizens Hobby Sale papers and correspondence, 2 2 1976 Scope and Contents note Noted to be eleventh annual sale. Set Your Pace papers and correspondence, 2 1 1976-1977 Helen Anthracoupolos Subseries 3. 1977-1979 Calendar 7 12 1978 April-May Calendar 7 11 1978 June Calendar 7 10 7 9 1978 July Calendar 7 8 1978 August Calendar 7 7 1978 September Scope and Contents note Includes photograph of Altrusa members at the Red Mile race track. Contains papers and correspondence showing the Altrusa club's interest in supporting the Kentucky Horse Park and the Red Mile track. Calendar 7 6 1978 October Calendar 7 5 1978 November Calendar 7 4 1978 December Calendar 7 3 1979 January Scope and Contents note Includes copy of Chatterbox, December-January 1979. Calendar 7 2 1979 February Calendar 7 1 1979 March-April Project Planner; Planner's Primer 6 18 1977 Scope and Contents note Two booklets related to generating service project ideas and project planning techniques. Joyce Delabar Subseries 4. 1976-1978 Annual club reports, personal papers and correspondence 6 3 1976-1978 Scope and Contents note Includes copies of Altrusa International Service Bulletin Vol 15, 3C, September 1977; July-August 1977 "C-D". By-laws, amendments to club policies 6 4 1976 July-1977 July Calendar 6 17 1977 March-June Calendar 6 16 1977 July Calendar 6 15 1977 August Calendar 6 14 1977 September Calendar 6 13 1977 October Calendar 6 12 1977 November Calendar 6 11 1977 December Scope and Contents note Includes several Christmas cards addressed to Joyce Delabar and the Altrusa Club. Includes a photograph from Christmas (dated 1978). Calendar 6 10 1978 January Scope and Contents note Includes St. Joseph Hospital centennial anniversary awards program, July 9, 1977. Calendar 6 9 1978 February Calendar 6 8 1978 March Calendar 6 5 1978 March-June Calendar 6 7 1978 April Calendar 6 6 1978 April-May Correspondence 1 3 1977-1978 Scope and Contents note Correspondence, notes and papers meant for the presidential workbook of Joyce Delabar. Incoming Presidential Calendar 6 2 1976 April-1977 April Scope and Contents note One of the duties of the retiring president was to prepare a notebook for the incoming president. Recording Secretary Subseries G. 1952-1991 Scope and Contents note The Recording Secretary handled club minutes. These are the materials collected by the individuals who held this position. Club meeting summaries, correspondence, and papers 3 7 1989 June 1-1990 May 17 Scope and Contents note Recording Secretary Louise Gladstone, 1989-1990. Club meeting summaries, correspondence, and papers 3 6 1990 June-1991 May 16 Scope and Contents note Recording Secretary Patrica Motley, 1990-1991. Includes copies of Altrusa Accent Vol. VI, No. 1 (September 1990), Vol. VI, No. 3-No. 4 (March/April 1991); Altrusa Focus June 1990-March 1991; Christmas songs lyric card. Member's telephone numbers and address list 3 5 1990 June 15 Minutes, notes; report from president 7 17 1952-1953 Scope and Contents note Minutes, notes, November 13, 1952. Acting-Secretary Mary C. Sullivan in absence of Secretary Alice Buckner. President's report from office of Orinne Johnson, 1952-1953. Minutes, drafts, annual reports, meeting notes 7 18 1973 July-1975 December Scope and Contents note Recording Secretary, Toby Carlson. Summary of board meetings 3 8 1989 June 15-1991 May 16 Scope and Contents note Includes copy of Altrusa District Six Service Bulletin Vol. 31, No. 7 (May 1991); Vol. 31, No. 7 (February 1991)[sic], Vol. 31, No. 6 (November 1990); Vol. 31, No. 5 (August 1990); and, International Altrusan Vol. 68, No. 1 (Fourth Quarter, 1990). Treasurer Subseries H. 1953-1995 Scope and Contents note This contains the material collected by the person holding the office of Treasurer. Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Altrusa Focus; Altrusa International Service Bulletin; Altrusa Accent; Altrusa jewelry, award and product price list 12 15 1991-1995 Scope and Contents note Issues not contiguous. In binder, corresponding section originally titled "Focus". Altrusa Focus, May 1993-May 1995; Altrusa International Service Bulletin, September 1991-August 1994; Altrusa Accent, October 1994-February 1995; Altrusa jewelry, award and product price list. Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Attendance lists 13 2 1994 July-1995 May 18 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Auditor's report 13 3 1994 May 31 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Budgets 12 11 1993-1995 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Correspondence 12 16 1993 August 9-1994 July 15 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Correspondence regarding club receipts 13 1 1994 October-1995 July Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Dues statement 12 13 1992-1995 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Front material 12 8 1993-1995 Scope and Contents note Includes 1994-1995 directory book of Lexington club members. Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Kentucky tax records 12 14 1991-1994 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Member rosters 12 9 1994 June Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-New members 12 10 1992 December 11-1994 December 13 Anne Stiene-Martin Binder-Reports 12 12 1992 June 11-1995 April 30 Scope and Contents note Excel worksheet printouts and treasurer's reports. Papers and correspondence of Clara Allison 12 1 1955 June 15-1958 May 15 Reports 10 17 1965 June 17-1966 June 20 Reports 3 4 1987 June 18-1989 August 31 Scope and Contents note Club treasurers' terms: Genevieve Baxter, 1985-1986; Barbara Sue Turley, 1986-1988; Margaret Wheeler, 1988-1989. Includes copy of Altrusa International Articles of Incorporation: Bylaws and Policies, Classification Guide: Membership in Altrusa. Reports and notes 7 19 1953-1955 Reports and tax statements 8 8 1953 December 31-1966 June 20 Conferences/Conventions Series II. 1940-1993 Scope and Contents note Contains papers relating to the annual conferences held at the various levels within Altrusa. International conventions are bi-annual. District conferences are annual. See the Member's Manual for a description of specific rules as to when and where a convention or conference in a given year might be held. The listing of multiple districts reflects the changing of district lines over the years. Altrusa International Conventions Subseries i. 1947-1993 Scope and Contents note Programs, reports, papers, summaries and minutes relating to the Altrusa International Biennial Convention. Convention related newsletters 10 4 1961 July 27, 1971 July 27 Scope and Contents note Newsletters produced as a result of an International convention taking place in the area at the time. Altrusa's Rocky News: 27th Biennial Convention, held in Denver, Colorado (July 1961); 32nd Convention, held in San Francisco, California (July 1971). Program and papers for Twentieth Convention, Forty-third Convention 9 8 1947 June 15-19, 1993 July 2-6 Program and report for Thirty-third Convention 11 8 1973 April-July 26 Summaries, programs and reports 10 1 1951 July 1-1952 June 30, 1974 July 23-26, 1975 July 25, 1977 July 24-28 Scope and Contents note Annual reports, July 1, 1951-June 30, 1952; Summary and annual reports, July 23-26, 1974; Summary and reports, July 25, 1975; convention program, July 24-28, 1977. Contents include Altrusa International Board of Directors Meeting; club programs and project reports for District Six clubs; report of club president (Lexington, KY); annual reports by editor of International Altrusan, executive director, budget committee, and Founder's Fund Vocational Assistance committee. District Five Conferences Subseries ii. 1953-1956 Scope and Contents note Includes conference programs and minutes, and copies of Constitution and By-Laws, Classification Guide, Carl Sanburg tourist information (prepared by Illinois Historical Society). Program and minutes for Twenty-third Annual Conference 8 29 1953-1956 Scope and Contents note Twenty-third Annual Conference, October 7-9, 1955. Personal folder of Anna Pherigo. District Six Conferences Subseries iii. 1955-1976 Scope and Contents note Includes conference programs and minutes, registration, reports and correspondence. General correspondence 8 13 1955 October 7-1958 July 1 Scope and Contents note Conferences covered: October 7-9, 1955 (Galensburg, IL); October 19-21, 1956 (Terre Haute, IN); October 25-27, 1957 (Louisville, KY). Correspondence is between the Lexington club and corresponding clubs in which the current conference is being hosted. Also includes membership report. General correspondence 10 2 1960-1976 Scope and Contents note Contains correspondences from the District Six board to the Lexington club, correspondence from the Lexington club about events related to conferences, 1960-1976. Also includes a workshop schedule, 1977. Programs for Governor's Banquet 14 8 1955 October 8, 1956 October 19-21 Programs for Second and Fifth Annual 8 6 1957 October 25-27, 1960 September 23-25 Scope and Contents note Second Annual Conference program with Governor's Banquet menu. Held October 25-27,1957. Fifth Annual District Six Conference held September 23-25, 1960. Programs for Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-eighth, and Thirty-eighth Annual 14 3 1968-1993 Scope and Contents note Contains programs for conferences held October 5-6, 1968; October 9-11, 1970; October 10-12, 1975; October 9-11, 1981; October 14-16, 1983; October 15-17, 1993. Includes invitations from the Lexington Altrusa club advertising local Bluegrass activities to coincide with the Twenty-Eighth Conference (1983). Includes a menu for breakfast held during the Thirty-Eighth Conference (1993). Registration form for Twentieth Annual 1 8 1975 Scope and Contents note Addressed to Elizabeth Larkin. Fall Conference, October 10-11-12, 1975. Report of Governor 14 4 1974-1976 Scope and Contents note Report of the Governor created by District Six Governor, Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen; report covers years 1974-1975 and 1975-1976. Summary, reports and program for Eighteenth Annual 11 9 1973 October 12-November 1 Summary, reports and program for Sixteenth Annual 11 5 1970-1971 Scope and Contents note Includes correspondence, committee reports and the conference program for the District Six Sixteenth Annual Conference, 1971. Summary, reports and papers for Twelfth Annual 19 1 1966-1967 Scope and Contents note Includes committee reports, Report of Governors, and miscellaneous papers, such as a sheet of song music and state maps, likely used by members while traveling. Conference held September 29-October 1, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. District Three Conferences Subseries iv. 1940-1953 Scope and Contents note Subseries includes programs, reports and minutes for conferences. Programs for Twelfth, Fourteenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth Conferences 7 20 1940 October 19-1952 October 26 Scope and Contents note Includes program and a menu for the 22nd Conference Governor's Banquet dinner (October 25, 1952). Narrative Rhyme of the Adventures of the Lexington Altrusa by Ila Earle Fowler 8 14 1945 October 19-21 Scope and Contents note Poem written by Ila Earle Fowler about the club experience at the Third District Convention, held in Jackson, Mississippi, October 19-21, 1945. Report and minutes, October 19-20, 1940; Report, program and minutes, Thirteenth Annual, October 16-18, 1942; program and card, October 25-27, 1946 8 15 Report and minutes, October 24-26, 1941; October 19-21, 1945 9 11 Sixteenth annual, minutes and reports, program, papers, 11 7 1946 October 25-November 25 Scope and Contents note Papers and notes belonging to Mabel Dublin. Minutes and reports, Twenty-second and Twenty-third Annual Conference 14 7 1952 October 24-26, 1953 October 23-25 Committees Series III. 1923-1994 Scope and Contents note Contains papers and correspondence from Altrusa committees. Some committees are essential, and required by Altrusa International, while others were created ad hoc or as a result of a local club project. See the Member's Manual for a list and description of committee practices and policies. Some of the Yearbooks, or the Directories, contain information regarding committee activity; these resource will also list membership of a committee for a given year. It is also likely that checking the club minutes will provide a clearer overview of a committees' activities for a year. Each committee is required to submit a yearly report and often these are included with the minutes. Club minutes are typically detailed, and while not completely contiguous, run a date range from the Club's inception in 1923 to July 1989. Altrusa Information Subseries i. 1940-1994 Brochures and information sheets 13 18 circa 1940-1994 Scope and Contents note An assortment of information brochures or pamphlets about supported Altrusa International projects, such as the Founder's Vocational Aid Fund or the Grants-in-Aid project. Also includes brochures on projects sponsored by the local Lexington club, such as the Spelltacular spelling bee (1994) or HOPE for Millions. Includes copies of project planning information booklets published by Altrusa International. Lastly, includes an Altrusa supplies catalog (1982/1983) for members. Correspondence with Ollie Pherigo; Grants-in-Aid information; Founder's Fund 8 12 1945-1953 Scope and Contents note Correspondence with Ollie Pherigo, 1953; Grants-in-Aid information, 1950-1953; Founder's Fund, 1945. Mammie Bass information; report and minutes; duties of president and incoming-president 12 4 1962-1974 Papers of Mabel Dublin regarding Forty-seventh Anniversary 19 2 1962-1964 Scope and Contents note Includes copies of a Member's Manual (1958 ed.), International Altrusan 1963 May, 1964 April. Planning meeting minutes; program brochures 9 6 1973 June 4, [circa 1976] Scope and Contents note Program brochures include Altrusa Pioneer (rev 5-72), Sponsor's Guide (11-76-2m), Principles of Altrusa (c. 1961), Founders Fund Vocational Aid (rev 8/76), Grants-in-Aid (rev 8/76), What's Your A.Q.?. Altrusa Scholarship Subseries ii. 1951 Altrusa scholarship and Transylvania College 11 6 1951 December 5-December 12 Scope and Contents note Contains correspondence and papers regarding the scholarship for Translyvania College. Archives Subseries iii. 1923-1943 Scope and Contents note Also refered to as the History Committee. History of Lexington club 10 6 1942-1943 Scope and Contents note [Authored by Ila Earle Fowler.] Papers of Ila Earle Fowler; history of Altrusa club 12 5 1923-1942 Fowler, Ila Earle, 1876-1963 Papers of Ila Earle Fowler; history of Altrusa club 7 14 circa 1940 Scope and Contents note Ila E. Fowler served as club historian. Responsible for several club or event-inspired poems and songs. Contents also include two small photographs/cards. Papers of Ila Earle Fowler; history of Altrusa 14 9 [circa 1940] Scope and Contents note Includes handwritten notes and a collection of committee reports. Has copy of 1962-1963 Yearbook. Budget Subseries iv. 1946-1974 Estimated budgets 10 16 1952 July 1-1954 July 1 Financial reports, proposed budgets, operating budgets 10 18 1946 May 31-1960 July, 1968 June 18-1973 June 30 Scope and Contents note Financial reports, proposed budgets, 1946-1960; committee project budgets, 1973; operating budget, June 18, 1968-June 30, 1973. Project Budgets 1 6 1973 July 1-1974 June 30 Christmas Subseries v. 1944 Scope and Contents note A committee that handled holiday celebrations and/or dinner events. Guess Who; Correspondence with Ollie Pherigo regarding club Christmas festivities 7 15 [1944] November-1944 December Scope and Contents note "Guess Who" quizzes members to match member names with corresponding descriptions written in figurative verse. Community Resources Subseries vi. 1974-1975 Correspondence and papers concerning Big Sisters Club; community resources list 10 13 1974 February-1975 May Scope and Contents note Committee composed of the chairman of International Relations, Community Services, Altrusa Information, Vocational Services committees, the ex-officio Board Member, and volunteers. The Ex-officio Board Member was filled by the Altrusa member who served on the Board of Directors of the Big Sisters. Community Services Subseries vii. 1963-1994 ASTRA club manual and papers 19 3 [circa 1994] Scope and Contents note ASTRA is a girls' club sponsored by Altrusa. Local ASTRA clubs are sponsored by corresponding local Altrusa clubs. These papers contain the guidelines for forming a ASTRA club in a local community, the bylaws and policies, as well as containing copies of officer and member nomination forms. Also includes a laminated news-clipping from the local Lexington newspaper. Correspondence concerning Senior Citizens Hobby Fair 10 20 1967 October 10-1973 November 21 Senior Citizens Hobby Fair papers 5 12 1963-1967 International Relations Subseries viii. 1960-1975 Correspondence and papers on Grants-in-Aid award; Founder's Fund; International diner and show 8 25 1973-1975 Scope and Contents note Correspondence and papers on Grants-in-Aid award, 1973-1975; Founder's Fund, 1973-1975; International diner and show, March-May, 20, 1974. Correspondence and papers on Book Project; Foster Parents 9 10 1970 September, 1972 April 27 Grants-in-Aid and annual reports 5 7 1960 March-1964 June 2 Mid-year report; final report 10 3 1973-1974 Golden Anniversary Subseries ix. 1967-1974 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner program and report of president 12 7 1967 July 23-27 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner program, papers and correspondence 10 10 1973 May 10-1974 January 22 Scope and Contents note Golden Anniversary Committee members (1973-1974): Jean Ham, Chairman; Carol Mitchell; Verna Whitehouse; Charlotte Bennett; Martha Egan. Includes dinner program and speech "Altrusans Look at 50 Years" by Kitty Thorton. Program Coordinator Subseries x. 1959-1991 Calendar June-July; club evaluation 13 6 circa 1980-1991 Committee activity report forms 8 3 1960 January 13 Scope and Contents note Committee activity report forms, blank, with letter from district governor. Committee assignment lists and schedules 10 11 1959-1960, 1973-1975 Foster child project correspondence 13 17 1973 February 7-July 19 Scope and Contents note Includes hand-written letter from a foster child, Maria Villalobos Ramos, to Altrusa Club of Lexington, the "foster parent." Information brochures of projects supported by other Altrusa Clubs 1 7 circa 1975 Scope and Contents note A collection of informational brochures meant for review by the Program Coordinator Committee. Projects are community service programs sponsored and encouraged by outside Altrusa clubs. Nomination for Mamie L. Bass Service Award 1 1 1978-1979 Scope and Contents note The Mamie L. Bass service award is awarded at the club level. Clubs are evaluated based on a specific community service project. Program dates and committee assignment lists 8 4 1954 August Reports 1 2 1976 January-[circa 1977] Scope and Contents note Includes "Annual Report of Program Coordinator" (June 1976) and "Report on Evaluation Results" (Feb. 1976). Evaluation report based on a set of questions about planned or upcoming events and projects. Annual report is a annual review of the club's programs and projects for the fiscal year July 1975-June 1976. International Women's Year Subseries xi. 1975 International Women's Year program brochure 1 5 1975 October 19-October 27 Fashion Style Show Subseries xii. 1974-1976 Scope and Contents note The style show and dinner event is also known as the Men's Fashion Show, "A Woman's best accessory is a well-dressed man." Papers for Men's Fashion Show, First and Second Annual 1 21 1974 October 8, 1975 February 2-February 12, 1976 March 18 Scope and Contents note Reports, papers and programs for the First annual show held February 12, 1975. Reservation card for the Second annual show held March 18, 1976. Also see corresponding folder under Realia series for larger posters. Membership Subseries xiii. 1923-1993 Active membership records 4 4 1987-1988 Collected papers of membership lists; committee assignments; member directory lists 11 10 1923-1965 Committee assignments; summary reports; calendar; annual committee report 4 6 1984-1987 Scope and Contents note Committee assignments 1984-1985, 1985-1986; summary reports; calendar 1985-1986; annual committee report, 1986-1987. General papers and description of duties 5 11 1952-1967 Scope and Contents note General papers include committee assignments and miscellaneous club correspondence. Indexed memo book containing list of club members 8 28 [1949] Invitations and recommendations for membership 4 1 1990 January 18-1993 April 1 Members and classification lists 10 19 1965, 1988, 1989, 1970-1971 Membership and classification meeting minutes and reports 4 2 1987 July 1-1989 March 15 Membership roster; member recommendation forms 4 3 1987-1989 Membership lists 10 12 1952, 1973-1974 Proposed and resigning members 11 2 1952 December 7-1975 March 3 Proposed members; memoranda correspondence 6 19 1972 September 22-1973 May 22 Recommendation for membership forms 4 5 1983-1988 Scope and Contents note With original label of "Applications over 60 days". Recommendation for membership forms and invitation letters 4 7 1988 September 23-1989 March 17 Recommendation for membership forms; invitation letters; resignation letters; miscellaneous notes 4 8 1981-1985 Set of index cards with members names and classification 10 21 [circa 1970] Kentucky Female Orphan School Subseries xiv. 1938-1965 Correspondence from Kentucky Female Orphan School; Kentucky Girls State 9 9 1945 September-October, 1965 January 20 Correspondence regarding Altrusan Scholarship at School; Altrusa Bridge dedication; Holiday card featuring picture of Altrusa bridge; School Bulletin 8 18 1938 July 17-1964 April Scope and Contents note School bulletins published by Midway School; collection is incomplete. Name change to Midway Junior College by 1962. Later bulletins by Midway Junior College Pinkerton High School. Correspondence regarding Altrusan Scholarship at School, August 12, 1943-October 6, 1945; Altrusa Bridge dedication, July 17, 1938; Holiday card featuring picture of Altrusa bridge; School Bulletin, April 1929-February 1962, April 1964. Needlework Fair Subseries xv. 1974-1975 Needlework Fair, Second and Third, information and programs, papers, correspondence, committee assignments 10 5 1974-1975 Scope and Contents note The Needlework Fair committee involves ad-hoc committee placements as decided by a "steering committee"--see committee assignment sheets in folder. See also, corresponding folder under Realia series for larger posters. Publicity Subseries xvi. 1934, 1963-1968 Letters to Lexington Leader 11 1 1966-1968 Scope and Contents note Letters alerting newspaper to club activities and providing details for potential articles or news releases. Papers of Jacqueline Bull 5 8 1963-1968 University of Kentucky radio program 14 6 1934 July 1 Meeting Minutes Series IV. 1923-1989 Scope and Contents note Contains those club minutes as recorded by the Recording Secretary. For papers or correspondence as related to the office of the Recording Secretary, see the Administration series. Club minutes are typically detailed, offering clear overview of yearly club activities. 11 3 1923 November 15-1927 May 17 Scope and Contents note Labeled "first minute book." 11 4 1927 May 19-1931 October 1 5 15 1931 November 1-1933 February 5 16 1933 March-1935 July 1 9 3 1935 July 1-1938 July 1 5 14 1938 July 1-1943 July 1 9 1 1943 July 1-1947 May 3 9 2 1947 July 1-1952 December 30 8 10 1953 February 3-1955 May 4 8 19 1965 June 27 Scope and Contents note Includes note: "This is a brief resume of the activities of the Lexington Altrusa Club for the year of 1956-66." Signed: "Chloe Gifford, President." 14 5 1967 July 6-1968 May 2 3 2 1981 July 2-1985 July 17 3 1 1985 July 17-1987 May 5 3 3 1987 May 21-1988 June 16 12 6 1988 April 28-1989 July Realia Series V. 1951-1988 Scope and Contents note The Realia Series contains artifacts awarded to or used by the Altrusa club of Lexington members. Certificates awarded to the Lexington club are also filed in this series. General 21 1951, 1967 Scope and Contents note Two metal keys [unlabeled]; wooden plaque with Altrusa symbol and names of Lexington club member; glass ashtray celebrating Golden Anniversary (1917-1967); Piece of ash wood, labeled "'Ash' from Ashland," presented by Dean F. P. Anderson; Ila Earle Fowler award medallion, 1951. Certificates of Achievement presented by District Six 9 4 1971 October 9, 1973 June 30 Scope and Contents note June 30, 1973 award for "Net Gain of Three or More Members"; October 9, 1971 award for "Membership Gain - 1 year". Certificates presented by District Six, Hospital Hospitality House, Altrusa International, Inc. 13 10 1966 October 30, 1983 October 15, 1986 October 11, 1985 July 19-23, 1988 May 26 The Center Scene newsletter; Needlework Fair posters; All Male Style Show 22 1 1972 February, 1975-1976 Scope and Contents note Alber B. Chandler Medical Center's The Center Scene Vol. 1, No. 3, February 1972; article related to Altrusa club of Lexington titled "Altrusa Answers Need," and concerns a donation to the University Hospital's social services. Needlework Fair Second Annual help September 6-7, 1975; also includes second poster with a cut-out entry form. Needlework Fair Third Annual held September 17-19, 1976. Men's Fashion Style Show held February 12, 1975. For more about the Needlework Fair and Style Show, check within the corresponding subseries under the Committee series. Printed Materials Series VI. 1930-1993 Scope and Contents note The Printed Materials Series contains published material meant for use by members either for local or international news and information. A number of news bulletins and serials have been collected. Districts put out both a service bulletin and a newsletter. The collection includes items that chart the progression of the Lexington Club from the Third to Fifth to Sixth Districts. The International Board follows similar practice, putting out a service bulletin as well as a monthly magazine, the International Altrusan; the collection contains an almost complete run from June 1953 to June 1976. Altrusa International Service Bulletin 10 14 1963 September-December, 1967 September-1968 March, 1972 March-1975 September Chatterbox 9 7 1930 February 20-1931 December 17, 1956 October-1977 June Scope and Contents note The local club newsletter of Altrusa of Lexington, contents were overseen by the Chatterbox committee. Incomplete for years 1956, 1966, 1968-1977. Chatterbox 5 3 1980 July-1983 August Scope and Contents note The local club newsletter of Altrusa of Lexington, contents were overseen by the Chatterbox committee. Years incomplete. District Six Service Bulletin 5 6 1964 March, 1965 December, 1966 February-September, 1972 December, 1973 April-November, 1974 January-December, 1976 September, 1993 December Scope and Contents note The Service Bulletin was published by the Altrusa District Six board. Directories, Altrusa International Official Annual Directory 8 11 1949 Scope and Contents note The Official member directory was created by the club and published by the Board of Altrusa International. Directories, Altrusa International Official Annual Directory 13 13 1952, 1956-1957 Scope and Contents note The Official member directory was created by the club and published by the Board of Altrusa International. Directories, District Six 13 14 1958 October 1 Directories, Local club 14 1 1956-1962 Fifth Features, Vol. V, No. 2 8 26 1955 Scope and Contents note Published by the Fifth District (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin). International Altrusan 17 3 1953 June-1957 December International Altrusan 17 4 1959 April-1961 December International Altrusan 18 1 1962 January-1963 December International Altrusan 18 2 1965 January-1966 December International Altrusan 18 3 1967 January-1968 December International Altrusan 18 4 1969 January-1970 December International Altrusan 15 2 1971 January-1972 December International Altrusan 15 3 1973 January-1974 December International Altrusan 15 4 1975 January-1976 June International Altrusan 15 5 1992 May Sixth Summary 5 5 1956-1963 Scope and Contents note Publication put out by Altrusa District Six board. Third Decree Vol. VIII, No. 1-Vol. XI, No. IX 8 1 1948 April-1955 August Third District Bulletin No. 1 8 27 1932 May 15 Yearbook 4 11 1958-1964 Yearbook 4 10 1964-1970 Yearbook 4 12 1970-1978 Yearbook 13 15 1980-1984 Posters OS-14 1 undated Photographs Series VII. 1959-[1976] Scope and Contents note The Photographs Series contains photographs of Altrusa members. The majority are these were taken by a professional or newspaper photographer (typically the Lexington Herald). However, there are a few polaroid photographs that seem to have been taken by an Altrusa member. Altrusa members 8 21 1959-[1976], undated Scope and Contents note Thirteen photographs of Altrusa members attending club events or activities. Most are undated. Where possible dates and member names have been identified, along with a brief description of the photograph contents. Joyce Wilson Altrusa Sweetheart 5 4 1962 Scope and Contents note A portrait photograph on front with biographical "statistics" on back, such as age, birth date, address. Connected to activities of the Altrusa Sweetheart Committee. Scrapbooks Series VIII. Scope and Contents note Scrapbooks date from 1929 to 1977, and are filled with newspaper clippings about recent Altrusa activities, pasted or taped programs and cut-outs, artifacts and even copies of the clubs monthly bulletin, Chatterbox. 14 11 1929-1930 19 6 1930 15 1 1930-1960 19 4 1932-1935 19 5 1933-1934 16 2 1933 June-1934 June 16 3 1934 June-1935 June 16 5 1935 June-1936 November 16 6 1936 November-1937 May 16 1 1937 July-1939 June 16 4 1940 July-1941 June 20 4 1942-1943 17 2 1951-1953 17 1 1957-1961 20 3 1962-1968 20 5 1964-1965 20 1 20 2 1977 Scope and Contents note Originally bound in an oversized photo-book album. This scrapbook centers on the activities and events related to the 35th Altrusa International Conference, held in Brighton, England. Contains materials related both to Altrusa and personal artifacts of the Altrusa club of Lexington members, such as baggage claim tags, postcards or flight itineraries. Also contains several maps or brochures related to local tourist or cultural locations. Altrusa International of Lexington records