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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-10-jun21-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-3- President Barker presented a communication from Prof. J. J, Hooper in regard to preparing a horse exhibit at the Univer- sity during Commencement week of next year. Upon motion made and carried, President Barker was directed to look into the matter and make a recommendation at the next meeting of this Committee. Upon motion made, seconded and carried upon yea and nea vote, the Appropriation of $2000.00 was made to the department of Physical Education and $1500.00 for the Y. If. C. A. work which are the sums paid for this work previous to the year now closing. Mr. Stoll voted No on the second appropriation and ex- plained his vote in the following language:- "I am compelled to vote No for the following reason: I eelitve that the employment of a proper, Capable and competent Secretary of the University Y. M. C. A. would be of great benefit to the Univer- sity and I would gladly vote for this resolution were it not for the fact that I do not believe that the funds of this University, derived as they are from State and Federal taxes can under the law be used for religious instruction.." Upon motion made and carried, the following was adopted: The Executive Committee hekeby interprets the resolution of December 23, 1913, to mean that the Director of the Exper- iment Station has full charge of the University grounds, ex- clusive of buildings, under the condition set out in said resolution. A letter addresses to President Barker in regard to the