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The Kentucky Kernel, February 6, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available FRIDAY EDITION KERNEL SEMI-WEEKL- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OP KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, VOLUME XXI i4 BASKETBALL GAME! 'CATS TO MEET GENERALS IN GYM TONIGHT NEW SERIES NUMBER 36 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1931 BIG BLUE WILL MEET GENERALS Are Held MORE THAN 100 EXAMINED BY In Intramural Boxing S. A. COMMITTEE Semi-Fina- ls GLOVE ARTISTS TO ENTER FINALS ON FEBRUARY 14 Defeats Drury in Feature Bout; Luther and Gaillard Forfeit Chapman 14 FIGHTERS WILL BE LISTED FOR FINALS Wrestling Will Begin Saturday; Luther Forced Out with Broken Nose By ED CONBOY The victory of Jimmy Chapman, clever intramural boxer, over the of last year, Pete Drury feaof the tured the semi-finaintramural boxing- - meet last night. Chapman defeated Floppy Forquer Wednesday night and last night outboXed and outslugged his opponent who outweighed him 20 ls pounds. Six fights were ran off last Bight and two fights forfeited da to physical inability. The. two eontesters who were viable to Oail-kr- d Uhbc la the ruining were and Bill Lather. Lather woa by outMa way to the semi-fina- ls pointing Bob Kipping bat wan forced eat with a broken nose. "Results of the fights: 145 Pounds . Forsytne1 over Darnell. 158 Poands Bryan over Stevenson. Duff over George. Lysowskl over Shanklan. 175 Poands Carraco over Dawson. Heavyweight J. Chapman over P. Drury. The finalists in the seven divisions are, 115, B. Edwards, Independent, O. Kelly, Lambda Chi; 125, Moffett, Kappa Alpha, Rooks, A. T. O.; 135, Meredith. Phi Psl Phi, Scott, Triangle; 145, Forsythe, Sigma Chi, Bryan, Phi Tau; 158, Duff, Delta Chi, Lysowski, Independent; 175, Carraco, Sigma Chi, Ferguson, Phi Delt; Heavyweight, J. Drury, A. T. O., Chapman, Delta Tau Delta. First round bouts in intramural wrestling will start at the warehouse and will begin Saturday at 1 o'clock. In the 158 pound division, Bryan was forced to go five rounds to beat Stevenson. Lysowski and Shank-lan- d went four rounds before Lysowski was declared winner. The last bout was the most interesting one of the evening with Chapman defeating Drury. Chapman meets J. Drury in the finals. Ten men survived the quarterfinals which were held Wednesday night in the tobacco warehouse at Limestone and Upper streets. The feature of the evening was the fight between John Drury and Jack Both fighters displayed Phlpps. great slugging powers and Drury won the decision. Of the 20 fights Wednesday night, four were so closely contested that it required an extra round to the winner. The present boxing tournament has been one of the most successful held in years, according to C. W. Hackensmith, intramural director. entered the More contestants meet and interest in the tourney was widespread both on and off the campus. The five men who survived last night's bouts, with the two candidates, will enter the boxing finals on February 14. Wrestling will start Saturday and the mat tournament will be run off with the finals on February 13. Several fighters were declared ineligible, or forfeited, cutting the large number of entries. About 75 men signed up for the first round eliminations which were held before examinations were given. Mr. Hackensmith is putting on an exhibition between two well-knolocal boxers and two wrestlers who will appear in the finals. About 2,000 persons saw the tournament and Mr. Hackensmith anticipates a large crowd to see the finals. It is expected that a large number of fans will turn out for the wrestling matches which promise to be the best in intramural history. The results cf the quarter-final- s: Rooks defeated Easley. (125 pounds) Meredith defeated Gaines. (135 pounds) Guttermuth defeated F. A. Scott. (Four rounds) Forsythe defeated Schmled. (145 pounds) W. Bryan defeated Fitzgerald. (Four rounds) Shanklin defeated Benaag. (158 pounds) (four rounds) Lysowski defeated Barker. (Four rounds) John Drury defeated Jack Phlpps. (Heavyweight) Bill Luther defeated Bob Kipping. Jimmy Chapman defeated Floppy Forquer. "Le Malade Imaginaire" To Open Monday Night at Guignol Theatre Guignollngenue ELLIS JOHNSON j WILL NOT PLAY IN GAME TONIGHT in Paris In 1622 and was educated to By GEORGE WAITE by be a lawyer, but later decided to be "Le Malade Imaginaire," of the come an actor. In 1643, together fourth Dr. J. B. Miner to Direct Mollerc, Players, presentation Monday with several associates, he built Visitors Are Expected to Use will open Guignol BASKETBALL Fast-Brea- k Scholastic Work of 25 System; Wilnight at the Euclid avenue theater. "L'lllustre Theatre" In Paris and DISVISIONS will be was associated with the theatre for During This Semester Thd play, a comedy-farc- e, liams to Play in three acts and is a portrayal of the remainder of his life. l The portrayal of "Le Malade the discomforts of a hyochondriac 'CATS, TECH TO CLASH; SPECIAL TESTSARE Sigma Alpha Epsllon Imaginaire," was done In Paris In in the midst of romance. Sigma Nu BLUE DEVILS DROPPED PLANNED BY BUREAU The Dlay was the last written by 1673 with the author taking the part Alpha Tau Omega the master of French comedy and of Argan, the Invalid. The play Is Delta Chi Entrance Mental Tests and was composed by Mollerc, who replete with French humor and Is Trott to Replace "Skipper"; Delta Tau Delta sought to bring out his personal highly entertaining throughout. Large Crowd Expected for Student Records ConAlpha Sigma Phi characteristics in the lines of the The part that the famous French sidered by Committee Annual Classic 2 play. Mollerc, whose real name was playwright wrote for himself will bo Lambda Chi Alpha te Poquelln, was born presented by Thomas L. Riley, dra By BILL LUTHER More than 100 probation students Triangle matlc critic for The Kernel. His who made a scholastic standing of Alpha Gamma Rho The University of Kentucfinished performance In "The Dag less than 0.7 last semester are now Phi Delta Theta LOAN ger" assures the patrons of the lit' ky basketball team meets its being examined and interviewed by Phi Sigma Kappa tie theatre a highly entertaining the student scholarship and attenfifth conference opponent of Sigma Beta XI characterization as far as the male dance committee in order to decide 3 the season 'when it clashes lead is concerned. Mr. Riley was whether or not they will be perSigma Chi with the Generals of Washalso director of Strollers last year I mitted to continue school this j Phi Kappa Tau and at the present time is the radio ington and Lee at 8 o'clock semester. Twenty-fiv- e of the most Pi Kappa Alpha promising of the group have been Number and Amount of Loans announcer for the university exten tonight in the Men's gym. Kappa Sigma Is Larger than Last Year; sion of WHAS. referred to Dr. J. B. Miner, director The above young lady will play Despite injuries to Ellis JohnKappa Alpha Another veteran of the Guignol of the personnel bureau. He will Financial Depression Beingenue lead in "La Malade ImagTau Epsllon Pi. which will keep him out Players will appear in "Le Malade direct their work during the coming inaire," fourth production of the son, lieved Cave semester. Imaginaire" in Neal Cain, playing Golgnol Players, which opens of the game, the Wildcats are Mental tests given the stuMonday night at the local play- doped to win for the first time RoniiMta for hpnpfltR from the the part of Monsieur Purgon. dents upon entering the university house. Miss Lowry played the an In addition to the presentation W. & L. Kentucky his are being considered by the com- student loan30fund have shown last of "Le Malade Imaginaire" the feminine lead in "Table d'Hote" in over those of mittee along with scholastic records. inrresxi? nf last season and, among other ac- tory. year, according to Prof. W. S. Webb, players will also present as a "cur The tests and records will be supcomplishments, teaches Art at the The game with the Dmke Unitain raiser" another farce of French plemented by special tests for many director. The amounts requested are origin. The author Is unknown, but versity Blue Devils, who defeated university. larger. This increase in both of the students. The personel bu- 20 the English translation was made by the Wildcats In the semi-fina- ls reau, which was created to aid stu- mimttfr of loans and amount of Mrs. Marian Gallaway. "The Wash at the tournament at Atlanta, dents with their problems and loans is believed to be due to the Tub" Is a very interesting little skit last year, which was being conCoach Baldy Gilb's freshmen bas- which is open to all students, has financial depression and unemploysidered for Wednesday night, Mary Virginia with Andrew Hoover, ketball team will play a return been given full power in the guid- ment situation of the past year. Feb. 11, here, was dropped WedHailey and Christine Johnson comgame with the University of Louis- ance of certain of the more meriThe loan fund of the university posing the cast. nesday due to the heavy schedule (befflnninir in the school frosh tomorrow night in Louville torious ofrthe probation students. hnH its of the North Carolina team. As an experiment the players will isville. The freshmen defeated the The university senate rule on pro- year of 1919-19when the need present " Le Malade Imaginaire" Following the Invasion of the Falls city team last Friday night bation states that "A student is for such a fund was brought oeiore Generals, the Wildcats Monday in the Euclid avenue gymnasium, placed on probation when his stand the Board of Trustees by the alum as a matinee on Saturday a week. the rambling This is the first time that an aftermost impressive base night will encounter" Georgia Tech. One of the ing upon his entire schedule for his ni, and the university faculty. A wreck noon performance has been ball schedules in history of Ken basketball greater of The freshmen have shown great preceding semester is less than 1. standing committee, known as the aggregation than Tech is a tucky athletics has been arranged improvement in recent games, and If at the end of his semester of student loan committee was select-p- d Eight the W. and L. team. Their record the AlCoach Glib now has one of the probation his standing is less than its duties are to choose the Onrun inTuesday night following bv Coach Pat Devereau. teams win is six games won and two lost. state's leading frosh fives. Despite .7 he is automatically dropped for most worthy from the list of appli the present Lexington the players Southern conierence while three though Vanderbilt defeated them a will "Le Malade Imaginaire" meet the Big Blue, the overwhelming victory last week, one semester." cations and distribute tne lunas in Millersburg. One of the features leading Western Conference nines few days before Kentucky walloped The members of the scholarship accordingly. Worthiness is based Kentucky does not look for an easy the Commodores, victory over two of the presentation will be a series will play here. and attendance committee are: T. upon scholarship ana cnaracier. victory. best Southern Conference of of three ballet dances which are un T. Jones, chairman, L. J. Horlacher, Miami opens the season here on fivesthe rather a difficult task for The lineup for the game will prois ThnsA who are on the nresent E. Evans, bably include the same men who P. P. Boyd; Alvin Gillis, C. R.W. E. committee are: Prof. W. S. Webb der the direction of Miss Bruce Aoril 1. Then Illinois returns to the Wildcats. Mel-che- r, by a double Loughridge whose Ezra L. started the game here George, an Freeman, .8. Taylor, Edward Wlest, of the Physics department; T. T. complishments areterpsichorean ac Stoll field followed Georgia Tech is the team which W well known on header with Wisconsin. Michigan's forward on the Betsy Lane and Sarah G. Blandlng. last week dethroned the Georgia Jones, instructor in Ancient Lang- the campus. will oppose the WildWolverine's high team and Kercheval, Lexinguages. Dr w. W. Jennings of the Bulldogs, who led the conference cats in the fifth game. ton high star of last season starvictories. Commerce College, Dr. C. C. Ross Except the two game series on pack with eight season by Defeated the state red in the initial game of the two of the Education college, troi. May 8 and 9 with Vanderbilt, all earlier in the walteams. College of games will be boys, Tech came back strong, point A. Bureau of the Southern Conference lineup: Bulldogs with a 17 The R. E. Carraker of the Dlaved on the Southern trip which loping the Louisville Kentucky Pos. during win. College of Agriculture and Miss Devereaux's men will take Judy F. Neal (Continued on page iour; the latter part of April. Sarah G. Blandlng, aean oi women. Polsgrove ..F.... Van Wagner The schedule: Willlg Undergraduates Are Urged Mrs. Sarah B. Hoimes, assistant C. Kercheval rtoan nf Wnmen anted on the com Second Semester Tryouts to April 1 Miami, here. Imorde Mattlngly G to Take Advantage of Nu mittee in Dean Blandlng's capacity Be Held in McVey Hall April 6 Illinois, here. Miller G House April 19 Wisconsin, here. merous Fellowships and during the nrst semester. February 12; No PreparaApril 11, Wisconsin, here. Tho student loan committee al Scholarships Offered tion Required April 14 Michigan, here. lows a student a maximum of '$300 April 23 Miami, there. Dr. McVey has written to The a year, or $400 for four years. Us Two members of the university April 27 Vanderbilt, there. sum amounts to however, Enrollment Is Increase of 100 Kernel calling attention to the nu- ually, $50 to $75 tne order that more debating team will meet representaApril 28 Vanderbilt, there. COME in from Last Year; Over Mid-TerApril 29 Alabama, there. merous fellowships and scholarships students may benefit from the fund. tives from Northwestern Missouri April 30 Alabama, there. Approximately 120 Freshwhich are being offered to graduate In the early part of the year most State Teachers College of Mary-vill- e, May 1 Miss. A. & M., there. Miss Roy Mitchell, of Keno-wv- a students throughout the United of the requests are made for loans men Matriculate Missouri, at 8 o'clock, FebruM., there. Region, Will Conduct States. The awards are usually for tuition and rent, or for bonds ary 10 In room 111 of McVey hall, May 2 Miss. A. & here. May 8 Vanderbilt, granted on the basis of past per- for paper routes. In April and May in the first debate of the extensive The report of the registrar at the Two-wee- k Scout Leader- formance and accomplishment in manv rennpsts come from Enclneers May 9 Vanderbilt, here. program which W. R. Sutherland, close of registration Thursday May 16 St. Xavler, there. ship Class for Girls undergraduate school. showed that 2.939 students for their spring trips. The amount debate coach, recently announced. tl or these loans togetner This year the University of 'had entered the university for the witn o per The university will be represented Miss Ray Mitchell, well-knoEnroll I semester, 1930-3on the money borrow- by Sidney T. Schell and James R. offered awards amountcent Interest has second Girl Scout leader and director of ing to several thousand dollars. er! nnirt hack bv the student UDon Porter, who is returning to the dement will continue for several days, j the Kenowva region, consisting of Other colleges offer equal amounts graduation and the total Is return bate team after a semester's abbut few late entrants are expeciea. Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. each year. Announcements of these ed to the fund, statistics snow mat sence. Thu enrollments Is an increase Schell and Porter will supmHH fvnA tn thi university Mon fellowships and scholarships may be many more boys take advantage of port the affirmative of the question, Comparison of Lecture Dem- of 100 over the second semester of scout found posted on the bulletin boards day and conduct a girls. than do last year, and Is sllgntiy less uiun onstration and Individual leadership class for all girls wno or in the offices of the president or this fundare at nresent six of these "Resolved that the Several States There Legislation Providing the registration for the first semesmay be interested. Lab Work Is Subject the dean of men or women. Most funds which have been contributed Should Enact for Compulsory Unemployment Inter of the present school year. ApThlc .loco will trnln thnsp who of the offers require no work or to by 120 freshmen enrolled interested individuals: Gen- surance to which the Employer are considering doing scout work In teaching on the part of the student eral Fund. S13.424: Skaln Memorial Prof. V. F. Pavne. head of the proximately two-da- y period. (ConstitutionShould Contribute. hltrh and those who want to and may be had for the asking. Chemlstrv department of Transyl during the $1,000; Hughes, $7,144; Fund, ality Waived)" Graduation, poor scnoiarsnip, uuu do camp work In the summer. There vania College, will present a report financial difficulties are the greatDr. McVey's letter follows: $5,541; Alumni, $7,665; and Kpnnt. namns for which monv n Friday afternoon members of the of his investigations In chemistry To the Editor of The Kernel: W. S. G. A., $600. university team will meet the de- before the Lexington section oi est factors which cause the enrollleaders are chosen from those who i to fall From time to have had specinc training, n win ments are placed time announcebaters of Berea College at Berea. the American Chemical society ment of the second semester on the bulletin nisn hi hpneflcial for those who ex The discussion will be held on the Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock in below that of the first term. At usually In the Administration buildmiri-vepect to assist In camps not conduct boards the university tariff question. March 23, three Tne suoject ing which call attention to the ofed by the Gin tscouts, as me course ferings Kentucky debaters will meet repreis a comprehensive one, including colleges in different universities and sentatives from the Michigan West- the Lecture Demonstration ana in-- . " In the country. Most of all types of camp craft. den ts. ern State Teachers College, Kala- dividual Laboratory Work." enumerate announcements Students are requesiea 10 register these fellowships During reglstratlo n t Re freshmen mazoo, Michigan. This report will cover an invest!- and scholarships at nnr.iv as the university will nay the The Rnard nf Student Publica tryouts which Professor Payne has - were given teste in Pgno1 The the Second open who have the fees of those girls who signify a good to students are qualified made tions will receive petitions for the university semesterteam will for held gallon conducting for to do offices or debate be been the past fom- mathematics and records and They snwini interest in the work. Editor ana Business Man Thursday evening, February 12, in years In the chemistry classes at frosh will be placed In may register by giving their names advanced work In the graduate ager of the 1932 Kentucklan on or No Transylvania. field. The fellowships amount from room 231 of McVey hall. The work Is the 'tions according to to Mrs. Holmes at me aean ui before 4 p. m., Tuesday, February dlvisloas not mnmpn's office. Frances Barker. $400 to $1,500 per year and the 10 In the Innrnallsm Office. OnlV special preparation Is required for basis of a dissertation presented , the tests but partial ful- - yet president of W. A. A., at Patterson scholarships from $100 to $400. Stu-de- ts juniors In good standing are eli- the tryouts and candidates will be by Professor Payne who are interested in doing chosen solely on their ability to numeni oi ine requirements oi uic hall, or Miss tteoecca Avemi at mc in the graduate work should take notice of gible to make such petitions and speak extemporaneously on subjects College of Education of the Unlver onH spntnr classes was heldTuesday women's gymnasium. as and In most in- shall follow the prescribed rule wic which will be assigned at the try slty of Kentucky for the degree of gymnasium Monday of the deans ooen to any these opportunities. Th class will also be ui copiea irom ino direction showing a outs. Doctor of Phllosphy. This problem under the town women who may care to enter. stances applications de- Board: has been the subject of a great and the heads of the various They may register wun Mrs. rrans good record and supported by rec"Section 3. Nominations for the deal of study and speculation in nnrtmpnts. HENRY READ DIES Murray, at Ashland 6540, or at any ommendations will receive careful positions of editor and business result in The last date tor regiswauuu the past, and Professor Payne's of the places open to the students. consideration and mayopportunity mnnairpr nf the Kentucklan shall Henry English Read, 47 years old, discoveries will be of great interest been set as February 16. Students While tne lull course win inciuue the opening of a new be made to the Board by petition, applies. registering before that time will is mcetincrs. entrance may be to the student who carry the signatures civil engineer for the Andrew Col- to all persons concerned In the pay a late registration ice. morla fnr half nf th course OnlV. In addition to the opportunities each petition to133) nonanae junior lins Asphalt Company, died of teaching of laboratory sciences. thlrty-nv- e university schedule book lists Feb-rnn- rv The registration fee for the short in the form of fellowships and of at 3:30 o'clock Monday the unlversltyi The pneumonia at his home in Louisville. 7 ns the last date on which course will be $1.00 and for the full scholarships in graduate schools in students of pass on MATH CLUB TO MEET afternoon, qualificathe a course may be dropped without a course $2.00, to those not connectea different Institutions, prizes are of- Board shall A native of Hodgenville, Mr. Read tions of the said nominees and pre- was graduated from the high school fered by Important organizations; The White Mathematics club will grade. with the university. The first meeting will be in the as for Instance, the Institute of In- sent such names as it may choose there and from the University of hold its first meeting of the semesrecreation room of Patterson hall ternational Education offers sev- to the Junior class which shall Kentucky, class of 1906. He went ter Thursday, February 12 at 4 p. m. eral prizes for the best essay on the then ballot In regular election for Monday night from 7 to to Louisville fourteen years ago. o'clock in room 109, McVey hall. the person whom they favor for He was a member of the Engineers Mr. Nathan Allison of the matheAt that time a vote will be taken World Court. The Will th( nurnose of determining the Prohlbtion Association offers prizes these positions. fnr and Architects' Club of Louisville, matics department has charge of The petitions must state the American of $1,000 for the best essay on Althe program which will consist of hour of meeting thereafter. Engineers, University The following report oi me bcuuv coholic Drink In Modern Society. qualifications of the (nominee in Club, and Hodgenville Lodge of several short problems presented by the urnrlt holm? done throughout I am calling attention to these question, especially in regard to his various students who are majoring Voluntary classes hi fencing will by Miss opportunities so that students of nr hnr V nnwledun of the work in Masons. Surviving Mr. Read are In mathematics. Dr. H. H. Downing country has been given Monday, at the Men gym his wife. Mrs. the university may at least have volved m the preparation or copy, father, John W.Ida Read, and his Is president of the White Mathe- start Mitchell: nasium, according to an announceRead. Active members of tne uin chances to see what they are. layout, selection of material, and matics club. It Is sponsored by Pi ment from the Intramural departScouts, 205,834. the nnhlication of a book of this FRANK L. McVEY. CROUSE, FOWLER RADIOCAST Mu Epsllon, honorary mathematics ment. Advanced courses will begin Active Scout troops, u,zbt. fraternity. All students who have kind. Petitions may be turned in beginning having troops, 3,127. Communities mathematics at 3:30 to 4:30, and an to Professors Grehan or Portmann FORUM HEAK0 DEBATERS The, fifth of a series of lectures are Interestto at all InPI Mu Epsllon classes from 4:30 to 5:30 on MonEnrollment in Scout camps, 46,377. urged attend. on "Fuels of Kentucky" by Profes- will meet Thursday, February 17. day, Wednesday and Friday. camps, 423. Number of FKEfcPORT FANS "Is the Abandment of the Present Students should see Mr. Melvin Little homes, 160. sor Charles S. Crouse was given at All members are urged to be Tariff System of the U. 8. Justlfil-able?- ," Applebaum in tho Intramural office Six basketball fans from Free 12:45 o'clock Thursday from the was the topic of the debate Monday between 3:30 and 4:30. ECONOMISTS TO MEET town in which university studios of radio station of the Asbury College debating port, Illinois, the Classes are open to upper classmen COOPER ATTENDS MEET team held at the regular weekly Coach Adolph Rupp coached before program of A and those students not eligible for The Home Economics club of the Political Science Forum in the coming to Kentucky, will travel 529 WHAS. university will hold its regular basement of the Administration miles to see the Wildcats in action "Violin Romances" was given, which Dean Thomas P. Cooper, of the gymnasium work. No credit will be given for the monthly meeting at 4 o'clock this building Wednesday night. The against Washington and Lee, and was followed by the fourth of a College of Agriculture, attended the afternoon, In room 205 of the Agrl members of the debate team from Georgia Tech. One member of the series of talks on "Contemporary meeting of the Association of South- course, which will prepare contestern Agricultural Workers which ants for the second semi-annu- al Sadie Erikson, Asbury were, affirmative, Messrs. urouD arrived in Lexington Wed culture building. president of the club, requests that Magarlan and Krney, and negative, nesday evening, and said that a Drama," given by Prof. Frank was held this week in Atlanta, fencing tournament to be held the first Friday after spring vacation. Fowler. Georgia. party of five will arrive today. Messrs. Stanger and Wiley. all members attend. APPEAL TO FUND INCREASES ;!bbbbbbbbb1 Kittens Will Play ; U. of L. Frosh Saturday Big Blue Nine Will Meet Big Ten Opponents STUDENT AWARDS NOTED BY M'VEY DEBATERS WILL MEETN.M.S.T.C. 2939 STUDENTS REGISTER AT U.K. SCOUT LEADER WILL HERE Professor Payne to Speak on Chemistry Juniors May Petition Board of Publications For Annual Positions Jjoc ?gShSS Voluntary Fencing Begin Classes Under Applebaum