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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 65, no. 3, 1995

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. 6 O O I . Pom Control m Wrrstwotch .. ,_%,. . J JB" V { y ya 5. , tr., . gt _ _ W? _; _ _ qi; By Sheila H. Hume marketed worldwide. I { _ Currently, Foster is consulting i l V i Imagine controlling pain as easily as with an undisclosed manufacturer i j V_,y gg checking your wristwatch. In a timely on a second-generation wristwatch 7;, VQ? A g g leap forward in the battle against device. This one, he says, will be a , ig? pain, researchers at the University of completely selfcontained unit, capa- ie, 5 jV . Kentucky designed one of the ble of delivering measured drug , V j ~r ```' ` worlds smallest patient-controlled doses by use of a mechanism similar ` * if ` anesthesia (PCA) devices, operated to a painless transdermal patch, ie , _ by a wristwatch mechanism. rather than an IV line. "Its at least a L y y y The idea was to design a simple few years away from being market- . Yi. . . ,ir iitt * alternative to the more complicated, ed," Foster explains, adding that dos- . V ' W ` i-,,, .; t., g . ~ei r cumbersome PCA equipment which ing and day-in-and-dayout depend- limited patient mobility," says ability" are still being addressed in ;*:` LITfgllsgsl;;":;";::|YTi;I'::":|;$;;is Thomas Foster, who led the UK the laboratory. CI' G UI , one ohho couogors gmdumo oduconon ond pharmacy research team that devel- Other PCA research, he adds, IS V reseorch programs. Photo by Bryon Boylor, oped the device in conjunction with looking at drug administration by . UK Ml""l c"*" Pl*9'PlY engineers at BaxterTravenol Lab- using ultrasonic delivery (mixing up tho magazioo as Sharing third placo in oratories, Inc. in 1986. "We wanted drug molecules at a high enough tho aprimmy Caro SChoolS oatogory something totally disposable, cheap, rate to penetrate the skin) and ion- for U S medical Schools with MiChi_ easy to use and simple to operate, tophoresrs transmitting drugs goo Sooo Uoivorsio, _ is also ioolud_ Poster says. "lrVe came up with the through the skin through very mild od io tho guidobook 1dea of the wristwatch. electrical current. Though they may y US. News og; World Rf,/jon rankings Marketed as the Travelnol In- sound futuristic, Foster predicts even y mo Comoilod through Suwoys of doaos fusor, the device uses a special 1nfu these devrcestare only years away 1 and other too omcialo of aooroditod sor to deliver the proper drug from commercralapplrcatron. l gmdumo orogmmo dosage to the patient. A drug solu A ' tion is injected into the infusor, Sheila H. Hume is a contributing inflating a special balloon reservoir. writer for Odyssey, the universityls mag- Wqtch the Mull As the balloon slowly deflates, the azrne about research. Rejmnted wzth per- ces Amman pressure forces the solution through mzsszon. 1995. soon yorrlr receive an important ques- * ROE {F;;l *a*b"%;1 the Y" - V , _; tionnaire in the mail. Its purpose is to WMC 1 S mo u c` F lliauczt i ~* y ;;,.,,;jj have the most accurate listing possible presse? 3 Luton OH mp O t C mo ' g r _ _ . . y . ule which releases a small amount of > I 2 j lor the upcoming new Uls Alumnz th d h h I _ b , ; , l)irerl0rv. Please be sure to complete he mg t {img _a prlffijuc (flu P mic J it> _ ; i *i i and return your form before the dead- t Q_ pane? S Vem C CVICC IS I . ,,, ; l I one indimtd, designed IH such a way to allow the jo, ,. .( . 1 ~_ . . . . . ' t ' `, l ._ M .. f Once received, your information will p?und_tOuad1ninlslf (my OPE dose . _ _ r .., gy - I I . .. ,.. .. : " i be edited and processed by the Bernard O H`:/it? im Cileqlslx glmu csb lk V 4 s gg 1 . . . . . 1 r r 9 " QM ., C. Harris Publishing Company Inc. _ t (11; cc louicbho 1 IL Y y . _, .__ . r . . e m I1 - . V , I; t Later, you will be contacted by Harris to qmp B, S a OW cc so u 191] '- " , . _ 1 _ to the high-tech problem of pain e = tv Vf r s make sure that no changes are neces- ,, , j;. . l sary before printing the directory. EOIQUEL iays Eosteghdlrcctor Oithi > T_ S g i . , . en er or armaceu ICH -=` V . ..~ If you don t return your question- , I _ V, _.r. so V V V . . . Science and Technology. t narre, you may be inadvertently omit- Tmvmm] be an commercial dis , _:_ ~ i r ted, or the information printed in the Uibumm Of thcinfusor in 198,7 for _ YQ! directory may not be correct so, use in ost O cmtive (md Chronic watch for your (lUCSU()Ill1z1lI"C and . p . . 4 . pam relief and today the devrce rs * remember to return rt promptly! l l{errlucky .-\lurnnus Full 1995