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133 > Image 133 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series IV. The Department of War, no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

~ 1.;*% . ii Lock and Dam No. 4, Woodbury ` I'. I _ { WOODBUILY I j LOCK AND DAX HO. 4, GREEN RIVER j 3 LOCKHASTER i Warehouse This lock was constructed about 1895, under the supervision i of the district office at Louisville and the suboffice at Owens- { , bore. It conducts traffic through the locks, nakes weather obser- vations for the Weather Bureau, and sends rejorts on activities to its headquarters offices. The miscellaneous records destroyed at various times by degartmental authority were duplicates of rec- f ords on file in other offices. Ii lO39. DAILY TRAFFIC LOC, IUQG to date. Daily record ef craft A l passing through the locks, showing names of boats, destination, l tine spent in locks, and accounts of repairs, supplies, equipment, s and labor. (Occasionally, official.) Q x I4 vols., 2 ft., on 1 vwoden table. Bindings broken, ink faded. Office. (65l) . I lO4O IETEOLOGICAL REPORTS, lC25 to date. Cooperative obaerver's "O { readings, showing date, station, county, state, latitude, hour of { observation, character of day, miscellaneous phenomena, tewgerature, TJ precipitation, and monthly summary. (Occasionalli, official.) l2 x i 1 14 envelopes, 5 in., in desk. Office. (ssa;) , l lO4l. IOITELY GAGE KEPOKTS, l92T to date. Forw OCA, showing Q date and hour of observations, upper and lower {are readinjs, terror- , [ ature, and preciyitation. (Daily, official.) Q x I2 envelopes, f 2 ia., in sen;. orries. (os-ga) e lO2. TRILOZTILY REPORTS OI OITTATIOLS, ITB7 to date. DC Fern ( 228, summary of daily activities. (Occasionally, official.) 9 x l2 envelopes, l in., in desk. Dirty. Office. (GC42) ] : , 3 lO&5. CORRESIOIDEKOE, LOGE to date. Uith the district office, ;; concerning rules and regulations, etc. (Rarely, official.) 4 r g 9ibundles, 6 in., in desk. Office. (coco) ~E lOd. KOETYLY TIQE BOOK, Jan. l$58 to date. Showing naues of %g personnel, man-hours worked, dates, rates of {sf, and a ounts paid. fifi (Daily, official.) 4 x 7 vol., l in., in des?. Office. (SCSU) ggg lO45. STEAE GAC] OFSERVAEIOQS, Oct. l, ICCP to date. Quarterly sgg reports showin; time of each observation, gage hei;hts, weather con- fgg ditions, mean Laje heights, anf UT er and lower re .~. Ol;js. (Daily, digg official.) 4 x O vols., 5 in., in des?. Office. (GCQE) ;?# I Zta;