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112 > Page 112 of Katydid's poems : with a letter by Jno. Aug. Williams / Kate Slaughter McKinney.

12KATYDID'S POEMS. 031V. R14V. EE the early snow-flakes! Softly they descend, Like an orchard blossom Scattered by the wind. Here and there they're flying Over all the trees, High above them swarming Like white-winged bees. Faster still they're whirling, Dancing into sight, Like a troop of fairies When the moon is light. Tripping down the highway In a reckless gait, Falling like a feather Without sound or weight. On the distant churchyard Over graves unkept, WNrhere the leaves have drifted And the clouds have wept. Little band of angels Doing only good, Making white the meadow And the lonely wood. Greeting with light kisses All they chance to meet, Leaving shining footprints All about the street. Little winter children Full of life and fun- Oh! I love the snow-flakes, Love them every one. 1 12