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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bourbon County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

g V - 1 - F ' I 3 BOURBON COUETY CIVILIAE ORGLKIZATIONS g AMERICAN LEGIOT, BOURDON POST;#5O (National American Legion), Broadway, Paris. Founded 1919. Commander, Miller Kiser, R. R. Paris. Telephone Sl?. 1 ' \ , _ . p Adgutant, E. C. Deakins, 2lo St. Elizabeth Street, Paris. Telephone 798-Ma g Terms expired August, 1942. V A V r _ I ` I F * -- N g Membership: 188. Qualifications, veteran of World Warl with honorable dis-, charge. " e T Committees: Nene._ , - 'L T V A I - `_Y E Purpose: To defend the Constitution of the United States, to maintain law Q and order, to foster and perpetutateAmericanism. I ` Q Normal Civic Activities: iehabilitation of Torld War Veterans. - E Defense Activities: Interested in Motor Corps Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, First Aid, Operation of Canteens, Collection of Scrap hotels and Other Metals, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance, Interviewing. g Local Publications: None. Y ` it ;hERICnN LEGIOE, CHARLZS YOUNG PCST=#l55(Colered) (National American Lcgion), e c/o Will Hughes, Paris. Founded 1925. Commander, Will Hughes. Adjutant, y Q George Franklin Willimus, Paris. Terms indefinite. - A4 . ~ if Kcmborship:92.,Open to veterans of Vbrld Kar 1 with an honorable discharge._ Q Committees: Auxiliary, Marbella Anderson, West Street, Paris. o ` Purpose; Community Tblfarc. e - . T E Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with civic organizations in child vmlfarc QQ and charitable undertakings. ~ _ ii Defense Activities; Training for First Aid. Interested in Ped Cross nssist Qi anc, Preparation and Serving of Food, Child Care, Collection of Scrap Metals Q and Other letals, Collecting Books. `Q Local Publications: Tone. { dlERIC4N LEGION nUXILInRY, BOURBCN CCUITY UIlT#5O (American Legion Auxiliary, ei Department of Kentucky; National American Legion Auxiliary), e/b hrs. Edgar Q Dodge, Houston Avenue, Paris. Founded 1932. Pr-sident, hrs. Edgar Dodge. Tel- GQ cphone 559. Secretary, Mrs. Rey Jonas, Hain Street, Faris. Terms Expire July, 3 l943. , I . QQ Membership; 50. Open to wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of Legionnaires. I la ("' `W '~71 DPr:v\f`r T`t.jwve]__.Dr.['Cq]_c-r-. VOA C1~O-. ;. Committees; Child ,blfare, ulV1Ll~ e-~~,n~ 1~~ ~~ ~~~, M ~ ee. }.: ****7**-7- _, 3 Americanism; mmploymcnt.