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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bourbon County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

American Legion Auxiliary, Bourbon County Unit #50(Continued) __V 3 Purpose: To assist the American Legion and promote gmericenism, ' ' ,t "' `T l H>rmal_Civic Activities: Sponsoring-essay contests for children in National I Defense and Americanism; milk fund for undernourished and tubercularichild wif V ren in school. _ Defense Activities: Interested in Hospital and Clinical nssistence, Sewing , and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cross Assistance, First nid, Pre _ paration and Serving of Food, Child Care, Recreation, Collecting Books, Typ- ing and Ctne x Clerical nssistance, Interviewing. Local Publications: Zone. ` - QMERICLI QED JLCBS, PCUTEON COUYTY CHnPTER(American National Red Cross), C V 7 Welfare Builiirg, Paris. Founded 1917. Chairman, Mrs. Durant Whipple, - Stoner nvenug, Paris. Telephone 108. Secretary, hrs. Virgil Chapman, Dun- C can Avenue, Paris. Telephone 50. Executive Secretary, Mrs. h.K. Griffin,- ~ g Fifteenth Street, Paris, Telephone, Office 904, Home 695. Terms indefinite. , Membership: lll9. Qualifications, annual subscription of enc dollar or over.` _ Q Committees: Disaster Relief, Mr. Harry M. Mitchell, Cypress Street; Surgical Z Dressings, Mrs. Edwin K. Thomas, Georgetown Pike; Production, Mrs. Fayette Q hrdery, Sr., Lexington Pike; Junior Red Cross, Mrs. E. K. Rico, Mt. Airy ~ { Avenue; Home Iursing, Mrsn Tollie Young, Houstsn nvenue; First nid, Miss _ E - Agnes Clay, Cynthiana Pike, all of Paris. ` " ` 'i ~~~ - 3 Purpose: To assist in the event cf emergency, disaster or any`crisis.' L~ L Normal Civic Lctivitics: Courses in First nid and Highuay.Safety, nid School .~ C lunch program for indigent children. Service to members of U. S. nrmed Farces. Defense Activities; Engaged in Sewing and Pre eration of Surgical Dressings,_ 4 ` First nid. Interested in Child Care. V - _ Local Publications: None. . . DOUKBOH COUNTY ;GRICULTURnL CCTSERV4TIO` nSs0CInTION(;gricultural ;djust * ment kdministration}, c/e Cvuitv e. ngent's Office, Courthouse, Paris. Founded 1955. President, H. M. Rosebcrry, H. P. Q5, Paris. Telephone l9l. Secretary, Ch ries White, R. R. gt. Paris. Telephone 2405. Terms expired nugust, 1942. I * Membership; 967. Qunlificaticns, participation in jrgram if n. n. A. I L _ Committees: Livestock, Crops, Soil Consenvation, Community. ~ g Purp se: Exocutirn if N. g. 4. ;r;gram. ` p I if ~ - E N vial Civic nctivitiesz None. $ m C