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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2008-01-22.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- President Todd asked if there were any questions. He said that it is interesting to look at the state investment going down while private investment is going up because that is how you build an economy as well as increase the number of jobs. He thanked Dr. Heller for his presentation and said he appreciated the manner in which Dr. Heller is developing Coldstream. Before continuing with PR 3, President Todd mentioned that the UK cheerleaders won the 16th national championship and would be recognized at the basketball game that evening. E. Appointment of Dean of the College of Design (PR 3) President Todd said that PR 3 is the appointment of the dean of the College of Design. He asked Provost Subbaswamy to speak about the recommendation. Provost Subbaswamy said that he was proud to ask for approval of the appointment of Dr. Michael Speaks as dean of the College of Design, effective February 1, 2008. He reminded the Board of the wonderful job that Dean David Mohney did with the College of Architecture first and then with the merger and inevitable transitions of interior design and historic preservation to form the College of Design. After 13 years of serving as dean, Dean Mohney wanted to return to his professional and scholarly interests, which he had put on the back burner for such a long time. A national search was conducted for the well known, promising College of Design. There was a lot of interest, and Dr. Michael Speaks was the top choice. He is a very well known young critic and commentator on contemporary design concept theories and practices, and he has a nationally and internationally network. He will bring a lot of energy and new focus into contemporary design concepts and the future of design to the students and the community. Unfortunately, he could not attend this meeting; however, he will attend the March Board meeting. On motion made by Mr. Branscum, seconded by Dr. Yanarella and carried, PR 3 was approved. (See PR 3 at the end of the Minutes.) F. Report on Results of Alumni Member Election (PR 4) President Todd reported that Myra Leigh Tobin's term as an alumna member will expire June 30, 2008, and an election among the graduates of the University of Kentucky had been held. The leading vote receiver is Thomas Taylor Hammond. John Cain came in second, and Jo Hern Curris came in third. The recommendation is that the Secretary of the Board be authorized to certify to Governor Steve Beshear the names of the three persons receiving the largest number of votes. Governor Beshear will make an appointment from the three names submitted. Mr. Dawson moved approval of PR 4. Ms. Wickliffe seconded the motion, and it carried without dissent. (See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes.)