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The Kentucky Kernel, December 7, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, DEC. 7, 19J6. VOL IX FIVE WILDCATS MAKE TEAM WHO ARE KENTUCKY'S 1 0 MOST POPULAR CO-E- DS Brit, Doc, Crutcher, Clem Question Will Be Answered ents and Grabby on Tomorrow Morning in Mythical RODES Chapel Eleven ALL-SOUTHER- DEW SCORELESS The rose that blooms along the garden walk, Ere yet the last gray shades of dawn are fled, Bends wearily her slender, thorny stalk, And sadly droops her glorious, crimson head. ALL STUDES TO VOTE N i On yestereve, when in the ivy bower, TEAM. End Crutcher, Kentucky. Tackle Mom, Georgetown. Guard Irittaln, Kentucky. CenterClements, Kentucky. Guard Montgomery, Centre. Tackle Jenkins, Georgetown. End Taylor, Georgetown. Quarter Rodes, Kentucky. Half Grabfelder, Kentucky. Half R. Arnett, Transylvania. Fullback Daniels, Louisville. DR. TIGERT'S PICKS. "End Crutcher, Kentucky. Tackle Daniels, Louisville. Guard 'Brittain, Kentucky. Center Clements, Kentucky. Guard Montgomery, Centre. Tackle Jenkins, Georgetown. End Taylor, Georgetown. Quarter Rodes, Kentucky. Half Arnett, Transylvania. Half Grabfelder, Kentucky. Fullback Mcllvaln, Kentucky. . team picks of the coaches of Kentucky teams have appeared. The composite eleven taken from the selections of all the coaches forms an almost unbeatable team and is the one that will be recognized as team by the football the fanatics of the State. Personally, the sport writer of the Kernel never did have any use for picks 'of any kind since he chopped his foot with one of the ax variety one day trying to dig up a big rock. But anyway the picks of the coaches are all well made. The State of Kentucky has had some 'wonderful players this year and some who will go down In gridiron annals as the best in their places in the history of football. The University of Kentucky has it all over the State of Kentucky. The naked truth (this phrase should bring a mental Image before the eye of the reader) is that the Wildcat orr aggregation ganization is an itself and every man on it deserves recognition. In fact the sport writer wanted to choose an team htaself and put the down. Ho told whole Kentucky line-utola to the editor of the Kernel, who ia seriouB minded and can't appreciate it as a thing of humor. So we won't get to pick our team. Thus the composite team will have to be accepted althq Ye Scribe still feels that the football fans of the State should have been given the ben all-sta- (Continued an Page Five) Who are the ten most popular coeds at the University of Kentucky? The Kentuckian voting contest, to decide who will be the ones lucky enough to get their individual pictures in the feature section of this year's annual, will be held In the University chapel Friday morning, and every student who is interested in seeing some particular friends honored should be present at the regular time. As announced before, each student who attends will be given a ballot with ten spaces, on which he or she will write the names of the ten s favored. Each vote must be cast sep arately; that Is the ballot must con tain ten names. No one will be allowed to cast ten votes or even two votes for one girl. The ballots will be deposited in boxes at the doors and no one who falls to go to chapel to morrow morning will be allowed to vote. Each student will be given one and only one ballot and any one trying to repeat will be given the limit of the law. The editor of the Kentuckian is rather mysterious concerning the program for the morning, but it is under stood that he has prepared one that will make up in quality what It lacks A speech or two from In quantity. members of the staff is expected. and All students, including all members of the faculty will be alPopulowed to vote in the contest. larity is the only criterion for voting, and all girl students are eligible for places. Do you want to see your friends' It's up pictures in the Kentuckian? to you! Be in chapel tomorrow. s, HEAVY BIRDS LEAD CONTEST EGG-LAYIN- G The first month of the contest being conducted at the Ex periment Station has just closed, with the heavier birds still in the lead. The lighter fowls are not doing as well now as at first, while the others are rapidly improving. g ADDED TO ORCHESTRA DEPARTMENT. Since the organization of the symphony orchestra considerable interest is being shown In all music departments of the University, due largely to the work of Director Cover. A library, recently added to the orchestra department contains the complete scores and parts of the symphonies of the Classical School in ad dition to a number of other works. These are open to all students inter ested. Teams to Compete For Bar- Entire Team Stars In Turkey Day Game With ker Loving Cup DeTennessee cember 15 DECLAMATORY FRIDAY DOC She saw your lips, your blushes as t The annual of the Union Lityou sighed, erary Society to select a team to repTo petulance she yielded, jealous resent the society at the annual deflower, bate with the "Patterson Literary SoAnd in the night she cried. ciety .to be held December 15, was R. F. R. held Monday night and out of twelve contestants the following were selected: T. L. Creekmore, J. J. McBrayer BASKETBALL PRACTICE and A. L. Cole. The first two named are students in the College of Law; BEGINS III EARNEST Mr. Cole is enrolled in the Agricultural College. Herbert Schaber was selected as alternate. The judges of Gumbert and Ireland Only the contest were: Professor L. L. Members of Last Year's Dantzler, Professor J. T. C. Noe, and Judge Lyman Chalkley. The subject Squad Left of debate was "Resolved, That the United States Should Annex Mexico." BOTH TEAMS CRIPPLED t of the Patterson The annual Basketball practice was begun in Society which was held last Tuesday the armory Monday afternoon with a night resulted in the following being large number out. The first game will selected to make up the team: A. B. be played about the middle of next Crawford, F. O. Mayes and M. U. Conditt, with J. W. Kallbreier as almonth. Altho greatly handicapped this year ternate. The judges of the contest, by the absence of Server, Hart and in which there were eight contestants, the two Zerfoss brothers, whose play were Professors Weaver and Baker. ing was responsible for many points The two teams selected will meet last season, it is thought that a good December 15 to compete for the Barteam will be developed. ker Loving Cup, at which time a team Two of last year's squad, Gumbert will be selected to represent the Uniand Ireland, are back this year and versity In Its debate with Georgetown with them as a nucleus for the team College. The Patterson Society will hold its the prospects are considered bright. annual declamatory contest in chapel The former Is captain of the team. Gumbert, Ireland, Longworth, Bar- - tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock, the tee and McKinney were out for prac contestants competing for the Crum and "Doc" medal. The following have entered tice Monday afternoon F. F. O. Mayes, R. Rodes, Mcllvaln and Alvln Thompson the contest: will come out later. All are consid- Rlchey, Walter Piper, William Shin-nicM. U. Conditt and A. B. Craw ered likely material. Dr. Tigert and Tuttle will coach the ford. "Squirrelly" team. The girls basketball team has also GEORGE WASHINGTON been hard hit. With Misses Heller, HAS TURKEY DINNER Flanery and Bastln out, only Misses Haydon, Innes and Cregor, of last The festive turkey, historic fowl, year's squad, are left to form the and proud hope of those who would nucleus of a new team. displace the eagle as the national bird, for whom Joe Mosley, Freshman, SENIOR HISTORY football possibility, was named, gave MAJORS ARE AT way to the lowly chicken on most of WORK ON THESES the Thanksgiving tables, while hungry home again, chewed The Seniors In the History Depart- on drum sticks and participated inment are at work on their theses, the voluntarily In the boycott against the titles of which follow: "Louis Phil- meleagrld bird. But one home was happy. The ippe in Kentucky," Miss Helen heavy feathered fowl, with "The Commercial History of Martin County," Frank Crum; "Pres- the elevated hind too, couldn't soar and Higher Education," too high on the market to get beyond byterians V. Comlltt; "A Commercial the reach of one George Washington. Marion History of Nicholas County," William What cared ho for the high cost of Dotaon; "Chartered Banks Prior to living? Ho could buy a herd of tur18G0," Walter L. McKee; "A Jublleo keys if he wuuted to and then have History of the University of Ken- money enough left to buy cranberries. George nays lie got his turkey on tucky," Arthur S. Kelley and Roy C. Scott; "Growth of the Y. M. C. A. in foot. What he means is he got it on tlio run. Kentucky," Bart N. Peak. try-ou- try-ou- Burk-holde- TIE ENDS BRILLIANT SEASON mess-haller- LIBRARY No. 12 AND MAC SHINE When Doctor Tigert told the report er that the score of the Tennessee game was nothing to nothing in favor of the Wildcats he thought there was a trick in it somewhere and that the Doctor was trying to "kid" him. So the Kernel man asked Cue Early, who is good on deep stuff, to tell him just what Doctor Tigert meant. He said it was this way, that while the score was a tie the game was really a victory for Kentucky and a big one at that. In downing Tennessee, Kentucky snatched the claims of the Knoxville team for Southern championship out of their hands and that is all she could have done by defeating the Knoxville men. It was also a big feat when one considers that Tennessee had pulled the noses of the great V&uderbllt and also wallowed Sewanee all over Waite Field. The game was a fitting climax to a great season of the Wildcats. A season only marred by the Vanderbilt nightmare and there was some excuse for that. The defeat of Mississippi A. & M. and the scoreless game with Sewanee made the Wildcats a nonerasable name. Story of Tennessee Game. Eleven valiant warriors fearfully marched onto the field against the ter rible Tennesseeans. The same eleven, without a change being made, walked off full of bruises but bearing their heads as high as any team that ever won a glorious victory. The heroes were: Crutcher, Heick, Brittain, Dempscy, Hlckerson, Murphree, Klnne, Rodet, Grabfelder, Fay and Mcllvaln. The game was a tearing contest In which both sides battled in sticky mud. The fact is that since the Wildcats were playing open field and the relying Tennesseeans on their strength and size, a dry field might have made a different story. Kentucky almost won the game at. one time, when Rodes caught what appeared to be a fumble and raced for a touchdown. But Referee Henry said It was not a fumble but an Incomplete forward pass and that ended the argument. "Doc" was the big star. The Southern papers have been burning with his praise and the Tennessee fans are still dreaming bad dreams about the way he tore down the field. He outklcked Hatcher who has been called by many the best punter in the South, and tli row forward passes straight to the mark. Mcllvaln was ulso a bright light. Ho intercepted several forward passes and played the role of life saver to