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Best THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO return to graduate. Therefore, we pass Its mcs-snc- e on to you and your friends, feeling that It expresses the case better than wc could. "Statistics show that, on the average, high 5Chool graduates earn $1.00 for every 72 cent earned by boys with merely elementary education. "Maybe It Is the boy next door perhaps It Is your own boy who Is eager, restless and ambitious, who would like to quit school and go to work. He has read of self-mamen who hnd but little schooling. He sees no reason why he could not do equally well. "Tell him that If he had a chance to talk to one of the big, self-mamen of whom he has heard, he would probably bo told, 'While I was earning a place for myself In buslnes I studied at night trying to keep up mentally with my old school friends even those that went to college.' "In almost every kind of work, whether manual, mechanical, business or professional, higher wages and salaries, in the overwhelming majority of cases, arc earned by the best educated and best trained. "Apart from the greater enjoyment of books, arts and science gained through education and Just as a matter of cold dollars and cents education pays the best dividends." The Kentucky Kernel Official Nfwpper of the flturtpnt of Xhr irnnrraity of Kcnliirkv. Lexington K MBMDEtt 1. P A subscription $l.4fl a rfitr Bntcttd nl Postofflw ni .'orenrt rtn.w nmtt HUMMEtl bmmM. Kr mHt BHSStON ... ... IMHoMn'Chlcf 8octfty Editor Manager (Phones AMilttnd 6802, University 4i COLEMAN n. SMITH Assistant Manager F nAUNES HAZEL DAUCOM UOV If. OWSLEY O. Clarence Barnes special WHITEnS Ed Conuy Thomas Illley AT LAST Long lines nt the Book Store, long lines at the dean's ofllec, long lines at the registrar's formidable door, Seniors with a worried look, fearing that a grade will keep them from the goal which is at last so near graduation! For the first time, commencement In the midst of the beauty of summer, In the ripe fulfillment of August. Solemnity and ceremony, from the dignity of black gowns and caps and cowls. The hushed and awed attitude of parents and friends who have come to witness the thrilling spectacle of Johnny and Mary stepping across the threshold of life, from the shelter of a loving Alma Mater. Hardly has It seemed four years since the pursuit after knowledge brought you to college. But through the vista of those campus years are seen four stalwart arches, each a gateway to the next step toward graduation, the ultimate destination. And at last someone has provided you with the long desired paraphernalia of commencement, and here you are, a bit surprised and breathless that you have reached the end. You had rather dreaded graduating merely by passing examinations and receiving your diploma through the mail, but the growth and progress of Kentucky, your Alma Mater, has given you a proper send-of- f. Are you not proud of being one of the members of the class which exercises is the first to hold commencement during the Summer Session? Perhaps even more impressive is the midsummer graduation, with Its number of high degrees conferred upon those who have proven themselves worthy, than the regular one, which has somewhat more of the typical bustle and hurry of undergraduates. We do not say goodble to you who are leaving, rather a hearty "farewell!" GOOD ADVERTISING The other day large type on an advertisement caught attention from the reading matter in a popular magazine. "Schooling Raises Pay," it said, and the life insurance ad had accomplished its mission. Interest was aroused and the rest of the column brought forth facts of vital Importance to those boys and girls who are wondering whether or not to come to college or to to to Miss Kathryn OatllfT is the guest Michigan nmvi: mmmmmtmmtmtmtmmmtmmt Miss Evelyn Alsovcr, In Big Prof. Frank Randall, of the Law stone Gap, Vn. next week with College, will drive Prof, and Mrs. Enoch Grchan arc his sons to Lcland, Mich., where his Authorities at Stephens College. Columbia. been Mo., require the co-cto take an afternoon at French Lick Is Springs, Ind., where family hasexpects spending the sumMrs. Grchan to move into his recuperating from mer He siesta every day. The nap has an appreciable the Illness with which she has suf- new home on Cherokee road this on the scholastic standing of the fered all summer effect fall. No matter how large or according to the authorities of the college. Wo imm:mtt!ttiititiMmitiiitititiiiiiit!ii!Mtimiiiim:ii!iiit:tmj:::t:tm::t be of have n notion that such a plan might how small the article, practical value in all schools. Personally, wc would like to enroll In a full schedule of afterwc arc prepared noon classes such as this. Wc have a notion YOUR OLD CLOTHES to serve you that wc would be present at every meeting of the class. And wc wouldn't mind staying overtime once In n while! Fraternity and Sorority COLLEGE COMMENT . of Hauling STUDENTS NEW! MAKE Have Them Cleaned and Pressed at THE CLOTHES SHOP Dr. Burgess Johnson, professor of English at Syracuse University, says that cuss words have Enst High, near Viaduct Exclamatory profanity, aslost their flavor. MRS. Phone Ashland 2259 sertive profanity, and denunciatory profanity have all lost their power through familiarity, and now bigger and better swear words arc the tnnimiiiiiiniiiiiniiiiitninniitniinnumuuut crying need of the nation. We'd Just like to suggest to the professor that he ought to trail around with us awhile and do nothing but listen. And wc bet that he has never loafed Home Made Pies, Chicken Croquettes, around a college newspaper office when things Sandwiches, Strawberry Tarts don't seem to bo going right. furniture will be given the best of WHITE EAT AT BENTON'S Salads, Famous for our Chocolate Fudge Cake Erection of a bronze placque in honor of the SCHOOLS FOR SCANDAL late James Mclvin Lee, dean of Journalism at In a recent magazine article, Dr. Frederick O. New York University, is being planned by forBonser, of Teachers College, Columbia Univer- mer students who were active on the University sity, declares that high school and college class- newspaper while ti'ey were in college. Professor Lee was advisor of the Washington Square rooms have become one of the breeding-place- s for American divorce through negligence of Dealer, later the New York University News. v study. He blames faculty adThe middles of the Naval School at Annapolis visors and deans In women's colleges for encouraging young students to set out upon a ca- have returned from their cruise to Europe, full g of stories about Norway, Germany and Paris. reer, as opposed to marriage, leaving and family life to those of less ability. Their reception In Germany was most cordial Many parents, says Doctor Bonser, seem to and enlightening as to the real nature of the regard home economics courses as either Inferior people they had been taught to hate by a war- or degrading, while many teachers consider weary parenthood. g as a subject "wanting in aca Acacia, Masonic fraternity, has voted to abol demic respectability." While we feel that Doctor Bonser Is entirely ish "Hell Week." The number of national or right In looking at marriage and housekeeping ganizations who have followed the dictates of as a career which requires the proper training, sane, sensible and manly reason by doing away still the responsibility cannot be laid as much with this horror of freshman life is increasing at the doorstep of the faculty members as placed steadily. upon the shoulders of the parents. A child's Wrestling has been made a Varsity sport at Impression of home life and marriage is derived mostly from what he observes at home. Ohio State University, and now the fight is on Sometimes, however, girls are really better fit- to place boxing as a similar headllner instead of Eastern ted for a business career than housekeeping. allowing it to remain an intramural. Some can combine the two with happy results. colleges are making a go of Varsity boxing, why not Ohio State, if it can provide as much good All cases rest with the individual and her charmaterial as It claims to be able to do? acteristics and talents. We cannot see that college classrooms bring It seems that the entire collegiate world Is about divorces, In fact they seem rather to bring about a better understanding and status revolting on the "Hell Week" question. We notice that the University of Kansas' Men's Stubetween the two sexes. dent Council has rid that Institution of the practice by turning "thumbs down" on it. Our next door neighbor, Eastern State Teachers College at Richmond, is graduating 113 stuHundreds of students all over the country art dents from the summer session. Their exercises even include baccalaureate. 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