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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 22, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r Available THE KENTUCKY PAGE THREE KERNEL Anna Wnllis, and Miss Wallls, of Lexington. Thomas L. Illlcy spent last in Cincinnati. Margaret Cundlfl visited friends and relatives In Somerset last week-en- d Mr. George Robertson, of Atlanta, Mr. JUST ACROSS THE CAMPUS TO week-en- 555 SOUTH LIMESTONE WHERE TWO EXPERIENCED BARKERS ARE WAITING TO SERVE YOU C. R. CLEM i imii;iiii:;i:ii;i;:itiiii;i;:;;:iii;iin!iiii;mmiimiiimiiiiiii;:i!i: Ah, Columbine, TYPEWRITERS Sl GROWN OLD TO COLUMBINE AU Makes or Rent The days, that fleeting fast Bring sun and rain nnd snow, Could they recall the past, Would you know Pierrot? ular athlete there. He Is a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. They will be at home In Science Hill. Ky.. after a short wedding trip, where both are members of the high school faculty. . C. Smith and Corona Typewriters STANDARD Opp. Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. Summer Students We Carry a Complete Line of FOUNTAIN PENS, PENCILS AND SUPPLIES Headquarters for Foster-Sulliva- Owned and Operated by the University Campus Book Store McVey Hall 19 WUWWVMAMWWWVWVWUWWVWUV University Commons Summer, 1930 i MEAL HOURS: - - - 6:45 8:00 11:30 Lunch Dinner 1:00 5:30 6:30 6:30 P. M. Third Floor Ascend South Stairs to Commons Mill The beautiful wedding of Miss Martha Jane Foster to Mr. Lawrence C. Sullivan of Russell Springs, was an event of August 18, at the home of the bride's uncle and aunt, Professor and Mrs. Edward Saxon, on Castlewood Drive. The bride was lovely In a gown of white tulle over ivory satin, and wore a wedding veil which had been Her her paternal grandmother's. bouquet was of ascension lilies. She Transylwas a popular student at vania University, being very talented in dramatics. Mi1. Sullivan has been taking special work at the University during the Summer Session, and recently le was appointed principal of the High school, where his wife has been a member of the faculty for the last two years. MEYERS BROTHERS Streets ARMY GOODS WASHED in MYSTERY" E "CALL OF THE FLESH" With (All Talking) LOWELL R With S DOROTHY JORDAN RENEE ADOREE ERNEST TORRENCE LAUNDRY SHERMAN HUGH TREVOR RAYMOND HATTON The greatest, most thrill- ing Mystery Drama of All Times! CO. A Picture All Talking Is just the place to send those summer clothes when they become soiled World Premerie Snuday DAYS 7 STARTS SUNDAY 7 HEADQUARTERS DON'T MISS OUR Wildcat Lair LUBRICATED WHILE YOU WAIT 75c Suits Dry Cleaned, $1 2 or 58 ASHLAND 210 Phone Ashland 9191 or 8262 Polishing Simonizing ALL MAKES OF CARS All Work Guaranteed or Money Refunded LIGHTNING AUTO WASH COMPANY Deweese and Main Sts. Lexington, Ky. RENT A STUDEBAKER OR NEW FORD 5 Hour Charge on Saturday Nights and Sunday Only No Deposit Is Re- - .i u quireci irom Students u The Lafayette Hotel 5: TAKES S SUMMER SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT U THANK D Everything in the House Drastically Reduced B STU- AT THE FIRST TO AT THE UNIVERSITY, AND FACULTY FOR THEIR PA- DURING THE PAST YEAR, AND EXTEND TO INVITATION TO MAKE THE LAFAYETTE HEADQUARTERS S COMING YEAR. IT IS A ANY ONE CONNECTED K E R SPORT WEAR THOSE THEM A MOST CORDIAL A FURNISHINGS THE STUDENTS TRONAGE E WORK CLOTHES AND TO CONGRATULATE THIS OPPORTUNITY DENTS WHO ARE TO RECEIVE THEIR DEGREES T Now In Progress PLEASURE TO FOR THE SERVE WITH THE UNIVERSITY LEN SHOUSE, JR., Manager. CO. 5 333 Many Items at Cost and Less washed, $1 CALL 304 South Limestone Tar Removing SALE RIDING APPAREL, Piece Suits, PROMPT DELIVERY We Specialize in August Clearance CAMPING EQUIPMENT, 3- - SODA FOUNTAIN LUNCHES SANDWICHES with Genuine Aiemite Electric Guns Experienced Mechanics s Next to Woolworth's 5c and 10c Store Piece Suits washed, 75c 2- - Eat at the 5 or Marriage Announced announcements following The have been received: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Penn announce the marriage of their daughter Eva Browning to Mr. George William Scott ' at Louisville, Ky. Wednesday, August thirteenth nineteen hundred thirty Both Mr. and Mrs. Scott were stu-- I dents at the University, and are well known on the campus. They plan to make their home in Lexington. Kimbell-Batt- McVey Hall Corner Main and p p 3 n Thp wnddincr ceremonv of Miss Marjorie Kimbell of Frankfort, Ky., to Mr. Edward Batts of Port Royal, was solemnized Saturday afternoon at the home of Rev. C. L. Piatt, in Kenilworth court. The attendants were Miss Irene Fannin and Mr. Walter Kimbell, brother of the bride. Mrs. Batts is a graduate of the University, and was a member of Mortar Board, senior women's honorary, and Phi Beta Kappa, national scholastic fraternity. Mr. Batts Is a graduate of Transylvania University, and was a pop SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS: 8:00 A. M. Ramon Navarro "MIDNIGHT Son Born Mr. nnd Mrs. H. L. Harlcson. of Stone, Ky., announce the birth of a And Columbine, son, August 14, at St. Josephs hos Could life but hold one hour-O- ne hour of madness 'ncath a silver pital. moon Both Mr. ana Mrs. tiancson are From ways as separate as the winds graduates of the University In the blow, class of 1924. Before her marriage that Would you not ask for that lost Mrs. Harlcson was Miss Kathcrlne 1792 Cleveland. hour of June, And Pierrot? Alumnae Luncheon A tiiimhor of Yes, Columbine, nlnmnno Although your heart seems crushed of Alpha XI Delta sorority, met last Beneath the mighty burden of Its week for luncneon ai me urcen woe, Tree. When night In silence hushed Thnso nrescnt were Mrs. Leslie Brings memory, I still believe you Jones, of New York; Mrs. Bower know Broaddus, of Muskogee, Okla.; Mrs. A yearning for romance and love of J. G. Tomlln, of Cincinnati; Miss life, Vila Hamilton, of Wnshlnnton. . C: And Pierrot. Miss Lula Blakely, of Bcattyville; ROBERT GRAY, in "Letters." Miss zereiaa noiann, oi Kicnmona, Ky.; Mrs. S. E. DeLong, Mrs. C. C. Alice Claire Catran Haley, Miss Mary venabie, Miss Richard Carran Mf. and Mrs. have named their daughter, born August C at the Good Samaritan hospital, Alice Claire, for her two grandmothers. (New and Used) Breakfast o Your Auto UNIVERSITY BOOKS i R i 2 in ST" Ph. Ashland mmmmmmnmmmmtmmmmm: Betty Compson Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. BIN AM jmtnmnMmtmmmmttHtmmmtm ter, former University students who were In Lexington two weeks ago, hnve taken a cottage nt Virginia Bench. Vn for a month. They will then return to Hampton Roads, Vn., where Lieut Hester Is stationed. i MtSS I'AZFX nAUCOM, Editor Phnnn Atlil.inrf IfHi-- 9 d Miss SOCIETY! J llF H. M. DAVIS BARBER SHOP H. M. DAVIS, Prop. Elizabeth Oa., was a guest at the Sigma Nu house Inst week. Lieut. James Hester and Mrs. Hes- LICE fcast Main Street W1LKKKSON, Manager l'hoiie Aihland 7070 SJ jjj S s