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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 22, 1930

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Best Copy Available PAGE FOUR THE KENTUCKY KERNHL THE TAVERN WIS THANK YOU FOR VOI R PATRONAGE DURING SI MMER SCHOOL AND HOPE WE WILE HAVE THE PLEASURE OF SERVING 01 AGAIN "Homo of the College Folks" We Deliver that FrrsiihiHti Wffk r fiords. v 117 E. Maxwell St. 119 Phone Ashland 1 "Leave your order with Miss Carrie I3can, our e agent, at the or Post Office." Book-Stor- S3 Em For tlic Inst time tills summer I nsk you to ronm once ngnln along Lexington's rlnlto. Some excellent i entertainment awaits you next week wlillc the present supply is not to be scofTed at by any means. TLR After making "The Pagan" Ramon Navarro discovered that his singing voice had wide appeal so he made and "In Gay Madrid," which were received with favor. Now release his latest, "The Singer of Seville," which opens at the Strand Sunday. Charles Brabln, ever remembered for "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," directed this production which tells of a young opera singer who doesn't particularly care for n career. In true No- Ivarro fashion he prefers love. Dorothy Jordan, the object of previous serenades by the star, again leans languidly from her window. Other ana The richest bit of irony that I have run across lately Is a one sheet poster of "All Quiet on the Western Front" on the recruiting office billboard with "Enlist in the regular army now" sniped across the paper. In the face of drawing the wrath of the faculty, it is my belief that "All Quiet on the West em Front" teaches more than ten college courses. The occasion is rare when Hollywood produces anything so true, so striking and so impressive as this picture. By all means, see it. TLR Here They Are Everything You Need in ENGRAVINGS, TYPEWRITERS, NOTEBOOKS, PENS, PENCILS, DESK SETS, AND OTHER STUDENT ACCESSORIES -- The Ben All will house "Midnight Mystery" beginning Sunday. This Radio picture Betty Compson and Lowell Sherman and is said to be a thrilling melodrama with not a little comedy thrown in. With Lowell Sherman in the cast this is to be expected for he is undoubtedly the best of dress-su- it moustache twirlers not only for his villiany but for the rare touches of sophisticated comedy with which he presents his character. If you have a penchant for mystery farce "Midnight Mystery" should please you. As other rialtos require a little roaming you'll hear from me again about September 26. Until then, you'll have to make out the best you can. So long. at Transylvania Printing Co. CAR OVERTURNED A coupe driven by James Didlake (Incorporated) N. Upper Street iVW'AiV,,i,Vb,'b .V.W.WAV.V.W members of the cast are Rcncc Ernest Torrencc, Nance O'Ncll and Russell Hopton. TLR The best short subject seen this summer, "Manhattan Serenade." TLR -Let's Go Native" is the title of the Paramount picture opening at the Kentucky tomorrow. It is said to be a musical burlesque on the standard theme with all the trimmings in the way of feminine lure. Jack Oakle, now being billed as "America's Joy Friend," and Jcannette MacDonald hnvc the leading roles in "Let's Go Native," which was written by George Marlon, r. Of course, you remember Miss MacDonald in "The Love Parade" and "The Vagabond King." She is one of the flldom's few women who can act, sing, and sprinkle sex appeal all over the lot, One musical interpolation in "Let's Go Native" is reported to rival "Sunnyside Up." Guess I'll have to catch it. TLR Near Fayette Bank " ,W.W.' m Barnes, University athlete, was overturned Sunday night at Rose and Main streets by a truck whose driver escaped before bystanders could get the license number of his machine. Barnes and his companion were unhurt, and the car was not badly damaged. nnouncing the FALL TERM OPENING il find that thin UntverMty in pretty much nit the othrr. exwirt that the girls and boys are perhaps more In different thun iin.v I've encountered Nothing arouses their interest to any ureat extent At least, not to the extent of getting out and doing something about it. And Mir frnirrnliy hotivr. and sorority new rout of domiciles air Retting paint for rush work Aimtn Umf-Mon- e and Maxwell will be droned by rxpenifvo nnd fliwhy curs loaned for the occasion. pAMPUS FLORIST, Ine KERNELS But woe is me! I nholl bo gradu ated with the best of them. No more will pledging hold its old lure, nor nishlng give It accustomed Tears, sighs, fond goodbyes kick. Alas and alack! (But at least woah, tlinrl getting so sentimental I'll have a little extra spending that I'm becoming poetical. Really, money to call my own). this business of leaving college after having spent so many years prep-pin- g After n year of prowling about the for it is not what it's cracked campus in my Colonel's masquerade up to be. And the quaint feeling that a cap and gown gives you, well, you can imagine swishing around in one where anyone could sec you. Thank the Mercies for omitting this single flic marching up to get the old sheepskin. That was the crowning insult to the senior dignity, of which we hear so much and sec so little. Goodbye to you all who have taken the racing so calmly. Goodbye to von. Mary Armstrong and Dick Richards, we hope for the best and to you, Phlpps brothers, good luck in fighting for those berths on the team goodbye to little Evelyn Ford, whose hair is ever "a la negligence" to Martha Fowler Given, always remembered for that May Now that the annual summer flirtations are coming to an end with the close of summer school, everyone is getting shined up for real business with all the possibilities Janette MacDonald SPECIALS Phone Ash. 8380 Kay Francis James Hall Men's CI AA JJ1.1W SUITS Ladies' fl?1 ftft $.UU SUITS fl?1 AA Ladies' Plain pi.WV WOOL DRESSES All prices reasonable and work guaranteed and examined by experienced tailor and dress maker We Call for and Deliver Eugene Pallet te LAST TIMES TODAY "All Quiet on the Western Front" STARTS TOMORROW LEVIN'S DRY CLEANERS 137 North Lime I fuunoaat Home ol IIIIIIIH M i'ictaxM llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli Now In Progress Thorpe's $750,000 Overstocked Sale 3 4 5 Our school is fully recognized and "Accredited" by two leading accrediting associations. 8 Our school carries the endorsement of Lexington business men and the Board of Commerce. 9 We offer you the association of a select student body. Our students are only the very highest type. $20.00 MOHAIRS P. O. Box $30.00 An exclusive secretarial school with a VALUES TO FREE Employment Service rendered to our graduates. Also lifetime membership in a nation-wid- e free employment bureau. Tuition rate that, so far as known, are than any other recognized business $1.00 SILK NECKWEAR $5.00 NECKWEAR Other Styles Reduced in Proportion $35.00 $23.85 uni- $10.00 $27.85 VALUES TO . . $15.00 $50.00 $37.85 G8c $3.78 HOSIERY $33.85 VALUES TO $1.50 $3.75 NECKWEAR $19.85 VALUES TO 50c MEN'S HOSE $1.50 MEN'S HOSE . 28c $1.18 school in Kentucky. NETTLETON MILLER COOK AND BARCLAY SOUTHERN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Short Street MEN'S SHIRTS $2.00 MANHATTANS $5.00 MANHATTANS Others in Proportion $12.50 VALUES TO $1.45 $4.95 $10.00 PANAMAS $15.00 $14.50 building with all new Write today for complete information FREE Address: l.'iS West . $10.50 A smaller school with more individual attention, enabling you to save from one to lowor STRAW HATS S 3.00 HATS $25.00 HOT WEATHERS versity atmosphere. 10 FURNISHINGS $25.00 LINENS TO three months' time. Faculty of five (5) "college trained" teachers. We employ no other type. rww.i Jack Oakie $9.95 OPENING CLASS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1930 (New Classes starting each Monday in September) We offer you the following advantages : 2 By the authors of "Sweetie" and "Safety In Numbers" These new tunes are right in the happy spirit of "Let's Go Native." "It Seems to Be Spring." "Joe Jazz," "I've Got A Yen For You," "My Mad Moment," "Let's Go Native." "Skeets" Gallagher VALUES TO ! Modern day-ligequipment. MUSICAL COMEDY rm. ENTIRE STOCK GOES 7. Paramount A with DRY CLEANING SUITS G 4 Let's Go Native" (Incorporated) The more advanced business training which leads to the best positions. We accept only students who have had a minimum of two years high school work. and immediately Exit I WONDER these gay young turn to native when they're suddenly stranded on a beautiful South Sea isle? The irresistible charms of the Hula-Hul- a offer a tempting relief from conventions of every day life! So for a few brief days life is like a story book, with incidents gay and scintillating! A rollicking romance in a land where every song is a song of love! You'll say, too . . . For once the libraries and reading rooms nave been crowded for the last week. And at last the professors have been reigning sovereigns or tnc day. When they hold the fate of the destination of your diploma in their hands, they have the distinct advantage, and sufficient revenge for the times you cut their classes, or slept through them. 0(51) Lexington, Kentucky "Fully Accredited" Secure your business training while taking your college work We arrange part time schedules $ 6. 00 $10, 00 $12, 50 Shoes Shoes Shoes $ 4.50 $ 7.85 $10.85 R. S. THORPE & SONS (Incorporated) Opposite Phoenix Hotel i learn to play conduct bridge to Sahiiertneyer, Jack Wood and other compnnhnw in legal mifferlni to the beauteous Eleanor Swetirlngen. h .w,n ,nko n ,,rm ,inml wtth the Y. W. C. A. maidens and I'd liko to come to the wedding, Margaret Douglas. Goodbye to you all, especially to Clarence Barnes, upon whose already wrlghtcd-dow- n shoulders this column has been often mistakenly laid. NO And still there stretches ahead law exams to be passed before admittance to the bar, the small (but important) matter of getting a Job and getting married. Not that WE arc contemplating it, but many of the friends arc. 2386-919- 0 we nee Rail King Senlt. kin of melody farewell to the Brntcom, Combs, nnd Dunran trio, may they Chaperones "Lexington's New Select School for Secretaries" NOW Dav beauty Shipwrecked Without SOUTHERN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE REGISTER Ashland A Drastic Price Readjustment at 1 Phones v'