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4 > Image 4 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 32 (1969-1970)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

i 1 Registration Fees School Year 1969-70 F ull-time Student; Resident Non-resident Part-time Student: Resident Non-resident 1 All Colleges except All Undergraduate Colleges Medicine and Dentistry- XCDt Law . l Semester Fee $140.00 $490.00 Semester Credit Hour Fee $12.50 $44.00 ` Summer Term Fee 80.00 260.00 Summer Term Credit Hour ~ _ Fee 14.00 44.00 Colleges of Medicine and i Dentistry- College of Law Amar ree 600.00 1,500.00 Semester Fee 14.00 4900 Summer Term Fee 16.00 52.00 Graduate School ` Semester or Summer Term Credit Hour Fee 17.00 55.00 Fee Regulations Students enrolling after the regular registration period will be charged an additional fee of $20. V i Auditors: All auditors are charged the same fee they would pay for credit. Registration is automatically cancelled for the 1969 Fall Semester if the registration fee is not paid in full on or before Tuesday, September 30, 1969. Registration is automatically cancelled for the 1970 Spring Semester if the registration fee is not paid in full on or t . before Saturday, ]anuary 31, 1970. A student who officially withdraws from the University after registration but before the middle of the term, may, upon presentation to the Registrars Office of ofiicial withdrawal evidence-student records and identification card- be refunded one-half of the fees paid for the term. If the withdrawal occurs after the middle of the term, no re- fund will be given. Graduation Fees Undergraduate degree $11.50 Masters degree $25.00 Specialist in Education degree 12.50 Doctors degree 75.00 Additional Fees and Deposits Additional fees and/or deposits may be assessed for certain courses or activities. All fees and housing costs are subject to change without notice. ` Housing Costs Per Year Summer Term Mens and Womens Residence Halls $920* Mens and Womens Residence Halls: Men's and W0mens Residence Halls 816** FOV Clmlblc 109111 0CC11P311Y $115;;;* Cooperstown Single Student Housing: Per Year For single mom Occupancy 145 Single graduate student in efficiency $570**** ; Slllglc gI21(1L1at student in OUC bedroom Includes room and three meals daily except Sunday evening apartment $660**** meal- _ _ Includes room and breakfast and the evening meal daily l\*l1U'1CCl Sll1(lUlZ HOUSIUEZ PCT month (Sunday noon meal replaces Sunday evening meal). Efliqjgngy gpgttmgnt $ 85**** Meals are not included in the housing costs for summer One-Bedroom apartment 100**** Sff,l? 11d .d bfl1','l",d T-*<>11<1r<>" 1rft 110**** mr.r..ta.s`Q` BZss`Z?E`.~*Q`;iuasii$$Ld.""m "`gs "nms an Professional Students: Per Year Single Occupancy $646 Double Occupancy 514 Personal Expenses (Not payable to the University) g Books and Supplies. Range from $40 up, depending on Dry Cleaning. Both men and women students make thc student`s major field of study and schedule of classes their own arrangements for dry cleaning. The cost is for the semester. comparable to that in any city. ; Laundry. For students living in the residence halls, Linen and Towel Service. This voluntary service is pro- 1 laundry facilities for personal items are provided. Other vided on a contractural basis for occupants of the resi- students must make their own arrangements. Local cost dence halls. Information concerning bed linen and towel t for this service is comparable to that in any city. service can be obtained from the University Housing Ofiice. 1 2