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HISTORY OF HENDERSON COUNTY, KY. in the art of surgery, witnessing and assisting in all of the capital operations in the entire domain of surgical attainment. At the pres- ent time he is in active practice in this, his native city, and has achieved a reputation far greater than that of many who have devoted a lifetime. Unless misfortune should overtake him, his name will be written high up on the roll of fame, along with the brightest and best in the annals of American Surgery. At the meetingof the Mississippi Valley Medical Association, held at Crab Orchard Springs, Kentucky, in July, 1887, he was elected its Vice President. The Doctor is a reg- ular correspondent to the principal medical and surgical journals of this country, England and Germany. JENKS WATTERMAN WILLIAMS was born in Henderson County, on the tenth day of August, 1826, and was educated from the common schools of the county. His paternal great-grandfather was one of the Transylvania Company, and the first signer of the ordinance establishing the Town of Henderson. Subsequently, he led the com- pany to Henderson, and, on his return to North Carolina, was taken sick and died, at Frankfort, of cramp colic. The father of Jenks W. Williams was John Williams, born in Granville County, North Caro- lina, March 28th, 1785. The exact time of his coming to Henderson is not known, but thought to have been between 1800 and 1807. On the fifth day of November, 1807, he married in this county, Susanna Starks. Susanna Starks Williams, the mother of Jenks W., was born June 9th, 1790, in Granville County, North Carolina. There were ten children born unto Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Jenks W. being the youngest son. The father of our subject settled a farm near Grave Creek Church, and cultivated it up to the time of his death. On Fri- day, July 10th, 1812, he was baptised, and, on the following Sunday, received into Grave Creek Baptist Church. Subsequent to that time he was authorized to preach the Gospel. Although not educated in medicine, he was, for a number of years, the principal and only physi- cian of the entire country surrounding his home, and, through his unheard of philanthrophy, declined to charge anyone who needed or ask6d his services. He was known oftentimes to ride miles, doing good without asking a reward of any character whatever. His mission was to do good, and for that he is now reaping his reward in a better life. This good man departed this life July 21st, 1840, leaving a large family of children and a loving Christian wife. Twenty years subse- quent, to-wit: June 11th, 1860, after a life of toil and self-sacrifice, Mrs.Williams died. The paternal grandfather of our subject was Samuel Farrel Williams, born in North Carolina, and immigrated to Henderson 809