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12 > Image 12 of The Cats' Pause, December 16, 1989

Part of The Cats' Pause

Q)ecem^ /fr, /pc?p BLc] P C R 0 S S W 0 R D P U z EEL! By Dan Krueckeberg COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES OF 1989 COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES OF 1989 ACROSS DOWN I First name of 56 Down 1 6 Housed Ln Shawnee Mission. us 2 8 Initials of the V0O+ win Seminole* coach 3 10 Follows "D" 4 12 Has brought national accenclon to Che S Hoosier* 6 14 Coached by Fred Alters 7 16 Initials of the 3rd year LSU coach 8 17 Has returned Syracuse to the spotl lght 9 20 Initials of Dick of improving Wolfpaclc LI 2L Dog or cat 22 Relating to aircraft 23 Abbr. for school of coach J. Claiborne 24 1st name of Dooley's replacement 25 Initials of the Rarablln' Wreck coach 26 Shallow 28 Long poem 30 _ place 33 Abbr. for state of first-year conch Sparky Woods 34 Not DC 35 Coach Hall of the Cators resigned 36 tntllals of the dean of the WAC coaches 38 has brought winning ways to Iowa 40 Is bringing non-football school to the nat ion'9 at tent Ion 43 Namesakes of Demon Deacons coach Dooley 44 UNA relative 45 Unhappy 47 Field crop 49 Abbr. for undecided 51 Initials of coach Dykes of Texas Tech 53 Compass abbr. 54 In 24th year at his school 58 Bus iness abbr. 60 Compass abbr. 61 Conference of coaches Ford, Welsh and Krivak 62 Abbr. for state where John Mackovlc coaches 64 Coach _team is the Panthers 67 Former Egyptian ruler Sadat 69 Former coach Frank where Larry Marmlo now runs squad 71 To set in 72 Opponent 7] Initials of coach Steve at Duke 75 Initials of the Bruins wlnnlngest coach 76 "A total team _*' 78 Namesakes of Tjr Heels coach Brown 82 Firm name of 40 Across 83 Big 8 state abbr. for coach B. Snyder 84__team is coached by D. Rader by Dan Krueckeberg Initials of coach rebuilding at Kansas Have new head coach Earle Bruce carte Abbr. for Cincinnati Reds league 5 Has brought Arizona back to winning ways 6 Abbr. for city of Columbia coach R. Tellier 7 Pain 8 People mover 9 This is _1 4th year at Vandy 10 Initials of Midshipmen coach Uzelac 11 Rockey has rocky road ln rebuilding Mississippi State 13 Rodent 14 Coach of 74 Down has returned from the _ ranks 15 Initials of the 10-year Mountaineers coach 18 Coach of offensive-minded Houston 19 Irish name 20 Has stars R. Slack and J. Joseph 21 D. Kragthorpe l Mike Price coach In the _-10 23 International group 24 Long-serving coach of the Ducks 25 Namesakes of Buffaloes' coach McCartney 27 Plural of 7 Down 29 Sec 21 Down 30 Curley coaches So. Mississippi 31 Tavern 32 First name of 1 Down 35 Colloid 37 Ages 39 Coach Peay at Northwestern 40 J. Majors is the dean of the _ coaches 41 Including '89, years for J. Blcknell at B.C. 42 Cereal grain husks 46 Initials of the new Hurricanes coach 48 Former college/pro star Simpson 49 Off. pos. abbr. 50 '89 Is _ __' 7th year at Ole Miss 52 Rutgers coach Anderson 55 Bother 56 Dean of the SWC coaches 57 Paddles 59 Looks to defend Pac-10 title of '88 63 Can coach keep the Irish #1? 65 _or training facility 66 Double vowel 68 Hiding place 70 _coach Is 59 Down 74 Is coached by Forrest Cregg 77 Initials of Falcons coach Fisher 79 Abbr. for state where Bill Curry coaches 80 _zoo: toy instrument 81 See 73 Across Stuck in Hoosierville Dear sir: Living up here in Hoosier Land sure makes it hard times for all of us UK fans. I sure hope Pitino gets the program turned around in ;i hurry. If he is as good a coach as he appears to be, hopefully it won't take long. I enjoy your behind-the-scenes articles and exposes on the basketball program, especially as they related to the recent mess. Not living in Kentucky, it's often times the only factual news we get. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Charles Hocker Batesville. Ohio Once upon a time-Dear sir: Once we had a coach who understood how sacred "The Program" was. Now, we have one who ridicules our fans and our traditions. Once, we all had an equal opportunity to see the 'Cats play. Now, the athletic director takes the best seats (formerly used by the coach), and offers them to the highest-bidding fat-cats. Once, we had the largest radio network in the world. Now, fans in the largest metropolitan area in the Commonwealth can't even hear the games. _________^. Is it me, or is something wrong here? Last issue's solution VIEWPOINT Letters To The Editor Mill All Lettcri To: VIEWPOINT. The Call1 Pauie. P.O. Box 7Z97, Lexlnfjton, KY 40522 L. Snyder Newport, Ky. What went wrong? Dear editor: Prior to the beginning of this football season, my first and only previous letter to the editor was published in The Cats' Pause. I stressed the importance of the 1989 football season to the U.K. program, both from the standpoint of regional recruiting and as a crucial morale milestone for those individuals within the organization. I believed then, and still believe, that this particular team was unusually strong in quality starting personnel and in depth. Last Saturday, as I sat before my television and painfully watched Tennessee crush the life out of yet another mediocre season, I was once again impressed with some unpleasant but undeniable facts about the current status of our program. For one thing, our offensive unit has superior athletes at every position, but is unable to produce, especially when it really counts. Does anyone really believe that Alfred Rawls, Freddie Maggard, Andy Murray, Mike Pfeifer and company have less talent than their counterparts on other SEC teams? I know I don't buy that. What I do see is one crucial penalty after another and one unimaginative play call after another. Please, let's not hear any more lame excuses from the coaching staff. Yes, we had some injuries, but that is part of the game. Alabama lost Bobby Humphrey before the season even started and then lost their starting quarterback, Jeff Dunn, after just a few games. Tennessee lost Reggie Cobb. The list goes on. You have to suck it up and play on. Injuries are not what makes our offensive linemen commit illegal motion and holding infractions on virtually every crucial play. .v.Ytjs; Cla.ibornQ-is.Tighl-w.heji.fjt:.says,-. that any play call looks good when it works and bad when it doesn't. But I'm sorry, coach, I just don't believe that is the whole story. You don't have to be a genius to see that our offense is predictable and that calls at crucial points in the game are one-dimensional and uninspired. Why are there so many crucial penalties? Why do the same mistakes, such as dropped passes and slow calls from the bench, recur week after week? And. in heaven's name, why has this team been without a permanent offensive coordinator for three years? Isn't anyone paying attention to these things? My hat is off to the fine and talented young men who played their hearts out for this team. I will remember guys like Ron Robinson, Oliver Barnett, Tony Massey, and Rawls as some of the finest football players ever to wear the Blue and White. And, mark my words, many of these outstanding young men have fine careers ahead in the National Football League. I compliment coach Claiborne for his outstanding academic record with this team. The nation's best graduation rate is truly the bottom line and something for the school to hold up with pride. I just have to point out that Notre Dame also has an outstanding graduation rate. Making the players go to class and having them ready to play on Saturday are not mutually exclusive. I simply cannot apologize for the fact that I, and a lot of other alumni, want to see my school's football team well-drilled, well-coached, and graduating on time. It is not too much to ask. Recently you published a letter in which another tan tactfully asked you to stop pulling your journalistic punches and start telling the real story with more conviction on the points I have mentioned. I'm afraid I must agree. Honestly, Oscar, you have devoted a lot of type to assert the point that Kentucky, being a small state, cannot expect its university to be competitive in a strong conference like the SEC. But Alabama is also a small, poor state. Yet it has not one but two outstanding football programs. Arkansas's Razor-backs, West Virginia's Mountaineers, and Iowa's Hawkeyes certainly underscore the falacy of that logic as well. And, I'll guarantee you, the University of Louisville is determined to put this state on the football map if our state university lacks the commitment to do so. Does anyone want to bet against them? I'm sure we will hear this season characterized as a success because we had a winning record (6-5) and a good academic record. So be it. But I have watched this team closely and I know, like many other fans, that they were capable of much, much more. With the possible exception of the Alabama game, I did not see a single game that they could not have won with proper preparation and strong game-day strategy. Please, Oscar, stop being a cheerleader. The fans of this state deserve much more. You know it, and you can help. Coach Claiborne has had a distinguished career and should be admired for all that he has done. But it is time for him to move over and let someone else take his best shot. At that time, I hope the school fills the position with the same enthusiasm, ambition, and sense of purpose that brought Rick Pitino to the University of Kentucky. Cat fan forever, Joseph F. Cassady Louisville, Ky. (Editor's Note: Mr. Cassady's letter was mailed before Claiborne's surprised resignation).