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Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 62, no. 2, 1992

Part of Kentucky alumnus

N . Wethington _]r., athletic director C.M. on Mason-Headley Road, the Tates , AA' ‘ _, ._ Newton, coach Bill Curry, fellow 2111- j Creek and the Meadowbrook golf A nouncer Ralph Hacker, former coach courses. The association sponsors out- j A `A··—. joe B. Hall, and NCAA media mogul A door clinicsin the spring at_]oby’s Driv- A _ Host. Final dollar figures raised by ing Range and uses Alumni Gym on the A V /_ti AT the eventfor the Cawood Ledford Schol- j UK campus for in door clinics. gp · wg , arship Fund which will assist UK ath- A Blackwelder says the association needs , { `*;j letes who return to campus to complete corporate and private donations to con- ~ I}, g AAA, _ \ A __ All work towards a degree have not been tinue as well as more volunteer help. iiA?¥* ,_’ A A, » _,·, tallied. Sixteen galleiy Size pictures of A The group loses its volunteer secretary gi AAA, V l A J Cawood were donated by Host for an in july and Blackwelder hopes to find A · A eg auction that raised $2,900. The big tag funding to hireareplacement. For more V A * ’/t’ A A A ‘ AA Q item was a picture of Cawood with this information aboutjunior golf 0ppO1`tu- j ` ‘~ ogg; J year’s Unforgettables — seniors Sean A nities in Central Kentucky, contact A · W00ds,_]0hn Pelphrey,Der0n Feldhaus Blackwelder at l l2 Laurel \/Vay, Y A g, , and Richie Farmer —— which sold for Versailles, KY40383. ; _ _Aif;A $555. Among the other photos were i Cawood as a teenager; with his mother; AA ‘'”' AA A A A AATFTTYTTTAAA 1;* · ' A V A with his wife, Francis; with the "3" sign; School DCYS °V¢I' ‘ · nj A with coach Pitino; with coach Curiy; ( ATAA AAAAATTA A A A "° _ _ · . . , . ‘ ( V€I’Br¤l"l ¤hI1OUn<> Lewis- l gniatnte Orme class Or 1992, may need l p¤¤v-by-p¤¤y v¤i=··= UK ~·-¤~¤·k. He A , Spwkilig <>fPiti¤<>, he Sent nl$g1`€€¥· to come up with a new nickname the A °f the vmderbih °ls° wm h°"dA° th° A ingsviaaletter. Family matters—namely next [img he gO€S imo [116 riugx Van iuedgzgexgltfgris €;?);é;;;Z:::;JAes the birth ofhis daughter,_]aclyn,—was Hom Completed his dggl-C6 (Lori; in moving rc Lexington mevisaon brqqdgqgfs undsnvay back in Lexington at [n€ UK l broacdcastjournalismin May. Van Horn :3 {?;:;`5k;JnAversAAy gn? };m;:IU:°Y` A M€di€;llCC11[Cf. VVlfA€,j()2lllIl€, 2lIl(l baby Says g[ fiygr he di(h]’[ [gkg Cgllggg sgyi- Newvork for radio Nisvozk radio 2n`€ d0ing nn€· ously. "lt was just a thing to do at the End *:l°"l$l°? h b¤‘¤¤d¢¤$*$ when A time.” ln an intewiew with Kwrmll re- .1:;:,sc; iibzuiqism ;T;5ii;°T°;;?ji;; TTT A AAAA TAA AAAA TA A A A Ai A porter Ernest L. Wrentmore,Van Horn b¤skE9b¤||_ b,°¤dc¤,,s_ In A °II The COIIYSG hinted that he not only got an educa- _ Cl"°"ll° M°°· °$ he ¤ddi*i¤¤ *¤ hif ·., —" AFTFA TTTTAATATTAFA A tion as the "schoolboy” but also used 5/im*;;JI:°I;;);pA;`"°w°’ ::I;:;;’£ddetl:?{| Ex-Lady Kat golfer Nancy Scranton has school as a diversion to keep himself out Hucker to {arm me hqndne me dqy-to- been dubbed a "rising star” by Fairway of trouble. "That`s why boxers get in so Fggxgggiagst *°¤m ggylgggrggiggigvr E magaame.Aftereightyearsonnthe LPGA much ti ouble, he said. They run in rememem of Pmdudicns circuit and more than 35700,000, , themo1n1ngandt1a1n1ntheafternoon. cqwood |_&d;°rd_ beg;m,;,,g July L Scranton won her first major champi- They work three hours a day and have M<¤¤d¢1w¥"f onship, the du Maurier Ltd. Classic late ( nothing else to do except things they gfozzigsé °r _ i last summer. This season she is hoping shouldn`t. School takes my mind off when gqmgs gre ngf ( to repeat her winning ways, but she A boxing. The times l’ve lost, I’ve been \ realizes it won`t be easy. The Ladies out ofschool." Professional Golf Association seems to bemorecompetitivethaneverasastrong ( AAAAAATTA AAAA' A _ A A t group ofyoung players continuallylook Champs Aga"} to challenge the established players. ”T`””_ "_T" A ·. AnotherUKLady Katalum is stirring up Cheerleading squads from SECschools < support on the circuit and in Central captured four ofthetop live spots at the Kentucky for programs in junior golf. 1992 National Cheerleading Champi- LPGApro MyraVanHoose Blackwelder onship sponsored by the Universal i » is executive director of Lexington Fu- ( Cheerleading Association in San Auto- Q ture Champions of Golf Association. nio, Texas. Kentucky captured an un- - The non-prolit organization promotes precedented fourth National Champi- ( l the game ofgolfamong children from4 onship, while three other SEC schools - to 17 years old. This summer 265 chil- I followed in the top five: Georgia (3), . dren are participating at the Par Three LSU (4), Florida (5). A Summer I992 lieiittnrky :\lllIllllllS 5