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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy KERNEL THE KENTUCKY PAGE TWO Browning, Ruby Wilson, Virginia Charles Maxon, Bentlcy Simpson, Ellis, Bertha Flynn, Mildred Gra-B- V liuuaiiiMi jo Harold Martin, Jack Strothcr, MonPortman, Clay, Ruth Kai)I)a roe Perry, Horace Helm, Matt Pli ham. Lcnorc Martha Rigglns. 1 Matthews, and D. Lchmcn. Richard Hlchards, Sam Parent, William Webb. Knnua Delta PI. national honor CORNELL APPLIES FOR PATENT Chn pennies were Mr, and Mrs. Onylc Moheny, Lieut, and Mrs. J, ary education fraternity, held Initia E, flees, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb, tion services at G o'clock Wcdnes-- ! Corncn university has applied for hotel Mrs. Edward P. Farquhar, Mr. nnd day night, at the d lncxpcnslve f ' by a ,. .. Mrs. Oraddy Scllards, Mr. and Mrs. The Initiation was . n Pat Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Homer banquet In honor of the Initiates process m mKinK um augui.M ,u-glvcSunday, December 15 by the active chapter. There cess discovered by Dr. Paul Sharp, Baker, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Webb. Vesper Services at 4 o'clock in Bids were also sent to the men's were sixty guests present. professor of dairy chemistry at the Memorial Hall. fraternities. Monday, December 1(5 John Howard Payne, president of University. The process is said to First night of musical comedy, Say "Merry Christmas" to Mother Moorchcad State Teachers College, yield n milk sugar not formerly was the principal speaker. Initiates used on the market, which may be "Local Color" presented by Strollers The Ladies Home Journal, Skinner, Helen ' substituted for ordinary table sugar. of the University and continuing with per year. Phone Ashland 3798. were: Elizabeth $1.00 throuoh Wednesday, mnnnmnn:mtmnmmm:mmmj:::tmmumtmnm:mmmmnmmmmi Wednesday, December 18 Christmas Bazaar Pres. and Mrs. McVey's afternoon a Christmas tea for tho students and faculty of This afternoon bazaar, sponsored by the University the University. Kentucky Y. W. C. A., will be B. B. SMITH & CO. Convocation at 3rd hour. Pres. of held from 4 to 5 o'clock in tho Frank L. McVcy, speaker. recreation room of Patterson hall. Thursday, December 19 Misses Bessie Bush and Marie Flora Stroller tea dance. arc Joint chairmen of the commitCORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES tee In charge of the affair. Alpha Sigma Phi Dance represent Decorated booths will Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity of the Ireland, University of Kentucky entertained six foreign countries 2G4 West Main Street and with an enjoyable dance Saturday Spain, Russia. India, Italy, repwill evening nt the chapter house on China. The Italian booth resent an Italian garden scene, nnd East Maxwell street. Modernistic designs formed the those in charge will wear costumes tttttnKtKtttttttmttmttntmttmttttmnmmmmtmtutttttttmtttttttttm decorations and the mural panels of that country specially designed carried out the same design in the by Miss Rosalind Angeluccl. Tea representfraternity colors. An orchestra play will be served at a booth ing a Chinese cafe. The Irish booth ed during the hours of 9 to 12. The active chapter are Messrs, win rpII fruit cakes made underJack McOurk, Edward Baute, Mar- - the direction of Miss Marie Bark...v. i iey, ui mu ucjjui snan Bterate, J. uwen Jones, Day, Harry Day, Dudley Slsk, Wll- - Economics. son Lowry, Richard Lowry, Joe Mc- The musical program will consist Ourk, John Epps. William Barton, , of two parts. Mr. Tzvetan Nedel-MariCustard, Joseph Martin, koff of Kosiudy, Bulgaria, a fresh-ThomBeard, Glen Wieman, Don man In the College of Engineering, Williams, Henry Wieman, Glen will give a violin program, playing Prince. Norman Halnsey, Kern Pat- - the folk soncs of the Balkan coun- terson, Ray Mayes, William Saund- - tries. He will wear the holiday the newest dance record by Guy Lombardo and His Royal crs. costume native to Bulgaria. Later Canadians, so of course it's another peppy Mr. Charles The pledges are Messrs. Harold! in the afternoon Lombardo plays llicsc two snappy hits (no need to introduce Butts, William Carney, Milton Ca- - Spaulding will play selections from vana, Hershel Cave, Fred Cunning- - modern composers on the vlbra-hn- m them to you I) in the smooth, moderate tempo you bear on nnihprt. nhone under the program of the Monrv Tinrimm all the smartest dauce floors. And into each number be injects Squires. Edward Van March, Frank modernistic booth. skilful musical embroidery or his own that will have you sayMvcrs. James Saunders. George Tho Woman's Club of the Uni- ing, "Give mc that oncl" Evans versity and the Advisory Board of Stewart, Conrad Smith, Hear these other new hits, also Treacy, Asa Goodwin, Cecil Un-- 1 the Y. W. C. A. have cooperated baniak, John Watts. with the committee in the prepara Chaperones were Dr. and Mrs. G. tlon of eifts for the bazaar. Stu 75c Record No. 2017-D- , C. Bassett, Prof, and Mrs. Lewis C. dents who are assisting with it in) Fox Trots My Fate Is in Your Hands Lyle Croft, clude Elizabeth Howard, Maryanna Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. I Guy Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. John Caste Warren, Lancaster, Marie Feeback, DeFrosia A Little Kiss Each Morning (A Little aUI,,sI. Kiss at Night) (from Motion Picture ( Royal Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Moody, Dr. Rone, Ellse Bureau, and Nancy J "The Vagabond Lover") Robert Rigg, Mrs. Edward F. Farquhar. 75c Record No. 201D, Mother's Club Meet One hundred guests were present. Cg?liam Blue Little You. and Blue Little Me The Mother's Club of Kappa S. A. E. Dance Delta sorority held their monthly If You Know, What I Know, You'll (The Whispering Sigma Alpha Epsllon fra meeting at the chapter house on The ) Pianist) Kl'JW I Love You ternity of the University of Ken- East Maxwell street. Tuesday after i, 75c Record No. 2011-D- , tucky entertained with a charming noon. After the business session, 'dinner dance Saturday evening at the meeting was turned into a ParThe Woman in the Shoe (from Motion Fox Trots Ben Sclrin their chapter house on S. Limestone cel Post party, and the alumnae, Picture "Lord Byron of Broadway.") and street. The rooms were decorated actives, and pledges had the opOnly Love is Real (from Motion Picture ( with cedar boughs, the fraternity portunity of becoming better acJ His Orchestra Broadway") "Lord Byron of colors of purple and gold, and the quainted with the mothers. school colors of blue and white. Pre Christmas decorations were used ux ceding the dance the fraternity and In the "Magic members were hosts at dinner, at throughout the house, tree was the which they and the ladles were dining room a small activities. Around it were center of present. The chapter members, the hosts placed all the parcel post packages are: Messrs. Rex Allison, Samuel that interested friends and alumnae Blackburn, Cecil Combs, James Col- had mailed In. These were sold Recording --'The Records without Scratch Viva-ton- al lier, Edward Greene, Paul Goodloe, "sight unseen," and proved on openWilliam Kelly, E. K. Rice, Jack ing to contain many dainty and Woods, Henry Lewis, Percy John useful articles. The mothers also ston, Frank Stone, Robert Holt, presented the girls with a complete Frank Phipps, Tom Phlpps, Jack new set of china and four dozen W. SMOCK Phlpps, George Yates, John Sims Madeira tea napkins. Kelly, Edward Riley, John Kellogg, Watch Your Watch girls gave a short Some of the Maurice Scott, W. E. Rogers, George program of music and readings, and Mahan, Harold Abley, Robert were served. then refreshments Ben R. Martin, Andrew About fifty guests attended. Hoover, George Roberts, Paul Clock Claybrook Turner, William Women Students Entertained Maxson, L. H. Logan, Bruce Pound-ston- e, The members of the Woman's Hunger- Lon Rogers, John Work Called For and Delivered Association Government Student land. were hosts at a tea dance given 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 Pledges are: Merrs. Jack Smith, Lyon, William Hombre, Thursday afternoon, from 4 to 6 James hall, for the Thomas Warren, Charles Russell, o'clock, in Patterson University. women students of the uwwvuvwuwvuwv The Kentuckian's orchestra furnished the music for dancing and enjoyable refreshments were served. Young's Several hundred guests attended. uvm P. B. Robards COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Phone Ash 92!) Dry Clcaninfi 1 210 S. Lime Suits Made To Order Pressing Alterations SOCIETY 1 tt:Mttttut::tttttmttttKtttt:tttKtttttt SOUND In city streets I have found Silence In sound; But where mountains touch the sky, Silence is n cry. BORGHILD LEE Beauty Culture Make, an early appointment for your beauty treatments before Christmas. THE MARTHA OAKLEY HEAUTY STUDIO Phone Ashland Chimney Corner IHcltf. CALENDAR 73ofl :tmnt:mt::t::nn:jt:tt:t:::::mnjt:tmmtmm Mi ante THIS smart model, in fash- ionable black or brown suede, makes its debut at the height of the holi'day'social season. Friday, December 13 Chlrstmas Bazaar, sponsored by Unl. Y. W. C A. to be held from 4 to 5 o'clock in Patterson Hall. Council dinner at the Lafayette hotel. formal dance Men's in the Men's gymnasium, from 9 to 12 o'clock. Oulgnol Play "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" presented at Oulgnol theater. Saturday, December 14 Chi Omega sorority tea dance at Patterson Hall, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Pi Kappa Alpha house dance, from 9 to 12 o'clock. Kappa Alpha house dance. Sigma Beta XI house dance. Phi Delta Thcta house dance. Last night of Oulgnol play "The Second Mrs. Tanqeray." Priced at THE SIX EIGHTY-FIV- ; .'-- 11 I H stepper in a .ere's new right direction: ... WOODLAND BARBER SHOP WISHES YOU A MERRY XM AS Our gift to you is the promise of prompt and efficient service in 1930. STRAIN Prop. MR. G. S. MR. ROY GRIMES Mgr. The Collegiate Shoe Department Mitchell Baker J Incite m the Q The same creation is presented in black patent, brown kid and midnight blue kid. Mai Onlvrs Filial Delta & Smith Columbia Incorporated :n Records R. Careful Watch and Repairing (Incorporated) Suggestions Evening the Tlme GREEN LANTERN to wear A Warm Place To Spend your gayest, smartest shoes SUCCESS SCOUTS DRIVEN OUT Heidelberg College students drove out of town three men suspected of being scouts for Ohio State University, seeking to induce Merle Hut-so- n, tackle, to come to an State. The three suspects were escorted from town In a truck. ONE TON BACKFIELD Spare Hours According to Trainer Bert Mun-hal- l, Carnegie Tech will have one pound less than a ton of backfield material this year. Walton Near Main vWWWWWUWWWWVWi THE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER On Esplanade Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening .WWWWWWWI The opera pump in white satin. be dyed. i. at YOUR is Gift Bassett's Comes Easier If You , Look Successful Good appearance Is not only a matter of pride and personal satisfaction, but a gilt edged investment in future prosperity. In a freshly cleaned and pressed suit, you look, feel and act the part of the "up and coming" man. Dry cleaning protects the wearing qualities of the high priced suit and keeps the low priced one from looking cheap. Our modern methods and "personalized" service assure satisfaction. Suits sent today are back tomorrow. May Suit Cleaned, Pressed 13.50 and $10.50 $1.25 Suit Cleaned, Pressed $1.00 Trousers Cleaned and Pressed 50c , The sold and silver Paisley cloth slipper by I. Miller with sold kid trimming. S&r icetMr0 ij Ji ML It 75c jj j Christmas Time j; ij SUITS PRESSED 35c BECKER MAIN FLOOR If.. Hats Cleaned and Blocked $12.50 This strap slipper has a vauip of white moire with a white crepe back. Trimmed in silver kid. I. Miller model. May be dyed. Ties Cleaned and Pressed 10c The open sandal of white satin brocade trimmed with fold and sliver kid. May be dyed. $22.50 WOLF-WILE- 'S J. ;j Denton's ij $16.50 jj jj M S. Bassett & Sons "CLEANERS That SATISFY" ASHLAND 213 S. Limestone 621-155- 0 140 W. Main Lexington ii k A