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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SHOP EARLY CHRISTMAS IS A STATION ON THE ROAD OF LIFE WHERE ALL TRAINS STOP FOR ONE DAY EACH YEAR TO FEED THE HEARTS OF MEN SHOP EARLY vwlus irirwiNi Mill jki wi OUR GIFT ASSORTMENT IS COMPLETE OF ALL KENTUCKY GIFT HEADQUARTERS CENTRAL mvii Christmas Store e wm wtm All f riKf GIFT HEADQUARTERS OF ALL CENTRAL KENTUCKY I Society TRY ONE OF OUR DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATES WITH A TASTY SANDWICH STUDENTS FRATERNITY HOW visitors at the Kappa were: fraternity house Messrs. Thomas Adams, Louisville; Robert Preston Oliver, Frankfort and A. C. Tipton, Ashland. Mr. Loring Roush visited in Cincinnati over the week-enMr. Fred Toy, Cincinnati, was a week-en- d guest at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. TVTr. Tnnnrd Stranahan SDent last week-en- d as a visitor in Cincinnati. Mr. Stewart Augustus spent last week-enin Louisville. Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity wishes to announce the pledging of Con Smith. guests of the Alpha The week-en- d Sigma Phi house were: Sam Man-le- y, Danbert, and Charles Carl Wheeler. Delta Tau Delta fraternity the pledging of Mr. Jack Shields of Bloomfield, Ky. Messrs. Carter Howard, Claude Walker, and Ed Barkley attended Mm mnnHilv hnnnnpfc nf t.ho Louis ville Alumni Club of Delta Tau Delta at the university Club in Louisville last Friday night. Miss Bertha Meece, Danville, spent the week-en- d at the Alpha Delta Theta house, visiting Miss Elizabeth Salmon. Week-en- d Sigma SERVING BEST.J7 Better Mm LEXINGTON 3 I ft' AGENCY FOR ZAPP'S CANDIES IMUrShie Always ' I rd l I I ln Ml , i Bloomers Plain tailored, embroi- - WfeilL&afl dered and appliqued vHrMHHf styles. Pastel shades. "WJ vwswv iH ti Gnrment WW&&ZM KmHBSTV lEJSl W 3 1 j I I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 4, M SATIN VMEV lf Umbrellas H In all over border 1 n ii designs. 16 ribs, brass frame. QEi fcL KvV f in the wanted 31.00 I j Stockings 1 With double pointed bIiiek heels. Pair g Re $1.95 value. $1 P AH wanted colors M 4Q i g and sizes. Banquet For Football Team The SuKy Circle of the University with a dinner-aanc- e entertained of Friday evening In the ball-roothe Lafayette hotel in honor of the football team, the athletic coaches and managers, and Alumni living in Lexington. The tables were decorated with bouquets of flowers and pink candles. The music was furnished by Toy Sandefur and nls Rhythym Kings orchestra. The active SuKy members are Misses Frances Baskett, Margaret Cundiff, Ann Rodes, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Marjorie Little. Messrs. .Tnhn Opss. Malcolm Barnes. Vernon Chandler, Ted Cassady, Robert A1I- sovere, George whitefieid, siaae Carr, William Kelly, Frank DavidWilliam Bowman, son. Heney Young, James Thompson, Robert Porter, Robert Gibson. Those Invited were Misses Marguerite McLaughlin. Margaret Wilson. Willy King, Helen King. Jo Blackburn, Catherine Smith, Hazel Baucom, Mary Armstrong, Annelle Kelley. Miriam Sloane. Natalie Bry- -. son. Mary Louise Renaker. Martha Minihan. Leura Pettigrew, Lucille Short, Sara Reynolds, Katnerme Dishmnn. Messrs. Harold Abbley. Kenneth Andrews, Robert Baughman, Jake Bronston, M. J. Cavana, Max corner, W. E. Covington, John Drury, Pete Drurv. Warner Ford. L. G. For- quer, Tony Gentile, O. M. Johnson, R. K. Kipping, Itho McElroy, Jonn Sims Kelly, George Yates, R. B. Frank Wright. Percy Johnston, Stone, Howard Williams, James A. Wal-tor- s. Wilson. Newell Wilder, T. CpcII Urbanlak. L. A. Toth. J. R. "Thompson, Carey Spicer, C. A. l?SeYELLOW i J Ij Rvalues, Y.'M Bloomers Chiffon M W DAD EC Kvdlj wgwfe I Rayon Fine All Silk 1 Lj (il,i,ted j t W I nn I P Crepe de Chine Gowns, Pajam- as' TedtUcs Dance Sets VJ I j STSS m ) 111 I I Linerie fkm I I International Relations Class Give "Dad" Saturday Evening Monday evening the Class in InPost for Cnristmas. Phone Ashland ternational Relations, promoted by 3798. Hsh Quality Acceptjjb,e i I DO YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING HERE WIDE SELEC- TION GIFT ARTICLES AT MOST REASONABLE PRICES i Dick Richards, Jack Phipps, Tom Phipps, L. R. Morgan, Len Miller, A. C. Myers, Henderson Dysard, Given Dye, Charles Gllly, Frank Mann, Elmer Glib, Claire Dees, Al Portwood, William Gess, Emmett Milward, Virgil Johnson, Robert Thompson. Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Prof, and Mrs. Enoch Grehan, Mr. The Mothers' Club of Alpha Delta and Mrs. Bernie Shively, Mr. and Thcta met yesterday afternoon at Mrs. John Mauer, Mr. and Mrs. tt Harry Gamage, Mr. and Mrs. Blrkett the chapter house. Mrs. Ben F. presided, and plans were dis- Lee Pribble, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Potter. entire year's work. cussed for the Miss Mary Lou Foster, Newport, Founder's Day Banquet at the Delta spent the week-en- d The members of the Kappa Sigma Zcta house. Miss Elolse Dickinson week-en- d her home in fraternity entertained with their at spent the Covington. Founder's Day banquet, Wednesday Miss Alene Lemons, Cynthlana, night in the red room of the Lafayat the Alpha ette hotel. Dr. W. B. Funkhouser spent the week-en- d gave a brief talk. Gamma Delta house. The room was decorated in the Miss Henrietta Sherwood spent fraternity colors of scarlet, green, at Ewlng. the week-en- d and white, and a lighted shield of Miss Elizabeth Duncan spent the the fraternity. week-en- d at Cincinnati. Those present including the memMisses Wilyou Macey Mastln and bers of the fraternity and the Sallie Jessie, Versailles, spent the charter members of the local chapter week-en- d at the Chi Omega house. were Professor W. B. Funkhouser, Professor Walt and Professor L. L. Miss Mildred Spragg, Bellalre, Dantzler. Ohio, national inspector of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, will be at the Zeta Alpha Sigma Phi Entertained Tau Alpha house next week. Mrs. Alice Porter Moore, Louisville, provThe active members of Alpha ince president, will also be a guest Sigma Phi entertained with a house dance Saturday night, December 7, of the sorority. Misses Bernice Waterstratt and in honor of the pledges at the Mary Dudley Fant, will spend the chapter house. week-en- d The active members are: John in Louisville. Alpha Delta Theta sorority will Epps, Harry Day, Marshall Sterett, be hostesses at an open house Fri- Glenn Wleman, Joe McGurk, Dudley day afternoon' in honor of the SIsk, Bert Helsberge, win Martin, Thomas Beard, Don Williams, J. Alpha Gamma .Epsilonlraternity. The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority Owen Jones, Kern Patterson, Henry Wilson were hostesses last Friday afternoon Wleman. Bill Saunders, Ray Mays, for a benefit bridge-- , and a bazaar Lowry, Dick Lowry, Day, Howard Frances at their chapter house on East Max- Glenn Prince,Bange, Joe Martin, and Williams, Ed well street. with Norman Hainsey. Kappa Delta entertained The pledges are Delbert Squires, open house in honor of Pi Kappa Meyers, James Cavanna, Alpha fraternity last Friday after- Frank Watts, and Ed Curney. John noon. hg W Jy mST BL Hk" fc-fe- al Leather I Hand Wk I " BagS t.d; values to $2.95. P ah EAGLE ,, I I WJWJVWAWJW.Wm'.WJ IIEUROLOGIST DIES Dr. Morton Prince, one of the country's most prominent heurolog- -j ists, died recently at his home In Boston. JOINS PRINCETON FACULTY Former Attorney General Edward of New Jersey, has University Joined the Princeton faculty, where he will teach in the department of politics. L. Katzcnback, Fifty years ago there were only six libraries in the country with as many as 100,000 volumes each. W. W. STILL Kodaks Films At the close of the Civil War 192 W. Short, Lexington scores of the best Southern families Bring 'cm today get 'em tomorrow left the South for Europe. Lafayette Hotel Attractive Dining Rooms for Luncheons, Teas, and Dinners at special student prices. Personal supervision for all University parties. LEN SHOUSE, JR., Mgr. j . Baynham feFLORSHEIMXAw .EPHONEy SERVICE Phones Ash. 21 or 640 5 HUTCHINSON'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions 5 5 Main and Deweese The Viaduct Barber Shop 177 E. High Mr. A. E. Warren Prop. Wishes You Many Happy Returns of the Day Drop in and let us ft Men who want the best are inclined to try different brands of this and that. But it is significant that when they have once worn FLORSHEIMS they keep right on wearing them. Most Styles $10 before you go home for lix you up (he holidays. 1 A great variety of Rcal leathers; all the new shapes and PENCIL the Woman's Club of the University of Kentucky held their regular meeting with dinner at 6:30 o'clock in the University Commons, Mrs. J. B. Miner presiding. Mr. William J. Hutchlns of Berea College was the guest of honor and gave an address on "Russia and International Relations." Rose, Belden Shoes $6.50 BAYNHAM SHOE CO. EAST MAIN NEAR LIME