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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1929

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r Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FOUR the secret of their powers of leadership. "Wis BANQUET A dom is the principal thing, therefore with nil has been n nationwide custom of long thy getting get understanding." It According to standing for chapters of Sigma Delta Chi, na- the Biblical analysis, 'wisdom' comes FIRST, The Kentucky Kernel Is the official newspaper tional professional fraternity, to Journalistic nnd in larger quantities than KNOWLEDGE. of the students of the University of Kentucky. Published every Friday throughout the sponsor on the respective college campuses an If you put knowledge first, and in wrong pro college year oy tnc students 01 tnc university annual Gridiron banquet. Tills social affair reportions, direful results follow. ceives Its name from the tactics employed by the MEMBERS K. I. P. A. Subscription One Dollar nnd Fifty Cents a Year, "roastmastcr" in placing the reputation and Five Cents n Copy. Entered at Lexington activities of University celebrities before the Postofficc as second class mail matter. 1'ATHS OF GLORY public eye. Until this year the Kentucky chapter of SigHere Shall The Kernel Press All Clcm.'uicc.'ui, Beloved Tiger" of ma Delta Chi has not felt financially able to Student Rights Maintain Franco, Rests "By the Sea" sponsor the banquet. However, plans arc being Editor-in-ChiWILBUR O. FRYE formulated by members of the fraternity to EDWARDS M. TEMPLIN .... Managing Editor .stage a banquet Ed's Note The Kernel has asked persometime during the early part mission to print the following editorial by ASSOCIATE EDITORS of next semester. Leonard Strnnahan Frances HolITday Pauline Carpenter, written by her as an The banquet is strictly an invitation affair, Lois Purcell Warren Lindscy assignment in a Journalism class in editorial and only those persons high In point of campus Clarence Barnes writing. activities will receive invitations. Noted newsNews Editor paper men of Kentucky and outstanding busiMORTON WALKER Clcmenccau, beloved "Tiger' 'of France, after ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS ness men of Lexington will also be allowed to a long and brilliant career of over fifty years Edna Smith Virginia Dougherty participate in the fun making. spent in public service to his country, is dead. L. M. McMurray Tills banquet should grow to be one of the Glory, he called "wisps of smoke" and for that Society Editor most popular social events on the University reason desired to be ELLEN MINIHAN buried simply, without ASSISTANTS calendar. Certainly, the plan will be an innova- elaborate religious rites, in n grave beside his Hazel Baucom Emily Hardin tion on the University campus and the results father in n lonely forest of Vendee, the land of Henry Etta Stone will be measured by the response of the leading his birth, close to the roaring sea. LAURENCE SHROPSHIRE .... Sports Editor students on the University campus. Clemcnccau was a man of colossal energy, VERNON D. ROOKS . . Assistant Sports Editor ,130th mental and physical. It was said "ses WRITERS ennemls cralgncnt ct sn plume, ct son eppc." Jack Robcy Hays Owens Lawrence Crump WELCOME VISITORS Elbert McDonald Harris Sullivan "His enemies fear his pen nnd his sword." He Al Jones Coleman Smith The annual meeting of the Association of fought for his ideas with his pen, fought many a Colleges nnd Secondary Schools of the Southern duel with sword and pistol, and was never known SPECIAL WRITERS O. K. Barnes States held in Lexington the past week, brought to be defeated in a political fight. Clemenceau's Sara Elvove Thomas L. Riley to the University five hundred visitors of note desperate courage and almost super human REPORTERS from all sections of the South. power did not cease with the coming of old age. P. H. Landrum Pat Rankin Acting as the meeting place for numerous In fact, the work by him in the last years of his Louise Schmitt Louise Thompson Daniel Ooodman conventions, the University has adopted the best life was more important to the world than that Marvin Wachs Harriett Drury Virginia Meacham possible plan for becoming widely known; and of all France's other premiers combined. Virginia Hatcher Horace Miner thoroughly advertised. The favorite place for a Louisa Bickel Edythe Reynolds It was he who managed the World War for Lawrence Herron Mary Lou. Renaker years of age convention in Kentucky, during the past year France. Although seventy-thre- e Moss Daugherty William Ardery our campus has been host to more than thirteen when the conflagration began, he stood behind Business Manager thousand visitors. battling Verdun, ROY H. OWSLEY the young and middle-age- d COLEMAN SMITH .... Asst. Business Manager More and more as the University exemplifies supplying moral stamina that brought victory. Advertising Manager ALLIE O. MASON Kentucky hospitality and congeniality, the And he stood beside them, also when there was ADVERTISING STAFF James Salyers South and the nation as a whole is selecting the greatest danger, he held his ground with Earl Surgener Lola Combs Al Klkel John E. Roberston Lexington as the best place to thoroughly enjoy common soldiers to learn how they were treated. George Heffner Circulation Manager a conclave. P. W. ORDWAY It is said that he never feared bullet, shell, McVEY . . . Asst. Circulation Manager ROBERT To people of every age and every occupation, sword, or the fact of any man. His courage D. H. GRIFFITH . . Foreman Composing Room the policy of friendship and welcome has been cannot be exaggerated, his grim ruthless determination in time of danger to his country can ASSISTANTS extended and received with slncerest appreciaSamuel Geiger Cray M. Piatt tion. Thus may it always continue as the Uni- - not be measured. A young man, he had seen Mr n w rails the humiliation of France, nfter the war of 1870 verslty grows and makes friends when an imitation Napoleon, controlled by a KENTUCKY KERNEL PLATFORM A Campus Beautiful University Expansion bigoted woman, plunged the French into disA CHRISTMAS Dissemination of University News to Kentucky j aster. He was determined that it should not Strict Observance of Laws and The University Y. M.. C. A. sponsors each year happen again. Better Scholarship a Christmas tree for the children of Lincoln The French, with the exception of the few school, financed by funds donated to the Y. M. narrow souls who hated him, call him their pere WELCOME C. A. by students who are anxious to help unla vlctorie, "Father Victory." He was Indeed fortunates obtain Christmas joy. Certainly, at the actual saviour of France, and he would value MR. BASKETBALL this season, we should let our thoughts and ef- that title above all others. Fans of the hardwood court will heartily wel- forts concentrate on bringing good cheer to all Clemenceau was sometimes referred to as an atheist. It is true that he believed in a differcome the opening basketball fray between the mankind. Activities of the University Y. M. C. A. in ent doctrine from that of the average man, but Wildcats and the Georgetown Tigers Saturday genuine Joy at Chrlstmastide are to he was not an enemy of religion. He fought only night. After a long lay off the Wildcats net men spreading be highly commended. University students can- against control of State by church. He believed will once again appear on the court to sustain not fall to appreciate this opportunity to share that death was a dreamless and endless sleep, concerted drive for the Southern Conference with these little unfortunate tots such a small and like Herbert Spenser, doubted existence of championship crown. Joy. The Kernel a future life. "We must accept that" said he, consistency portion of their own Christmas Last year the net men won with urge every student to avail "as we find it," and in the closing hours of his offer. A can do no less than over the best teams the South could opportunity to lend financial aid life, when all hope of recovery had been scrapping net squad from the University of himself of this abandoned, he fortified himself with his usual short to such a worthy cause. Georgia, however, sent the 'Cats home Just impenetrable armor of fearlessness, of courage, of championship honors. and walked bravely into the valley of the been Johnny Maurer and his basketeers have shadow of death, the only foe to gain a victory EDUCATION" 25. Prior to that practising dally since October "THE BIBLE AND over the hitherto invincible "Tiger." week. time drills were held three times each But despite his sterness, his fortitude, ClemThus the Wildcats are in perfect condition for Seventh Day Adventist Pastor enceau was after all Just a loney, mild old man, duty Discusses Wisdom their opening scrap. Win or lose it is the who passing the long, sunny hours of his of University students to do all within their autumn days, in the peace and quietude, of a power in support of the team. By J. G. MITCHELL secluded villa, after the intense and stormy If the Bible were studied as it should be, men years of war and politics, took leisurely walks would have a breadth of mind, a nobility of along the sea, and found time for GUIGNOL character, and a steadfastness of purpose that roses, poetry, and children. SUCCESS is rarely seen in these times. If the student Grey said in his immortal Elegy, "The paths will take the Bible as his guide, and will stand of glory lead but to the grave." A sacred spot The closing of the second Guignol play of the like a rock for principle, he may aspire to any for all Frenchman, and for all who love liberty current season marks another step forward for height of attainment. The Bible is the greatest and exalt courage, are those lonely graves of the Guignol Players under the capable direction Book of knowledge that the world has ever father and son, near the ever murmurring waves ever fretful sea, looking out toward the at the little theater known. There cannot be a of the of Frank Fowler. Successes education without a knowledge of this peaceful, purple west. are becoming such an established fact that paBook. trons of the drama in Lexington and surrounding towns are looking forward to an even more It has lifted slaves to world leadership; it has j A group of sixteen Lehigh University students brilliant future for this organization. made Its students premiers in the greatest gov- were arrested by the Bethlehem police followUniversity students are always urged to try-oernments of the world; it has developed char- ing an attempt tb force their way into a theater Lehigh for places in the cast of the productions, or acter that is Impeachable; It has made its mas- after a football victory demonstration. for positions In the various departments at the ters ten times better in all matters of the then University officials contested that the boys theater. Aid and talent are always rewarded by known knowledge to be gained, over those who arrested were not guilty and they stood solidly behind the students. the key award. j knew nothing of its contents. Wisdom and knowledge have their source In fad has caused much criThe recent yo-y- o And the person who wears the Guignol should the Creator of the Heavens and the earth. He ticism in the Universities throughout the counfeel that he has Indeed won a mark of distincIs the author of this greatest of all Books of try. Several institutions have framed penalties tion. Knowledge. "The fear (or love, rather) of the The Guignol combines in its program the in- Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The Lord for students caught engaging in the new sport. terest of Lexington people and the University, glveth wisdom, out of His mouth cometh wisSomething ought to be done about the longer and is a cementing factor between the two. The dom and understanding. Wisdom is the prinare wearing theater has reached its present place in the cipal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all skirts which the fair young co-ethis season. What is the use of living if there spotlight only through months of united effort thy getting get understanding." Job 28:28, is no inspiration to go out and do good deeds? on the part of Mr. Fowler and his excellent Prov. 2:6 and 7:4. The answer is in the negative unless one con staff, and the Kernel wishes to extend Its highest According to this analysis, education is comsiders going out and doing naughty deeds. praise and most sincere wishes for a future as posed of two ejements: wisdom and understandbrilliant as the past. Where Is the student's honor who leads a very ing (knowledge). Speaking in the terms of chemistry, the educational compound is compos- retired life, devoting himself to his books en MERRY CHRISTMAS tlrely? The answer is not known with any deed of two elements: wisdom and knowledge gree of certainty, but it must be in the wife's key Lexington is taking on its annual Christmas Water is composed of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen, the former being in the larger pro to the front door. dress; the windows, the streets are clothed in portions, as indicated by the symbol H2-Now, the traditional red and green. University stu- representing the educational compound by the SECTION dents walk briskly down the streets with shin- use of the symbols, we have WK. Thus, using MARGARET CUNDIFF, Editor ing eyes and glowing cheeks with laughter on the proportions in this analysis given for true their lips, in anticipation of the Christmas holi- education, we have, according to Solomon, more LOST ECSTASY days. use of wisdom than of knowledge, "wisdom is The knotty boughs of ancient oaks Soon December 20 will arrive and students the principal thing." So we shall designate edWith scarlet leaves are hung, will merrily embark for the homestead. Once ucation as W2-there, it will be easy to fall back into the IrFor Autumn is a tired old man Realizing that ttie 'fear' spoken of by the regular routine of family life, forgetting the prophet is love, Whose trying to be young. or reverence and respect for the cares and tribulations of college. But only for Almighty, we find that the object of true edua time. Every good thing must come to an end, Autumn is a patchwork quilt cation is the restoration of the image of God and so must the vacations January 3 will roll Stretched with threads of gold in the soul. Lack of respect for the Almighty around with uncanny speed. With the return Into a pretty cc erlet breeds anarchy, lawlessness and crime, while to school tiiere will be a few weeks of grace beFrom fragments that are old. love for the Creator of the universe cultivates fore the final exams. Then, oh I the weeping all the good graces necessary for the leadership and walling of students who have made too Autumn is a lover's note, much whoopee during the first part of the se- the world Is needing today. Let this then be a Yellowed now with age, challenge to you. mester. And the cramming that will be Indulged And the leaves are faded flow'rs Look at the achievements of Joseph, Moses, in by those unfortunate laggards. Then it will Pressed upon its page. all be over, and the whole University campus Daniel, Solomon, David and other leaders of Biblical renown, search for their source of greatwill emit a gigantic sigh of relief. Autumn is a vagabond, The Kernel, however, will not expound on ness. In modern times, look at Gladstone, NewIn brilliant ralnment clad, their mournful predictions and on the eve of ton and Woodrow Wilson in politics and science; But the tune upon his lyre the vacations we wish everyone a Merry Christ- look at Luther, the Wesleys, Knox and other Somehow me sad. mas and a Happy New Year. . reformers, leaders in religious thought; and find PAULINE CARPENTER. The Kentucky Kernel GRIDIRON TREE ANOTHER LITERARY it All Makes TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters ST fflJ-'AIVjL- J 7? Opp. Courlhtute GREETINGS OF THE SEASON Christmas gives us the opportunity wc have wanted to extend our personal thanks for your friendship and patronage and to wish you happiness and prosperity during the New Year. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 HAVE YOU SENT HOME PICTURES OF THE "CAMPUS?" TV 24 Different Views 15c Two cents will take one of these "Vee-packs- " to your friends Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Grilling Campus Book Store ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY McVey Hall "Where Friends Meet" Christmas at the Lafayette Drug Co, Is Christmas in the True, Traditional Sense for Those Who Love Fine Things FOR THE VERY LITTLE ONES: Tiny Dolls and Wooly Dogs FOR THOSE A LITTLE OLDER: Larger Dogs Christmas Cheer for Boys and Girls Girls Love Parfums: We have them in all the new odors; just the one you are looking for. We also have that Toilet Set In her favorite color that shades in with her room, -whether it is furnished modernly or in antiques. Compacts: To match both her street and evening frock. Boys want manly things. We have them: New Crystal Military Sets Everything in DunhilPs for smoking; the new small bill folds; desk sets of Shaeffer and Parker Lifetime Pens and Pencils; lovely nests of onyx ash trays, also individual ones; paper weights; and oh! so many things too numerous to mention. Gifts for the young AGAIN p Miss who wishes for everything that is lovely; gifts for our dear MOTHER and grown-u- DAD, Sister and Brother. Our Whitman's and Hollingsworth candy in one, two, three and five pound boxes; all Christmas wrapped and packed. Our Cedar Chests are unusual. Rebecca Ruth candies are also wrapped and packed in one, two and five pounds, very attractive boxes. All articles selected in our store are wrapped and packed, ready to mail to any point, without charge. The Lafayette Drug Co. 200 E. Main St. Lafayette Hotel Bid. .31 A