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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX Frosh Open Season Thursday With Goldberg Tailors Goldberg Tnllors, i locnl ported from the football squad. tenm Hint numbers in Among the most promising Is Ellis roster some former U. K. baskct-ba- ll Johnson, former captain of the AshIts land Tomcats, national champions Mars. ON from the In 1027, and chosen to captain the Basketball aspirants basketball mythical frosh football squad reported Tues- - prep team of that year. Rlffc, also and have been a member of the former national day afternoon Strengthen Pros- - prnctlclng dnlly m nn cffort t0 champions and chosen on the third Gridclcrs team, is also a mempeels for Iliff Green Net ctltcl, lip wlth the other members team. Others of the Season; Independent Five of the squad who have been out for ber of the football squad that arc looking good about six weeks. Tonight the late- arc Montgomery, Wilder, and Bcl- Is Strong Team comers will start practicing with the vlns. Among the season's football cas-- I regular squad but will soon have to ny Ki.nERT Mcdonald face a "cut" because of the large ualtlcs that are expected to get their Coach M. E. Potter's basketball chance at a later date are BIckcl, yearlings arc getting In some real number working lor the coveted out with a broken ankle, and Darby, practice in anticipation of their , numerals, another high school Fifteen additional men have re- - who broke a bone In his foot In the first game Thursday, December 10, last game of the season against the Tennessee Frosh. Both men arc on crutches right now but are expected to be able to get out by the bcgln-ln- g of next semester. The most promising talent that answered Coach Potter's first call Include Jackson, McCaw, Congleton, Helm, Napier, Rlffc, Sale, Mulligan, Fishback, Cave, Worthlngton, and Smith. It Is most probable that every man on the present squad will sec service In their Initial Incountcr of the season Thursday. The Golberg aggregation lists such stars on Its team as Glib, and Decs, former Wildcat basketball stars, Reep, Adams, and other stars well known In local basketball circles. With opposition of this type, Coach Potter Is taking no chances and is giving his charges plenty of work in Good an effort to make the first game a FOOTBALL STARS 'with the Independent REPORT COURT Christmas Greetings! Our Christmas Cards Are Truly "Messengers of Will" STUDENTS! Save Seals and Wrapping Paper 20 Per Cent on all We have one of the largest stocks in the city come in and look them over. Dry Cleaning Amateur Writers To Receive Prize For Short Stories An award of $150 is offered Fly monthly by the Mackinnon to the Publications Incorporated student who writes the best short story submitted for that month. The story will be published in "Brief Stories" the newest magazine compiled by that company The magazine is in sympathy with young writers who wish to break into print and wish to get money for their work. They arc taking this method to advance unkown talent. Other stories submitted to them for inspection which are acceptable will be paid for at the regular rates of the magazine. Sterles to be eligible, must meet the following specifications: of 1. They must be stories fnlther land. sea. or air suited to the policy of this magazine. 2. They must not exceed o.uuu words In length, a Thnv must b written by men or women who have had no more than three stories published in a magazaine or newspaper of national prominence. 4. Stories, to be eligible, must be received at the publication offices not later than the first of the sec- nnrl mnnth nrpcpdlnc the Dubllca- tlon date: that is. for the March issue, not later than January l. Address all stories to Student's Brief Stories PHw stnrv Awnrd. Magazine, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City. GUIGNOL Value of Alumni Support for U. K. Voiced by Student SUNDAY'S IN TROUBLE Two members of the family of the Rev. William A. (Billy) Sunday have encountered marital difficulties recently. Mrs. Harriet Sunday, wife of George Sunday, has brought suit for separate maintenance. Mrs. Mac Sunday has filed suit for divorce from Billy Sunday, The following article was handed to the Kernel Sports Editor by a student of the University who has made close Jr. observations along the athletic lines and Is In a position to All ye Eds and Co-eof the speak with authority on this Magalnzcs "Say It" every month Greek World I Certainly want a subject. the In the year. What else docs? E. W. group picture of your class and favIt is generally considered that September enrollment contained the Wallls Magazine Agency, Phone Ash. orite fraternity or sorority. "Oct a 1930 Kcntucktan." adv. greatest array of outstanding prep 3798. adv. school athletes ever to enroll at the University of Kentucky, and In the writer's opinion it is just another tribute to the Gamagc regime. It seems that at last someone has realized the necessity of doing n little outside boosting for the University. This writer would not attempt to place cither the credit or the responsibility to any one person or group of persons. Maybe it's the officials In charge of athletics at the University; maybe It's a alumni association come to life; maybe it's anyone. Suffice it ALSO BOBBING to say, that nt last, after many years, some one has begun to take a little interest and. pride in their University and boost it to the graduating high school stars over the state. You Too lone, have the other Univer sities been getting "the cream of the crop " leaving KcntucKy oniy a few loyal youngsters in the skimmed milk. It isn't a question of prosely-tpln- ir but merelv one of interesting the prep youngsters by boosting. It is no secret that tne universities of Tennessee and Georgia Tech have the strongest alumni associations in THE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER On Esplanade Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening LAVAL CLEANERS Transylvania Printing Three Locations: Woodland at High 241 East Main We also caU for and de- liver at regular prices We Cut It to Please The Student Barber Shop Corner Maxwell and Lime THE PHOENIX HOTEL for "East Lynne," third Gulgnol production, which will be presented the week of February 10, will be held from 3 to 5 o'clock this afternoon in the Gulgnol theater. The play Is a comedy in five acts, and has three scenes in each act. It is a costume affair, and the cast will be made up largely of men. "East Lynne" is under the direction of Mr. Frank Fowler. Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, fraternities and other discriminating University folk at dances, dinners, luncheons. Assembly Dances every Saturday night. Music By Peck Bond. Five Chinese youths, all in their teens, were arrested, tried, and shot within two hours at Shanghai recently when they were apprehended while distributing Communist literature. The youths were arrest ed in the International Settlement, and turned over to the police. ROY CARRUTHERS, T.P. CAGWIN, Manager President li t 9 GIFT SUGGESTIONS at Bassett's Gay Garter Hems Lacy circlets lined with dainty debutante pink in the hems of these exquisite, fine gauge, all SILK STOCKINGS by Van Raalte $ It takes more than a BOUDOIRS I There's a pleasant surprise in store for her, and for yourself the great satisfaction that comes only through pleasing others, if you choose for her, Footwear, Hosiery or Boudoirs. To give her a gift that is certain to win appreciation for both good taste and thoughtfulness, we suggest you make your election from these useful gifts, serviceable and smart inexpensive or costly, as you may wish. In this group are pleasing gifts for every women on your Christmas list. "Reliable Quality, Accounts Service" Solicited" 206 West Main St. degree to make an engineer BtijL.' , " nice .. a It's pretty hard to keep your mind other Van Raalte Silk Stockings S. Bassett "SEE OUR CHRISTMAS WINDOWS" "Style, you love study of when you are thinking of the joys of artistic creation. And why try? There is work aplenty in this world for engineers and artists, for doctors, lawyers, builders, salesmen. The difficulty is that the individual on a doesn 't always connect up with his work. Too many college men never take the trouble really to analyze themselves. Self examination now with the aid of your faculty advisor may save years of groping later on. And at graduation it will help you off to a good start. & Sons 110 W. Main Western Electric S am WS 11 HAIRCUTS CHINESE YOUTnS EXECUTED Lime at Rose V t Sanitary, Stylish TODAY TRY-OUT- S the south and the results of those associations speaks for themselves not only on the football field but also off the gridiron. Of course, tlierc arc a lew who' claim that publicity given to athletics in connection with colleges Is detrimental to that particular Institution and all that rot, but to date his writer falls to sec where It has ever held back Tennessee, Tech, or Vandy. Try-ou- ts CASH & CARRY Co. winning one for the grccn-Jerseylads. Aside from the game Thursday, the schedule Is only tcnatlvc but will very probably contain games with every freshman team In the state except Centre. The schedule will also call for a few games with some of the strongest prep teams of the state. SINCE 1 2 MANUFACTURERS FOR TUB B B 1. L SVS T F, mi