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y Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SEVEN The S. A. E. team, which will play McEver Is Nation's the of DELTS HEAD IN gue winner weektheforIndependent next the University lea- FRATERNITY LIST S. A. E. Takes Volleyball Crown, Jumping To Second Place In Spirited Contest For Participation Trophy The Delta Tail Delta fraternity forged Into the lead of the Intratrophy race, mural participation collecting 40 points In the volleyball tournament which closed Wednesday to get a total accumulation of 176 points at the present stage of the race. Six points behind the leaders and well In front of the rest of the pack Is Sigma Alpha Epsllon, winner of the frntcrnlty volleyball title. The S. A. E. boys, winners of the second division of the volleyball tourney with a clean slate of eight victories, crushed the Delta Tan Delta team, first division tltllst and previously undefeated, In the fraternity finals held Wednesday night in the Men's Gym. The new champs won in three sets by the scores of 15-- 2, 15-5. and In addition to the participation points, the winners and runners-u- p were awarded large silver loving cups by Sid Robinson, Intramural director. was composed of championship, Roberts, Combs, McDraycr, Itogcre, Kclley, and Maxon. The Delta lineup Included Trott, Chapman, Howard, Wooton, Payton, and Thorn. Prior to the completion of this sport, the Alpha Tau Omega was slightly In the van of the other competitors with 133 points, three more than the Dclts' total but the division crown and eight victories put the latter team In the lead. S. A. E took eight wins, the division championship, and the fraternity crown added 90 points to their previous total of 74 to gain second place for the present. Lexington's Leading Jewelers PHONE 344 127 W. MAIN ST. in Authorized Retailer for Elgin National Watch Company Products t "now t ' YOU MAY WALK IN COMFOHT. (By Pos. Second Team Francis Tappaan, So. California. .E. . T. . Ted Twomcy, Notre Dame Ray Montgomery, Pittsburgh O. Roy Rlcgels, Calfornla C. Waldo W. Greene, Yale O. T. Samuel Wakeman, Cornell E. Vernon Smith, Georgia Alton K. Marsters, Dartmouth ,...Q. H. Ralph Welch, Purdue Eugene McEvcr, Tennessee H. Thomas Parkinson, Pittsburgh ....P. A volume of unpublished letters from Oscar Wilde, edited and with notes by Mr. John K. M. Rothen-stcl- n Is to be published In New York City and London and Berlin early In the new year. Mr. Rothen-stci- n spent some time here as a member of the faculty of the University of Kentucky and married Miss Elizabeth Smith, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Judson Smith. He Is an able and cultured writer, a graduate of Oxford University and is engaged upon several other literary works. SKULLER'S AN FIRST TKAM Pos. Arc Wl. list. Home Players E. 23 175 G:00'i Youngstown, Ohio. Joseph Doncltcss. Plllsbiirfr K. 21 183 5:114 Youngstoun, Ohio. Wesley Fester, Ohio State Morris, III. T. 22 203 0:02 Elmer SIcIrIU, Purdue Intcrnat'l Falls, Minn, Itrnnko Najrurskl, Minnesota ....T. 21 210 6:02 O. 22 200 6:01 nerkcley, Calif. ncrt Scltwarz, California G. ii ism 5: ii Columbus, Ohio. John Cannon, Notre name New York City C. 20 193 6:02 Hen Tlcknor, Harvard Mt. Vernon, N. V. Frank Carldco, Noire Dame ....Q. 20 172 5:07 21 175 5:09S McKcc Kocks, Pcnn. Octavlus (Toby) Uansa, rittsh'jc II. Mcrryvlllc, La. Christian Keener Caglc, Army ..II. 24 170 5:10 Fairfield, Ala. ncrnarcl (Tony) Holm, Alabama F. 21 190 6:00 IIOOK TO BE PUBLISHED ' 'Gifts That Laft" rv 1929 A. P. High Grid Scorer ALL-AMERIC- ENDS Douglas, Harvard; Tanner, Minnesota; Bates, Western Maryland; Nemccek, New York University; Dalrymple, Tulane; Arbelblde, Southern California; Norton, California; Muuler Stanford; Carlmark, Pennsylvania; Army; Riblett Rosenzwelg, Carnegie; Provincial, Boona, Dartmouth; Georgetown; Scott, Virginia Military; Churchill, Oklahoma; Truskowskl, Michigan; Van Slckel, Florida. TACKLES Perry, Army; Barfleld, Princeton; Vincent, Yale; Mooney, Georgetown; Brown, Texas; Kemp, Duquesne; Miller, Lehigh; Brown Bowdoln; Tackwell, Kansas Aggies; Tandy, Stanford; Grant, New York; Methodist; Southern Hammond, Van Bibber, Purdue; Haines, Colgate; Ackerman, St. Mary's; Dlehl, Idaho; Swofford, Clemson; Westra, Iowa; Radlck, Marquette; Richards, Nebraska; Colbert, Oregon. Bodenger, Tulane; GUARDS Barrager, Southern California; Hare, Itfale; Roberts, Iowa; Koch, Baylor; Atkeson, Kansas; Bauman, Kansas Aggies; Koepke, Navy; Anderson, Northwestern; Dreshar, Carnegie; Poe, Michigan; Brown, Vanderbllt; Llston, Bromberg, Dartsmouth; Oregon; Shields, Georgetown; ISelby, Ohio State; DIMeolo, Pitts-- I burgh; Brumbelow, Texas Christian; iMagai, Pennsylvania; Hunt, Cornell; Gillson, Colgate; Tracey, Fordham; Steele, Florida. Moynlhan, Norte CENTERS Edlckson, Utah; Dame; Jonas, Missouri; Smith, Northwestern; Helnecke, Stanford; Hawley, Davis and Elkins; Hughes, Navy; Andres, Dartmouth; Havens, Western Maryland; Kawal, Illinois; Lardner, Detroit; Dye, Southern California; Beall, South Carolina; Roberts, Tunil lane; Barratt, Ohio State; Nagle Iowa State. QUARTERBACKS Dodd. Tennessee; Saunders and Duf field, Southern California; Clark, Colorado College; McLennan, Yale; Pharmer, Minnesota; Gullck, Hobart; Hol-maOhio State; Morrow, Montana; Waldorf, Missouri; Hart, Colgate; Kitzmlller, Oregon: Wertz, Ohio Wesleyan; Gilbert, Southern Methodist; Wilson, Baylor; Peters, Illinois; Evans, Maryland: Fogarty, M. Crabtree, Brown; Florida; Glenn, West Virginia; Wood, Harvard. HALFBACKS Brazil, Detroit; 1 Hufford, Washington; Glassgow and Pape, Iowa; Elder, Notre Dame; Masters and Gentle, Pennsylvania; Stennett, St. Mary's, California; Harmeson, Purdue; Warren, Davis and Elkins; Mays, Harvard: Benedict, Duquesne; Wittmer, Princeton; Leland, Texas Christian; Shelley, Texas; McElreath, Baylor; Kelly, Kentucky; Spring, Navy; Hewitt, Columbia; Dowler, Colgate: Sisk, Marquette; Creeden, Boston College; Carr, Colorado Mines; Gembis, Michigan; Thomason, Georgia Tech; Sloan, Nebraska; Crlder, Oklahoma; Follett, New York University; Hoot-stei- n, Boston University; Van Nice, Chicago; H. Rebholtz, Wisconsin. FULLBACK Savoldl. . Notre Dame; Murrel, Army; Yunevlch, Purdue: Bausch, Kansas; Schwartz, Washington State; Flelshhacker, Stanford; Bergherm, Northwestern: Hlnkle, Bucknell; Clifton, Navy; Hill Third Team ....Frank Baker, Northwestern . . .Jap Douds, Wash. & Jeff. ....John Law, Notre Dame ....Tony Siano, Fordham ....Ray Farrls, North Carolina ....Fred Slngton, Alabama ....Wear Schoonovcr, Arkansas ....Alble Booth, Yale , , . . .Willis Banker, Tulane ....Benjamin Lorn, California ....Earl Pomeroy, Utah and Muslck, Southern California; Llntzcnich, St. Louis; Cox, Kansas; Cawthorn, Florida; Grossman, Rutgers; Johnson, Haskell. SPORTS FINAL SOUTHERN CONFERENCE STANDING Final standings of Southern Conference football teams, together with points scored by and against each, follow: W. L. T. Pet. Pts. Op. Team Tulane .... 6 0 0 1,000 279 39 6 0 1 1,000 330 19 Tennessee N. Carolina 7 1 0 .875 346 62 Florida .... 6 1 0 .857 188 73 Vanderbllt . 5 1 0 .833 187 56 KENTUCKY 3 1 1 .750 237 54 V. M. 1 4 2 4 3 4 Duke Georgia ... La. State . Alabama .. Clemson ... 3 Va. Poly ... 2 Ga. Tech ..3 2 S. Carolina Virginia ... 1 Maryland .. 1 W. and L. . . 1 Miss. A & M 0 Sewanee ... 0 Ole Miss ... 0 0 N. C. State Auburn .... 0 2 1 0 0 20 20 30 30 30 50 50 32 31 41 31 41 42 50 70 .667 .667 .667 .600 .571 .500 .400 .375 .286 .250 .250 .200 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 156 153 156 247 109 236 169 105 164 129 148 147 51 118 73 28 27 61 266 97 122 58 109 128 139 184 138 141 177 139 133 207 207 208 Four years of U. K. collegiate life, history, humor, athletics, and snap n. shots all rolled up in one, 1930 adv. "The Cockeyed World" 53. Big Six Young. Nebraska; Games, 8; touchdowns, 5; point after touchdown, 0; field goals, 0; total points, 30. Sure you want a U. I Don't delay! Get today. adv. Be Collegiate! Don't scribe for your 1930 today!. adv. Book K. Memory a 1930 delay! SubKentuckian EDMUND DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton Holidays j! in gay, symbolic ;! forms I J Yuletlde logs with an outer shell of decorated Choc- olate cream surrounding a round center of mousse, serves six. Sells for $2.00 or more. j! i Ij Fancy Bricks in rich Vanilla Cream showing Christ- mas Bell center or Pistachio green tree $1.25 a quart. Ji Holly Wreaths, six inches in diameter, made to serve six. Reindeers, Christmas Bells and Trees, San- ta Claus, Candle and Stick, Trains, Automobiles, Aero- planes, Basketballs, etc. In the cast: ERICH Von STROHEIM BETTY COMPSON LOWE University Commons Guaranty Bank Building Phone 3616 tuuut Fall Semester, 1929 HELLO FELLOWS! MEAL HOURS Breakfast $2.50 A NIGHT - Lunch Dinner - Let us rent you a Tuxedo for the school dances - ij - - - - Pressing Our Specialty Your money back if our service does not please 9:00 A. M. 7:15 ! 5:00 - 6:00 P. M. you We call for and deliver McVey Hall LEVIN'S Third Floor 137 N. Lime Phone 8380 Ascend South Stairs to Commons nn:itiiitiiiniititiiinmtffltmtmiitn!iiiiiiiiitiiiinnt SINGING, The New Show World's DANCING, LAUGHING REVEL Girls and Music! Songs and Fun! Laugh-Lov- e Riot it r ! 1 I; J All orders require time of delivery. forty-eig- hours notice before Nancy Carroll Helen Kane Jack Oakie G Qaramoimt (picture Jj Ji j! heart-thro"Sweeter See the newest dance craze, "The Prep Step." And a hundred other thrills that will make you feel great I rf Hear the latest Than Sweet." J Starts Saturday 4 fj Days ! "j 6:30 HOURS ;i j! 9:15 11:1512:45 - SODA FOUNTAIN High Grade Cleaning and ij $2.25 per dozen (assorted) All Revue Scenes in Natural Color Starts Sunday VICTOR McLAGLEN In 1865 neither the law nor trade unions protected the women worker. 204-- 7 I glittering galaxy of stars make whoopee in a big way. A swell show to see and hear. ij j! - ,f'h: Christmas ji FRIENDLY FIVE SHOES Romanc-e- Paris" A ij ! W.T.PIS.O.P. 19 11 0 182 0 0 300 13 9 0 279 45 9 0 277 43 9 0 145 38 8 0 187 44 7 0 209 23 9 1 330 19 0 1 156 33 9 1 150 53 "They Had The first and second divisions of volleythe intramural round-robi- n ball tournament have completed schedules. The Delta Tau their Delta team was the winner of the first division and the S. A. E.'s lead the second. Sigma Beta XI and the Sigma Chi were tied for second place In the first bracket with the six wins and two loses. Alpha Sigma Phi, In the second division, broke the tape behind the S. A. E. 's. Division I Won Lost 0 8 Delta Tal Delta 6 2 Sigma Beta Xi 6 Sigma Chi 2 3 5 Sigma Nu 4 Alpha Gamma Rho.. ...... 4 6 Alpha Gamma Epsllon ... 2 6 2 Phi Delta Theta 6 2 Triangles 1 7 Kappa Alpha Division II Won Lost 0 7 Sigma Alpha Epsllon 1 5 Alpha Sigma Phi 3 4 Alpha Tau Omega 3 4 Delta Chi 3 4 Kappa Sigma 1 5 PI Kappa Alpha 1 5 ,Phl Sigma Kappa In the third division, Bradely Hall and Calvary Baptist are leading the field. The winner of this bracket will play the fraternity champion. for J .. Will Rogers INTRAMURAL !; 1 140 WEST MAIN Western Maryland Ohio Unlv Tulano Pittsburgh Notre Dame . , Purdue Utah Tcnncssoo Texas Christian Duqucsnc St. Mary's Calif Saving his biggest scoring splurge for the last game of the season, Gene McEvcr, flashy Tennessee halfback, has won the national football Individual scoring race. McEvcr tallied five touchdowns and three points after touchdowns against South Carolina Saturday to run his season's total to 130 points, G 8 1 198 just two more than Clarke Hlnkle, 12 0 1 143 nider 19 Bucknell fullback, the previous 7 2 170 Fordham leader. Southern Methodist . . 0 4 172 30 The leader In each of the eight major groups or conferences as compiled by the Associated Press, follows: South McEvcr, Tennessee: Games, 10; touchdowns, 21; point from a new angle! after touchdown, 4; field goals, 0; THE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER On Esplanade total points, 130. Serves $1.00 Dinner Every Evening East Hlnkle, Bucknell: Games, point after 10; touchdowns, 21; ittmummmnmmmttinmmjt touchdown, 2; field goals, 0; total stark and elemental! points, 128. Wilson, Baylo: Southwest Games, 11; touchdowns, 14; point after touchdown, 1; field goals, 0; total points, 85. Wait 'til you see it! SUNDAY Schwartz, Washington Pacific State: Games, 10; touchdowns, 14; Return Engagement ypoint after touchdown, 0; field By Popular Demand goals, 0; total points, 84. Wait 'til you hear it! Rocky Mountain Clark, Colorado College: Games, 7; touchdowns, 9; point after touchdown, 8; field goals, 2; total points, 68. In King, Drake: Missouri Valley Games, 9; touchdowns, 9; point after touchdown, 5; field goals, 0; To See total points, 59. Big Ten Bergherm, Northwestern: Games, 8; touchdowns, 8; point after touchdown, 5; field goals, 0; total points, 53. TUESDAY Pharmer, Minnesota: Games, 8; touchdowns, 6; point after touchdown, 8; field goals, 3; total points, The ! S. BASSETT & SONS College , from a few games In the South and far West, that cannot affect the standing, football has closed Its slate for the season with little Western Maryland leading nil the rest in victories. Dick Harlow's charges from Md closed a great season on Saturday with a 12 to 0 victory over Maryland, In Western Maryland's eleventh successive victory, wun neither tie nor dercat. Thirteen other unbeaten teams trailed the Harlow Hcven. Among the unbeaten teams, Tennessee was the heaviest scorer, with 330 points: St. Mary's, of California, Aside Melod- Ji a member of the famous Friendly Five line, and it, too, sells for only five dollars. The Friendly Grip is made over a special Comfort Curve, Combination Last, that is exclusive vith Friendly Five shoes. It grips the instep firmly yet leaves ample room for the ball of the foot. And the Jarman Steel Arch Support protects and supports the arch. Mads of Genuine Kangola Calfskin this shoe is soft and pliable from tits first. And because it is as smartly styled as it is comfortable it will appeal to you. Come in to sec them, Sirl led on the defense with only six points chalked up against It. The list or major unbeaten teams: Movemen-t- I It is the Friendly Grip, , Drama- ii rl ere is a shoe so skillfully designed and so carefully made that it needs no breaking in. Till: ASSOCIATE!) PRESS.) Seven Teams Finish Season Undefeated KENTUCKY H f 3