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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available PAGE EIGHT pjiJpijigMigi; THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Who Is The Mysterious Person In "Local Color?" Come to the Tavern Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, and find out. Simply say to the person you believe to be the "Mystery," "Are you the mysterious person in Local Color7" If he or she is the correct one, you will receive a valuable prize. "Local Color" Will Open Monday Night (Continued From Pngc One) Willis; Phil Redding, the roommate fraternity man, Earl Cclla. The girl's ensemble consists of: Kathleen Fitch, Elizabeth Billitcr, Evelyn Ford, Nina Budd, Natalie Bryson, Gay Louehridgc, Virginia Young, Sunnyc Allen, Virginia Reeves, Virginia Glass, Elizabeth t y Tinsley, Shlrcly Grief, Lola Combs, of Tommlc: Charles Goodman; Spike, n member of the fraternity: Joe Allen; Bob Blcvlns: another and Luky Davis. The members of the men's ensemble nre: William Hubble, Slade Carr, George Kay, Nell Cain, James Gatcwood, Paul Pickering, Robert Porter, James Regan, Benny Martin, Ben Metcalfe, Matt Clay, John Epps, Wllbcr Hollo-wa- y, and Darrcll C. Hurd. The announcer Is Miss Jane Catc. James Dormnn, business manager has had charge of the ticket sale. Tickets were sold at the various fraternity and sorority houses and will be on sale nt the Gulgnol Saturday. Stuart Walker, director of Sttiart Walker players company of the Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio, has been invited ns guest of Strollers for the opening night. Another guest of honor will be Boyd Martin, dramatic critic of the Louisville Courier-Journand director of the University of Louisville playhouse. Governor and Mrs. Sampson have accepted a simillar Invitation. they shall GIFT not have our Pipes! PIPES SUGGESTIONS and pants are that defend themselves and us. Where else could men find sanctuary? 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Smart Flexible leathers for new Bridge slippers for afternoon wear. Satins, leathers or brocades, just as conservative or as colorful as you please! Sec llieni, n . . and satisfy your own taste from our ,. notable selection. As to quality of course they're Dan iel Greens. v v 9 9 alV lHtt& 0 THE FINISH As 1029 closes Us doors on the theatrical world It Is the pleasant duty of we people who nre so conceited ns to think we know enough nbout motion pictures to be cnllcd critics to summarize the past year by selecting what wc consider the best productions that we hnvc witnessed since last January 1. Al though It Is rather early this Is the last edition of this paper before Christmas so I must express my views In order that the gentlemen who make more money for the same work may hnvc the ndvantage of my opinions upon which to base theirs. Didn't I tell you critics were conceited? TLR It is obvious that I am considering only those presentations that have exhibited In Lexington. There are several motion pictures, notably "Sunnyslde Up," "The Love "Rio Rita" and "Disraeli," that have been produced but not yet shown In this city so I have to disregard them. TLR Due to the tremendous influx of talking pictures the screen has never had a year more crowded with Impressive attractions. This situation creates a difficult problem when it comes to selecting a set number of the very best representatives of the silver sheet. From my notes I have chosen an even dozen motion pic tures as being the most outstand ing ones that have been shown in Lexington during 1929. It will be noted that the vast majority of them are all talking. TLR With no particular order in mind the following- twelve have been selected as the best: "In Old Arizona," William Fox picture. All talking;. "The Man Who Laughs," Universal picture. Silent. Broadway Melody," "T h e picture. All talking. "The Letter," Paramount picture. All talking;. "Ailbi," United Artists picture. All talking. 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Eating at the jj OUR WORK AND PRICES ALWAYS i jj TLR LARUS & BRO. CO. 100 S. 22d St., Richmond, Va. I'll try your Edgeworth. And I'll try it in a food pipe. "fry tayior lire Co. tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintiniiintiiittttmttffut CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST talking:. ing under "honorable mention" the following: "The Cockeyed World," "Hearts in Dixie," "Speakeasy," Fox Movie tone Follies, and "Through Dif ferent Eyes" from the William Fox studios; "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," 'Madame X," "The Mysterious Is land," "The Trial of Mary Dugan," and "White Shadows in the South Seas" under the banner of Metro Goldwyn-Maye- r; "Interference," The Lady Lies," "Innocents of Paris," "Close Harmony," "Welcome hW5i2LLfl Danger," "Charming Sinners," and "Gentlemen of the Press" from Paramount; "The Iron Mask" and "Coquette" from the United Artists lot; "Street Girl" nnd "Side Street" from Radio Pictures; "Broadway" and "Lonesome" from Universal and "The Desert Song," the sole contribution of Warner Brothers. Robert Benchley in "The Treasurer's Report" is, I think, the best short subject of the year. TLR The year's screen has been studded with brilliant spots among which I recall the color of "Gold Diggers of Broadway," "it's an old Spanish custom" from "Bulldog Drummond," the photography of "White Shadows," "Fox Movietone Follies," "The Man Who Laughs," "Lonesome." "The Britten nf Ran Luis Rey," "The Mysterious Island" ana rnrougn uirrcrent Eyes," the eggs frying in "In Old Arizona," Lionel Barrymore saying "Be yourself, Valentine" in "Alias Jimmy Valentine." the "sez voti. snz ms" business In "The Cockeyed World," tne musical score from "The Bridge Of course there were many other great pictures in 1929 so I am plac- SMOKIXG TOBACCO Now let thu Edgeworth come! H I' "I Part Edgeworth .'own and kLLLLLpLH of San Luis Rey," the last scene In "Show Boat" and the startling use of music throughout that picture. From "The Dance of Life" I vividly remember the "beef trust" chorus nnd the execution of the chorus work in "The Hollywood Revue" stands out prominently. TLR My Mind's note book shows WaltIn "Gentlemen er Huston of the Press," In Ruth Chnttcrton "Madame X," Jeanne Eagles In Letter," Dorothy Burgess In "The "In Old Arizona," Conrad Vclght in "The Man Who Laughs," Thomas Jnckson in "Brondwny" nnd Norma Shearer in "The Last of Mrs. Chey-ncas being great performances. The subtitles and the direction of the songs In "The Trespasser," "The Broadway Melody," the halfwitted night watchman In "Alibi" snylng "Nn, na, Tommle, I got an nlibl", the river scenes In "Show Boat," the direction of "Hallelujah," Owen Moore saying "rat" in "Side Street," Will Rogers saying "It's awful doubtful" in "They Had To Sec Paris," the dialogue in "The Coconnuts," nnd the English accents of so many talking pictures occupy brilliant positions in my memory. TLR So we come to the end of 1929. It a great year for the once has been silent drama and is characterized, I pro should say, by ductions, an attempt to do things on too grand a scale and an almost complete revision of the motion pic turc studios and theaters of the na tion. To those kind individuals who have read this resume of the local cinema I wish (and they certainly deserve it) a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! CAMPUS HANG OUT ;j g M. A. Mangione & Co. I , 1niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiintnini:iititntnir jj 304 S. Lime 5 jl Phone 9191 5. "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiimitmm Just the Thing for Hobdays Candy, of course ! It wouldn't be a holiday without delicious, tongue-teasin- g sweets. Visit our shop, make your selection, and let us fill your order with the fresh, tasty sweets that have made us famous all over town. 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MAIN LEXINGTON KAUFMAN Just Across The Campus COMPANY (Incorporated) ri)iMiMimuun nn tiott jj ;I