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13 > Image 13 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l ." `lQT"""T` "` " *-1 j UNIV ERSI I Y OF KENTUCK Y V T 1 Dream Challenge Sacceecl yl ee Y-Y Ye Y \ 1 , . l f Young Fellow Makes G1V1Hg Part Y .. j of Life After College pj { .:ee$r~ _ . Katti Bowling has had a big year. ,. W S ` i I After graduating from the Gatton ' V s ` l V., x ` ll V College of Busness and Economics as *5,, V _ l,_ V ` _" . an economics and marketing major 7 {Ye . lz; ` ` 1 Y in May, she began work as a leader- A A - V A l . ship consultant for her sorority, Kappa e ` Mil "_: Kappa Gamma. Despite her arduous . . ~ schedule and the demands of begin- V el V Q `*!3`*_ ning this new chapter in her life, ,V Bowling chose to join the UK UK Young Fellow " v V `S Fellows Society as a Young Fellow. Kathryn Anne Kattl" \ Y fe ., .._, I would say that as we start work Bowling _ @@*5: and are out on our own, giving back *1 ~ i J,. to the university can easily fall to the back burner," _ ,. V_ Bowling states. "This is what makes Young Fellows great. A * Yeu een BlVe OH 8 budget, but in the end make 3 Sefi0S William B. and Eloise Sturgill stand infront of his portrait in the it . F , . dlfferenee-" Sturgill Development Building. ._, 1 To become a Young Fellow, contact the Office of ei. Develepmem et 1-800-875-6272 Development Celebrates Y William B. Stur ill Da , UK Annual Phonathon Program O . g Y .V;; Y _ _ _ n June 7 staff and friends of UK Development .7 l` j Exceeds M1ll1OH IH gathered to celebrate the life and contributions of l T The UK annual phonathon program exceeded the Wllllalll B Sllllglll ,46 e = million dollar mark during 2005-06. At the conclusion of Sllllglll Plallcfl basketball lol AllPll_ RUPP and was 3 \. , me fiscal year on June 30, e total of $1,000,989 had been member ef UK S met NIT ehempiemmp team- A mem- * V Committed by 14,911 alumni and friends ber of Sigma Chi, he also was elected Student Govern- _, {VV { ment president. He served as the UK Board of Trustees ` `Y f chairman from 1974-84 and was a charter member of l tel the Fellows Society. He has served on numerous uni- V he {lll versity boards and committees, including the UK Ath- 1 Smj ll Y letic Association Board, Center on Aging Foundation Board, Oral History Program Capital Campaign Com- e j mittee, Markey Cancer Center Foundation Board, and Mining Engineering Foundation Board, and served as Century Club resident. He also served Governor John P Y. Brown Jr. as both Secretary of Energy and Secretary of Agriculture from 1979 to 1983. V O Sturgill dreamed of a building which would house all of the development staff for UK. In 1983, the William - J N T, ,. 4 -. B. Sturgill Development Building was dedicated to him. I On William B. Sturgill Day, the staff took time to honor 1 d thank him for his generous support of the univer- wmrian correct; Q';} y for over half a century. 2007 February 26 Naples, Florida KENTUCKY Aruivmi ll