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55 > Image 55 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

r W ~ l GLEANINGS FROM THE ~ i K EN I UCK Y _ 1 1 , _ organization on it . . .There l, The Mens Student Coun- Moments In History are HOW WVQ P31k{>U s rl cil reiterates that all male Dfwejllms m Lexington- er l freshmen must wear their - s NQ- 1 15 GU the beltline at I$gl?*E elr" lie 7 "*? ElLEt1lv1S% rst r1 ay in ay an ; y H ,, 6 they must be courteous to Tir.? _ "* _ Off of the beltline . . ._ Regi- i upperclassmen at all times i 5 if l eeje , ._ , * , He O`BYlen from Cllleeg0 . . T pi.} , sl" ' " . L t ...T1ie university band, Q _,g,-gr-_, `se ug,. ~ - 2 111-, rs aanwd a Kernel , under the direction of l -. . . _,$`q; _ Kuta-: IU Oewbef- Slj` 3 ; Elmer Sulzer, broadcasts E _, ` , V, l<8l?]P3CD$ll3 aa? alumeg from Washington, D.C., g __ ,w -_ 1 T 6 0 g 0 ANS an r Over the WEAF network S; . lb __' _, U Sciences . . . Plans for 3 i l - 5 , *a o "Little Kentucky Derby" I ofNBC...Boardmg E, _ l house keepers catering a \ _ . - ln MeV are ePPYOVed 3 i to UK students say girls I I. few weeks elle? qampus E are just as to leave E l f y, ~ l3dI`S hHI` Wllllanl V J bathtub rings as boys, are g ' \ \\_ " __' i Allllellellg af the llldlane more iinicky eaters, and O . S , 6 UnlVeY$llY F0da0 ` want the whgle hguge Homecoming 5 dSEifll? II`IdlZma`S "Lil[l when they are only rent- Joan Blevins, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, was Soo oleYele race Gov- ing a room . . .The Cats crowned Homecoming Queen in front of a capacity A B Cllanolol announces defeat the W3ShiHgt0H crowd during halftime at the UKVanderbilt game, lo el group ln the Sluooni and Lee Generals 45O in which UK went on to win 7-6. Blevins (now Keller) re- Unlon Bnluooln nlnl he ls y I a game that sees "Ship ceived a congratulatory kiss from UK President Frank ln lno Process of noqulllng 5 wreck" Kelly intercept a G, Dickey and shared her limelight with attendants ltooo nolos loPul lno Elo r pass and run 96 yards for Harriet Hart and Reba Lewis. Pellmlenl Seilgn gn'}? lll r a touchdown . . . Formal One P ass, n e sq mes r dedication ceremonies ts eommenl on 5Peelne$ [ * take place in October for the UK Library on campus and , the agricultural engineering building on the Experiment A bl d d . h S d C 182 i r Station farm . . . Joan Blondell and James Cagney star in d OO d {uc ?l tdc lu ifllll hclgcr allmgls kSlu` "Bl0nd Crazy" at the Strand Theater . . . Jimmy Joy and his Biulilng acu ty,m?u?l lm l FS cuga . cmgcl y y nationally famous orchestra play at the PanHellenic For- b Ol? b TH? _f G Cf gg O im Owlqn .` I ` 2 ma_l Dance in the Alumni Gymnasium . . .Tryouts begin for as el hal phayil mulu num} Fllxfclafllge uid l the womens rifle team, the only intercollegiate sport spon gm to S p on fn Sm; lilcglllt 0 155 ln Om I sored by the Woman`s Athletic Association. Last years Ormeuscnalor mul Out 1 3 Ola an u"SuCCSS` j l mam Won Seven Out Of 1] matches ful presidential candidate George McGovern speaks J | ` for 45 minutes at Memorial Coliseum about the risc = S of extremism and the emotionalism of single-issue - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, delivering a major cam- groups Forbes Lcwln ?lll`l*l'? Oi uw computer _ pargn Speech to an Overflow Crowd Or r5000 people at M_ science department, ofieis his resignation because morial Coliseum, says he is glad the Kentucky legislature i gglxgglbgctiilE/gvieggHigggytyLtllllcggfgigullint had enough sense to grve this group the right to vote. His Sweet Revell 6 3 mu Of Students who wnmt to , wife, Mamie, accompanies him at the event . . .A false fire , g * gt _ P .H. t tl _ l. _d J I alarm at Donovan Hall early in the morning threatens to mma"] nnonymoui llliwl uEg_ O $520; llnlxl ) lh _ r erupt into a fullHedged panty raid until 200- 3()0 "rai'ders" dpiysi lu "?;;mI1iiISni;;lt?On502;;; L1'; l' | are cooled down by the appearance of a swarm of police Anne DW; mwncd 198l Homccomin Qlrccn at l . . . Joan Blevins, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, IS tl UK _ . . T h g l crowned Homecoming Queen at the UKVanderbilt game lc ` uglma ec game` l I . . . UK sororities pledge 249 girls and the Phi Dells send each new pledge a rose and a card with her name and new (gomprrgd by Linda perry l KENTUCKY A1-uMNi 53