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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

~ v: gi} V . I }: 1 ., 21 I I i ; -q *; _ r Yi 3 v IV I j T . I I I Trii 1 I I , " T I V, c l ~ 7 ; _ "i ` ` VL._ . , ;_; , _; ,;,;,,, V l l iil * . 1 ...1 * 1 I > 1 ;` he Q flsral ;. * ii l A .1i I . 5 , lt is hard to believe it has been five We have made tremendous progress Plan, a comprehensive analysis of years since I came back to my alma in our billion dollar capital campaign, what it will take to build a Top 20 f mater. Looking back, it is gratifying bringing our total from $408 million university. It is the first plan of its , i t to see how much this university has to more than $900 million, with nearly kind for a public university in the U.S. i_Q grown and progressed, thanks to the 80,000 different donors supporting us The university took the plan and our I I work of our faculty and staff and the since I took office. goal to elevate-the quality of life in , support of our alumni and friends. 0ur endowed chairs have grown this state externally. We discussed { ? from 69 to 95 and our endowed . the plan with the General Assembly, _ We have increased the size of our professorships have grown from 124 outlining the need for the state to , _ first year class from 3,000 to nearly to 210. commit itself to helping us achieve this . L 4,000 students, while improving goal. Those conversations resulted in . student quality. We accomplished all this during both_ the best budget in decades for the JQ . Our graduation rate jumped from good and difficult economic times. entire postsecondary system, including . L 55 to 60 percent, the highest among As impressive as these statistics a firm financial commitment from the I public universities in Kentucky. can be, I have been more excited state to fulfill UKs Top 20 mandate, Q Research grants and contracts with how this university and this beginning in 2007-2008. p 3 I have increased from $173.6 million state have embraced our legislative At the same time, we initiated a to more than $274 million and challenge to build a Top 20 public campus conversation about what we Q , approaching $300 million this year. research university. are willing to do to transform this _ The university endowment has About a year and a half ago, we institution. We are in the midst of a < } soared from $420 million to more decided it was time to force serious campus-wide conversation about how than $773 million, the highest among conversations about whether this state we become even more efficient and _ public universities in Kentucky. and this institution are serious about effective in managing our resources _ I _ building a Top 20 university and what and how we identify the strategic _ achieving that goal will mean to the investments we need to make. Those people of Kentucky. I conversations build on the $40 million ? . We developed our Top 20 Business we reallocated over the last 5 years.