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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

" I I . in , 1 . ; V 2 . ;;. V _ I I V ._;., . l . I; I t 4 Most of all, we will continue to talk V These efforts and initiatives have administration. But more than Al~i 3 { with Kentuckians all across the state positioned UK as an activist university anything, these five years have been f l I about the kind of economic future this for the Commonwealth and a national about building a solid foundation for A A. _ state wants and needs. We will continue leader for our analytical approach to the next 14 years as we move from ` ; to talk about the types of jobs that will attain our Top 20 dream. Your alma the dream of a Top 20 public research , V _ exist in a dynamic 21 st century mater has been featured in USA Today institution to its reality. _ r economy and how this states flagship, and in a cover story in the Chronicle on We will be judged on our g - land grant research university will create Higher Education, the nations leading progress toward reaching that goal g j those types of economic opportunities. journal on higher education issues. and, as importantly, how that progress g - _ For example, we recently unveiled We have also talked at length with translates into being a catalyst for a the Commonwealths Medical Campus The New York Nmes, The Wall Street new Commonwealth. I I of the Future, which will feature a new Journal, and Business Week. 1 , I $450 million UK Albert B. Chandler Weve accomplished a great deal J y j Hospital and a $120 million pharmacy during the first five years of my . g building for ourTop 10 pharmacy . f school. These facilities will allow UK to create the type of academic medical , A , center we need to improve health care - Z l and research across Kentucky. . 2% V I g UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY i I [Dream. Chez//enge. Succeed