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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 3, -11- 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

_ 1 t t""'\ ._ v V . uuli 2 I Vol. 3 November, 1946 NO_ 3 1) Do --VA-.--;.__.... ., 1.5 to . mj , v_ \(J..\.\ ,,,,;;;, Q ~KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES ISD"` _ ,, W. D. Armstrong. Horticulturist, Editor . \ 4; i * . . s anti I nl?-Fflllt Insect Control in 1946 real prvoblem. Our spray schedules 1 31,,,, , must t erefore be modified to in- >y 5t . P' O' RITCHER clade mite control. In other states, ll`1i1t- Kgntuekv fruit growers had their W me mites have caused damage mimi ups and downs in 1946. 'l`he apple ms mem, ym`S* It has been Shown eolr; Crop thimkv to mv vwmhcl, and that the dormant spray is the first ,i,.M> DDT MN Um_ of th(_ Clmnwt p1_O_ point of attack because the European Bm <<>* i`*<~k> is > >~~ t$$tgY`$d(i}?Q`ZtT*S 3, the atpple ` The peach crop. due to a tremendous The bc b31`~ vv .v; _ severe mite infestations developed CG1ti11 \Hl`1t1S _0f 3PD1s_ sssm `uju in some orchards and caused con- to be m01` suscsptlbls lc mue eu' u* E sidcrable bronzing and loss of foliage TGC}? than Otheis- Oc the commerclel Ic uf from late July on through Arigusp varieties. Red Delicious suffers the uu P ln the Purchase area most of the worst mJUl`}` _*;*c damage was caused by the common us. red spider while in other sections PEACH INSECTS A hl*` the European red mite was preva- Curculio. Curculio adults appear- . _ . ICM. HS wcll. ed unusually early last spring and in lsfuef Continued use of DDT, which rc- large numbers. In spite of heroic (mts suits in the destruction of mites` efforts on the part of many peach -li{llHl _ natural enemies. will make mites a growers. the 1946 crop was very ~ u y ll d< ` CIRCULAR OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT iu. . STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY