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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 3, -11- 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

ter- uite . lucky; second place went to Sid Most growers usually return home {im i Holloway, Mayfield; third place with the determination to do a bet- r'_1: went to H. M. Holloway, Mayfield; ter job of spraying and general fruit 11X~ and fourth place went to Millcrs ts`_0Wmg1_0`d1`t0 return next year it Orchard, Valley Station. with Superior fruit. l ` . . VSS Individual orchard booth display -i-;L ` *:fll : ` z i ll3{?. `ZLZ,"ht3rii%? aLJ$;rJ3? FALL MULLHING PAYS IN Y W. Fegenbush, Buecheli third, Mil- KENTUCKY " _ ler`s Orchard, Valley Station; and W1} fourth. ll. M. Hollowa , Ma field. W` Di ARMSTRONG `QL`}1 r S _ Pk I Hy]. _ is \ Strawberry mulching trials have flllf _(f1pSfl, L i(_mf)1` UL t xsi been under way in Kentucky since _L.ns bushe o apples and best tray of the S em.1 H .t-. I ,1 , . mb . apples went to Lester Harris, of startcg md1938m mu tm Pgm ii 2 ~ Kevil in McCracken county, for the L. Hi 1 third straight year, on the Golden At CVCYY h?U`'@$l OXCQDI t\\'0. rm . Delicious \.m.icly_ JOD Bm`. & 1939 and 19-16, tall mulching has I 5 B if l `t k given outstanding in ` ` ld nk. ons, et orc, won sweeps a e . * ` ' creases in yre ieni i honors on the best basket and best L""" Oml%lChd 0i` $Di`1gmlh- I-idk. 1 plate of peaches with the Hale fd Plffls 01`f1ld$ .Th<3 \\'0rk to date one variety and on the best plate of W5 SWWY1 _t at, as an average, fall wld A grapes xyith me Niagara \-ul-ict}-_ or early winter-mulching will give Other swecpstake winners were: J. Lm m1`$ OL 30 1`8t$_ D1` 81` ; w_ Fpgcnbush, Bucchcly on bcst over no mulehrng or spring-rnulch- HR plate of apples and Fred J, W. Wirth, mg at least 3 YGHYS Out ef 4- f Louisville. on pears. The harvest of 1939 was preceded r Top honors in the general each by Unc Of thi? warmest winters in . P lllil and grape exhibit vvgiit {0 Jog Bray 1`CCUl }'Q31`Sr Also, tli ll&I`\'S'[ of vpt; & 5OnS_ BQd{OId_ Top pear and 19-16 was preceded _by a somewhat esa. - palm rumors went to Mrs. D. c. mild wtr Duma Such open lalltl T \\li{hQigpOO_ AnCh0l~;igg_ 'ZH{I`l \\'32tlS S&l'3\\&bGl`l`y pl3ll'[S ll') _) i(j_ . . . . . \' r r' im- G b,;iQ{`,Q?;f? jfjfj i)}{}lQ,j;;F,{ drisrfdsli arial sIc$uth(;ii)dI1sgg~li3i`;li;r\g;;Ei {nig i premiums divided among the various picsgcd by QVC!] Q mpgemieji winter- Md t exhibitors For the third straight ingigii TIFCSC mild "`mt1 are de` ex- { _ _ _ _ _ _. . cr e y tre exception. however, trol. Q_ s;_8g*kC;gC;OuI3;l;1Ei_0L?mIi1};10u;2 rather than the rule. Records and gg; high 'exhibits and with rgggrimggg gQ;;,t*;;},,11.$,.K . 24 entries. won 1-1 blue ribbons, T .> . p r-, ; pen ligs asf ved _ _. _' _ . _. loxx as 10 to ..0 abore zero by U _ red ribbons and 3 uhite ribbons, be- . . . re . _ _ _ _ Christmas and temperatures that go in a SIMS the mg S" Ccpsmkci to zero or below several times dur- s Ross Harris. Paducah, Kentucky, ing the remainder of the winter. sent up some very fine peaches and, The greatest increase recorded was as a first-time exhibitor, made a following the sub-zero weather of ldeel good start lby wrgmng second place 19-10. During that period tempera- and ; in tie peacr exhi it to Joe Bray and tures went to 10; to 15; below zero len- -. Sens` very outstanding exhibit of with no snow on the ground, and Mc- Hale peachesr Thomas Jackson, of fall-mulched plots averaged 80 crates len- Parksville. another new exhibitor, per acre more than non-mulched ears , made a nice start on apples and plots. This same contrast held for der- T pears. It is always interesting to see mulched and non-mulched fields ame ` new exhibitors take their place in over the district. In addition to Me- the fruit exhibit and to have the heavier yields through winter pro- rful - older exhibitors back from year to teetion of the plants. that mulch that een ` year. All are welcome. There is spreads to the middles also helps . ;_ much good-natured visiting, friend- prevent soil loss through erosion. ly rivalry, and good comradeship The main objection to fallmulching . among the fruit growers and their among growers is the fact that they L of ` families and friends, as they go often get a stand of wheat. cheat or 2 or ~ about packing their trays, selecting rye over their fields from mulch t to . their plate apples or decorating their spread in the fall. This can be {en- b00thsdin their efforts to capture the largely overcome by proper hand- 0Vetc blue and purple ribbons. ling ofthe material. ` 3