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Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 3, -11- 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

mes The U. S. Department of Agri- comes into bearing early. A very One culture, through its peach breeding promising carly commercial sort. ` tree work at Beltsville, Maryland and Redcrcst (N. J. l26)——Large, firm. i P Fort Valley. Georgia, has just named yellow 1`reestouc, vigorous gi~owr·I—_ , x C and released the Southland, In productive, ripening just before El- — iles 1945 they also released two new berta or about with Georgia Belle . ning varieties, Dixired and Dixigem, Fruit excellent t`or freezing anti Elb~ that are expected to help t'ill the canning. Better eolor and a real tive ‘ need for better early peaches. competitor for Summererest. ai;. g as The Illinois Experiment Station other New Jersey variety of the of has released seven new varieties as same season. p heln the first fruits of their large peach Laterose (N. J. 109)~—Largc, firur Q P . b!`€€€ll¤g Pl`0Si`¤m- and m0l`€ Cilll bl? white freestone of high quality that X ( expected before long. Many of ripens just after Elberta and \’\’l:ii»· i hig. these selections have been tested in Hale and with Afterglow. anotht-; j. wit the mid-west and here in Kentucky. good yellow freestone from Nev. . pro The new Illinois varieties arc: Jersey. ; tha Prairie Daybreak (K69), Prairie V _ _ __ r 3tt Dawn (KT3). Prairie Sunrise (K7-li, ILLINQIS \iARlI·.'lll·.S V _ { ro 4 Prairie Rose (KSO). Prairie Schoon- Pl`¤lll`lQ D1lYbl'_<‘¤¤k (l\b9l--—(llal~ €1` (K40). Prairie Clipper (K47) and llll\'L‘I1 X Billie-(ilu) Large, yelji,·_j_· 2 Prairie Rambler (K43). treestone. quality good tulvery grim; = I Below We ehle e deSel.iph0h_ as flesh moderately firm. ltipensabou; _ em furhished by the O1~igihatO1-S_ Of Cach 5 weeks ahead ot l1.llJl’_l`lLl. or about . Bil. l946vH1·i€t\·1iSt€d above; 1 week alter Red Bird. lree zs , wu ` vigorous and bud—hardiness is about j ch, MICHIGAN VARIETY the same as Elberta. `C Qi];. Fairhaven (South Haven 25)- Prairie Dawn (K73)—(Valiant X · yp Yellow-fleshed freestone of high Halehaven) Very bud—hardy. vigor- f to quality and firm flesh that ripens ous. and productive, rating in buti- ‘ jg; about 2 days after Golden Jubilee hardiness with the hardiest white ~ ] starts to ripen. It is probably as varieties in thc test plot. Fruit is I me hardy as Halehaven. Trees bear yellow-fleshed. high quality. highly ’ gh. early. Fruit has something of the colored, moderately firm, does not RC Elberta Shape and Will Ship well. discolor when exposed to the air iz: _ Cd processing, and is only partly free- ` hi U·S·D·A· VARIETY stone. Ripening begins with Prairie i in Southland (F.V. 4-155)—Yellow· Daybreak and lingers a few days ; qu fleshed, firm freestone of large size, after that variety. ls expected to be 4 i ripening with Halehaven. This popular because of hardincss. higii , he peach, as its name indicates, is of quality, and appearance. 1 he special interest in southern states. Prairie Sunrise (K7-t)—(ValiantX . be Because of its low chilling require- Halehaven) Yellow frccstonc wher 1 ,.8 ment it can be grown further south fully ripe. of very good quality. and , lh than such varieties as Elberta and moderately firm. Fruit very similat he Halehaven. to Prairie Dawn. ripening 3 to 5 days · hl- after Prairie Dawn. Bud-hardiness j i NEW JERSEY VARIETIES rated between Elberta and Hale- g n` Early East (N. J. 134)—Large, haven. Tree vigorous and very pro- . F yellow, high quality, ripening about ductivc. ` 10 days ahead of Golden Jubilee. Prairie Rose (K80)—(Gage X , Colors before ripening and hangs Halehaven) Yellow frecstone. U] well. Productive; dormant fruit medium size, round and well color- , V; buds hardier than Elberta; tree- ed. Flesh firm and of fine texture. · Q ripened fruits have been freestone. ripening 3 days to a week before i W A promising early kind for home or Halchavcn. Bud-hardiness a b out . T] commercial orchard. the same as Elbcrta. Tree produc- , rc Jerseyland (N. J. 135)—Large, tive and moderately vigorous. CL firm, attractive, productive, early- Should be a good commercial ship- , U; bearing, yellow freestone, ripening ping peach. b. a few days before Golden Jubilee. Prairie Schooner (K40)-—(Elberta Ci Fruit resembles J. H. Hale, hangs X South Haven) Large, yellow free- Oi well, and is far superior to Golden stone of bright color, ripening 4 or5 ri] Jubilee as a shipping peach. The days before Halehavcn some scasoiii rp tree is hardy, sets buds freely, and and with it in others. Bud-hard- _