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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 3, -11- 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

mes The U. S. Department of Agri- comes into bearing early. A very One culture, through its peach breeding promising carly commercial sort. ` tree work at Beltsville, Maryland and Redcrcst (N. J. l26)Large, firm. i P Fort Valley. Georgia, has just named yellow 1`reestouc, vigorous gi~owrI_ , x C and released the Southland, In productive, ripening just before El- iles 1945 they also released two new berta or about with Georgia Belle . ning varieties, Dixired and Dixigem, Fruit excellent t`or freezing anti Elb~ that are expected to help t'ill the canning. Better eolor and a real tive need for better early peaches. competitor for Summererest. ai;. g as The Illinois Experiment Station other New Jersey variety of the of has released seven new varieties as same season. p heln the first fruits of their large peach Laterose (N. J. 109)~Largc, firur Q P . b!`llg Pl`0Si`m- and m0l` Cilll bl? white freestone of high quality that X ( expected before long. Many of ripens just after Elberta and \\l:ii i hig. these selections have been tested in Hale and with Afterglow. anotht-; j. wit the mid-west and here in Kentucky. good yellow freestone from Nev. . pro The new Illinois varieties arc: Jersey. ; tha Prairie Daybreak (K69), Prairie V _ _ __ r 3tt Dawn (KT3). Prairie Sunrise (K7-li, ILLINQIS \iARlI.'lll.S V _ { ro 4 Prairie Rose (KSO). Prairie Schoon- Pl`lll`lQ D1lYbl'_