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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 3, -11- 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

iness about the same as Halehaven. state-wide testing of new sorts verv One of the best varieties tested for under commercial conditions and >rt. ` freezing. enables us to get a prompt state-wide firm_ Prairie Clipper * =**s *%'F~%*e_ S~l~*<*<* station at oaaaaa. tm September (H'], to extend the lulbeita season. 26 amd 27 in Connection with the L.1ilUl,; E Promising New vurietieg {petiizrl\Ho1L/gculltuhal Pfogram of th; .i""" F Dixired~\r> ecrrlxr >w lit= stgiigri. irhegigiriglitriii hgeimeert- flgmuf ; stone that ripens just before Red Cd in [hc ngxt issue gf Kgntggky ,.E;Ol`i ` Bird. {Boing planted}and tried cgt- Fruit NOtgS_ , yff tensive y rn tue souti as an ear y The up ssc Of gffgyin rgmiumg dbm" Shipping Pyiicll *f l;ing.v (Introduced l9la.) W. w' MAGILL A edhaven\ello\x. vei y fum- , . _ hlgn fleshed freestone. giving promise of `anetl DOI"; . , j being a useful variety. Ripcns just The harvesting results, on the mm A before or with Golden Jubilee, Be- strawberry variety experiment _ at _h} Cause of heavy bearing and early our Western Kentucky Substation it Ylpclling. must be thinned early and for 1946 vere as f0llO\\'S. 3CCO1`dlg `lmllili l heavily to develop good size, Non- to W. D, Armstrong. who had charge ,,l*_i ; browning flesh; excellent for freez- of the experiment: dlglfgi .; ms and canning. tlntrodneod i94g_) Crates gcgs Y pi`0- . Regular and Cooperative Variety \-_U_iCt\, gciig igts r V TStIIIg _L Y; ` A l gc X Z The Kentucky Experiment Station ______,_ jt(] 17% SlO$` . already has a number of these Tmmcssc Qohil; : \'ill`lCties under test at Lexington, Shi}5l3G1.(]_ig)__15[ ji'} Etllui; Quicksand. or Princeton. Others Tcmmsscc _ bcuila Hvlill bel plaptcd this fatll or spring Beauty (3535 __i79 S'? irougi ie coopera ive varie y __ . . lioduci testing project of the Special Horti- Thcblf dlgldi {dogg azbliaigggs gi ` I O l} Cultural Program, a number of trees EDIT? p1m 1 ` Ship' 1 of all important new varieties have hm\Ct` ,1b M . been placed with cooperators in Not Cmbgrass (il" CVQVY peach section of the state and Loonard Overby and Son. lVIaY- '7 hq; , 0ih?1`S will be distributed this fall [told, Ky,_ harvested and $0ld 0\'I` Und. as worthy new ones become 200 crates of U. S- N0~ I TCUHESSGE . m"lablC This PVUJCCI%1SSl11`CSquiCk Beauty (263) strawberries from 7 ,, A . Il 5 . 3i 2