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27 > Item 27 of Minutes of the Eighth Annual Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, December 10th, 11th and 12th, 1895, Court-House, Richmond, KY.

Part of Kentucky Equal Rights Association minutes and reports

i i ) CONSTITUTION OF LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS i AUXILIARY TO IIIE I ARTICLE INAMIC. ' This association shall be known as the auxiliary t0 the State .............., and through that association auxiliary to the National-American Woman Suffrage Association. ARTICLE II~OB_IECT. Its object shall be to advance the industrial, legal and educational rights of women, and to secure suffrage to them by appropriate State and National legislation. ARTICLE Ill_\IEI\IBERSHII. i Any person may become a member of this Association by signing the Constitution and paying the sum of..................annually into the ' treasury, of which thirtyeve shall go to the State........_....,. This must be paid before the animal meeting in No distinction on account of sex shall be made in membership or eligibility to ofce in the Association. . ARTICLE IVELECTION OF OFFICERS. The ofcers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, a Treasurer and Auditor. These general ofcers shall constitute an Executive Committee and shall be elected annually in ARTICLE V-I)UTIES OF OFFICERS. ' ' \ SECTION rPresident ~The President shall preside at all regular and called meetings, and have a general oversight of the Association and i in conjunction with the Executive Committee, to plan for its best inter- , ests and the good of the cause; to call special meetings when deemed advisable, due notice having been given. l SECTION 2Vice-PresidentThe Vice-President shall preside at all 1 3 meetings in the absence of the PreSident, and perform all duties of the I l President in case of absence of that ofcer, she shall also assist in arrang } ing and carrying out plans for the benet of the Association. : 3; SECTION 3Corresp0ndingSecretaryThe Corresponding Secretary i shall conduct the correspondence of the Association; she, shall, report the:-. -. :