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4 > Item 4 of Minutes of the Eighth Annual Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, December 10th, 11th and 12th, 1895, Court-House, Richmond, KY.

Part of Kentucky Equal Rights Association minutes and reports

l . ., KENTUCKY EQUAL RIGHTS .\.\'S()Cl.\'I'IO_\' EXECUTIVE COIVIMI'IVIEE MEETING. ' in . LEXINGTON, Kin, November 28, 1894. R An Executive Committee meeting was held at the residence of Miss ri; Laura Clay. Meeting opened with prayer by Mrs. Farmer. The Cor- d: responding Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. E. \V. llagby, of 0 laducah, of his appointment as Superintendent of Political Study in {0 the place of Mrs. A. Harrison, who declined to serve. , One hundred copies of the National Minutes were sent by Mrs. vi Upton (Treasurer of the National Woman Suffrage Association) to Miss Clay, of the Southern Committee, for distribution. 1 The Kentucky Executive Committee deCided to distribute copies to M members of the association and others free, or for a small amount to SI defray freight expense. It was decided that where there were Equal Rights Associations in , tl the third and fourth class cities, that the work for amending their chart~ w ers for school suffrage be left to them. 01 Adjourned. ti EUCicNiA B. FARMER, Secretary pro tem. v1 V . MINUTES OF THE EIGHTH ANNUAL MEETING OI? THE 61 i KENTUCKY EQUAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION. 2 i Tuesday Morning, December Ioth, 1895. l l ,. . . . . . . . . 1' lhe plan of Work Committee, conSISting of Executive Committee :1 and Superintendents of Departments, met in joint session to lay out a plan of work to suggest to the Convention. tl . Adjourned. si 1 TUESDAY AFTERNOON. ti 1 Meeting opened With Scripture reading by Miss Clay and prayer by . Mrs. Farmer. 5: . The Recording Secretary, Dr. Sarah M.Siewers, being absent, Mrs. . 1 M. K. Stockwell, of Lexington, was elected Secretary pro teiii. The President announced the following rommittees : . ( , r' CREDENTIALS. . , Mrs. Farmer. Mrs. Shepard. Mrs. Charles. - i\ FINANCE. ,1 Miss Morgan. Mrs. Shepard. Miss Wood. . PUBLICATION. I Mrs. ]. L. McKee. Mrs. Farmer. Miss Morgan. COURTESIES. Miss Belle Bennett. Mrs. Gibson. AUDITORS - . . .n- . __, . Mrs. Bennett. Mrs. McCann. ' 1.