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6 > Item 6 of Minutes of the Eighth Annual Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, December 10th, 11th and 12th, 1895, Court-House, Richmond, KY.

Part of Kentucky Equal Rights Association minutes and reports

l l, . 6 KICNTLCKY l-IQL'AI. RIGHTS Assoeiyriox. suggests that we press for Presidential suffrage and (to-guardianship of to fathers and mothers of minor children. Jot I. It was moved that we press the claims of mothers for co guardianship with fathers of minor children in the next General Assem- bly. Carried. 2. It was moved that we continue to urge upon the General Assembly to make mandatory the ai)pointment of assistant women physi- the cians in the Insane Asylums of the State. Carried. dei 3. It was moved that we petition the General Assembly to extend municipal suffrage to women. A number of delegates took part in the wit discussion. Motion lost. 4. It was moved that we petition the General Assembly to grant to women the right to vote for Presidential electors. Carried. 5. It was moved that we invite Mr. Henry B. Blackwell, of Mas- sachusetts, to address the General Assembly on Presidential suffrage for women. Carried. 6. It was moved that we petition the General Assembly to submit a constitutional amendment to the people to strike out the word .. male in the election clause of the constitution. After considerable discussion the following substitute was offered: That we petition theGeneral Assem- bly to submit a constitutional amendment to the people that will allow the General Assembly to grant womans suffrage at its discretion. .\mend- .l inent carried. Wednesday Afternoon, December iith. Convention opened. Mrs. Sawyer conducted the devotional exercises, using for the basis - l of her remarks the 11th chapter of 1st Corinthians, and concluding with , prayer. The retiring Secretary, Mrs. Stockwell, read the minutes of yester- i days meeting. It was moved that all discussions be expunged from the minutes. Carried. After correction the minutes were adopted. It was moved that at 3 o'clock we hold a Memorial Service for the members we have lost by death during the past year. Carried. Mrs. Farmer, Corresponding Secretary, read the report of State . work, including reports trom Owensboro, Paducah, Richmond, Louis- ville, Newport, Lexington. C0vington Colored Organization, Covington, Wilmore and Glasgow. Report accepted. Memorial hour. Mrs. Farmer read the list of those removed by death during the past year. Tributes of respect and appreciation were paid by several members of the Convention. It was Resolved, That in the death of Mrs. Esther Somers, Mrs. Charity \Varner, Miss Georgia Thurston, Mrs. lirank Hunt and Mrs. lillen Battelle Dietrick, the State and locals have lost most valuable and efcient workers, and that this Convention hereby express their warmest sym- . pathy with their families, and that the Secretary be instructed to convey