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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1991-06-aug20.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

However, in his opinion, it is not in the best interest of the University or of a number of neighbors to refrain from the acquisition of property until the University has to have it. President Wethington commented that the University had sought input from virtually every group interested, including neighborhood groups, Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, and realtor groups. Issues have been identified, and the University has been responsive. The Plan has had a very good reception in the University community and a generally good reception outside the University community. He explained that some of the major issues have been resolved, and the Plan is a framework for future development. He emphasized that the Board will continue to be involved in major decisions affecting the University, including the Physical Development Plan, and noted that the Plan would be a part of the Biennial Budget Request. The University will continue to seek consultation between and among neighborhood groups and Urban County Government. He indicated that he had met with representatives of the neighborhood associations and had found good interest on their part in some ongoing relationship with the University. He said that there would be communication on a regular basis between the president of the neighborhood associations surrounding the University and some of the major administrative officials of the institution. While the Plan may not satisfy everyone, it is, in his opinion, a good plan. He urged the Board to pass the Plan and give the administration a framework within which they can develop the physical space requirements of the University in an orderly fashion. Mr. Sturgill stated that the University is on the threshold of becoming a great university. The student population growth has happened , and the budget has increased to the point that the University can accommodate the growth. Space, however, is the one thing that has not been provided. He said that this is a comprehensive plan to provide the space, and he called for the question. Professor Betts said that he found Mr. Stephenson's first two request very reasonable; however, he suggested that anytime the University intends to move into an acquisition area, the Board be informed before the acquisition is made. He expressed concern for individual and social well-being. Professor Bratt pointed out that the University is bigger in population and geography than a lot of communities around the state. She agreed that the University needs the best land use plan that it can get. She stressed the importance of the University being a good neighbor, and applauded President Wethington for putting the Plan out into the public in March 1991. The fact that the administration was open to making changes and that changes were made illustrates the University's good faith. She asked that the Board establish some kind of a mechanism that will guarantee an open and fair dialogue with the University's neighbors. In her opinion, Mr. Stephenson's first two