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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1991-06-aug20.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 6 - requests were legitimate. She recommended, however, that a committee of the Board be appointed to talk to the neighbors and come up with a solution that would guarantee that their concerns are heard by the University. President Wethington stated that he believed that the Board meeting was not the place to construct any kind of a group. He asked the Chairman to ask the administration to pursue the issue with the presidents of the associations. Mr. Ockerman called for a vote with the understanding that the President pursue working with the neighborhood associations and report back to the Board at the October meeting. He said that Mr. Sturgill had called for the question. On a vote being taken, the Physical Development Plan was unanimously approved. (See PR 3A at the end of the Minutes.) G. Candidates for Degrees - Community College System (PR 4A) With President Wethington so recommending, Professor Rhoads moved that the degrees specified in PR 4A be awarded to the persons named, upon certification that the requirements for those degrees have been satisfactorily completed. Her motion was seconded by Mrs. Hayes and carried. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.) H. Candidates for Degrees - University System (PR 5A) Professor Bratt moved that the President be authorized to confer upon each individual, whose name appears on the list presented to the Board, the degree to which he/she is entitled, upon certification by the Registrar and approval by the University Senate, that the individual has satisfactorily completed all requirements for the degree for which application has been made. Mr. Shoop seconded the motion, and it carried. (See PR 5A at the end of the Minutes.) I. Capital Construction Report (FCR 1) Mr. Ockerman, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported that the Finance Committee had met and recommended that the Capital Construction Report for the twelve months ending June 30, 1991 be accepted. The motion, which was made by Judge Wilhoit and seconded by Mrs. Hayes, passed. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.) J. Report of Leases (FCR 2) Mr. Ockerman stated that the lease agreements specified in FCR 2 do not exceed $30,000 in value and the Finance Committee recommended approval. Mr. Burnett so moved. His motion, seconded by Professor Betts, carried. (See FCR 2 at the end of the Minutes.) K. Approval of Lease (FCR 3) With the concurrence of the Finance Committee, Mr. Ockerman recommended that the Vice President for Administration be authorized to enter into a lease between the University of Kentucky Maysville