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13 > Image 13 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 9 (1916-1917)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

14 THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, XL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS. I-Irzxnr Srrrns Bnimniz, LL. D., President. DEANS OF COLLEGES. T FlllClllZIlI(I{ Pnrr. Axnr;1:so>:. M. E., Dean of the College of Mechanical . and Electrical Engineering, Director of the Experimental Engi- neering Laboratories. and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. I Cn.xm.1;s Josicrir Nouxroon, M. S., Dean of the College of Mines and Metallurgy, and Professor of Mining and Metallurgy. _ W.uxr1cu ELl.S\\'Oll'I`1I Rowr;. C. E., Dean of the College of Civil *_ Engineering, and Professor of Civil Engineering. _ Airrnrit MvQU1srox M11.1.1c1:. A. M., Dean of the College of Arts and { Science, and Professor of Geology. Y YvIl.I.I.\}l Trioiaxros: L.\I`I`lZlITY. A. M., Dean of the College of Law, and _ Y Professor of Law, and COlIl}_)llI`OllI'.-*7 .__,- . A- A A A > _ *.l()>illl1I Iloxcixo I{.xsri.r:, Pu. D., Director of Experiment Station, and Dean of the College of Agriculture. Grgoiruic Iloiamvrs, M. S., Acting Dean of the College of Agriculture, Pro- lessor of Agronomy and Head of Department of Agronomy in > the Experiment Station. - DEAN OF WOMEN. I Axw. .I.x<*1: Ihmiixrox. Ll. A., Dean of -'.1vv(>iiICll, and Associate I Professor of English I DEAN OF MEN. ` COl,I')lI2lS Riznorrir l\llC1,(TIIllll. A. M., Dean of Men, and Professor of German. .4 *Deceuscd, September 24, 1916.